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Monday, August 31, 2009

My Kids Don't Like Stewie

My dogs don't like Stewie.

Really. They really don't. You know who Stewie is, right? The baby on Family Guy. Every time the commercial comes on for the show, the dogs all stare at the TV. You know the commercial where Lois (the mom) is on the bed, apparently trying to rest, and Stewie is standing beside the bed, in his very irritating little monotone voice saying:

"Lois .... Lois .... Lois .... Mom .... Mom .... Mom .... Mommy .... Mommy .... Mommy .... Mama .... Mama .... Mama .... Ma .... Ma .... Ma .... Mum .... Mum .... Mum .... Mummy .... Mummy .... Mummy ...."

At which time the mom looses it and screams

To which Stewie replies,

While Stewie is doing the very irritating stream of names, my Guys stare at the TV, and recently, they sometimes begin woofing at the end. Sammy, especially. He watches the TV screen intently and, as if he just can't stand it any more, he begins tensing and sometimes stands up just before he lets out a little "Woof!" or a quiet "grrrr." All five of them watch it and heads tilt, ears perk, eyes widen and fix in place, bodies respond as if any minute they will bound into action. Or explode! Lola walked to the TV a few days ago, put her front paws on the entertainment center and stretched her neck as close to the screen a she could, but in a way that was cautious, ready to run!!

You see what I mean now? They really don't like Stewie!!

I don't watch Family Guy. I don't think I ever will. My dogs are too paranoid about Stewie.


  1. i agree with your dogs. i don't like stewie or the show family guy!

  2. Honestly, I've never watched it, but I've seen enough in the clips to know it is not my kind of show.

  3. That is so funny...they may be able to predict good taste.

  4. I dont like family guy or Stewie either good taste the babies have

  5. It is common for them to be interested in or disturbed by something on TV, but hey usually get over it. This has been going on for at least a couple weeks, and it looks as if there is no end to it! Yeah, I agreed that their taste is probably pretty good.

  6. My dogs are a constant source of amusement!


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