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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Work, Work, Work

I have worked very hard today. I dragged all the branches I cut from the trees yesterday and the day before out to alongside the driveway. This is so they will be convenient when it comes to cutting them up.

Today I cut down more branches. I guess I've trimmed about 12 to 15 trees so far. I dragged most of what I cut today to the driveway. I'm getting a tremendous stack of tree branches stacked up. In fact, it is good that I have finished that side of the house, because there isn't room over there to stack. I still have about 8 to 12 trees in back of the house to trim, and that many or more on the other side. Fortunately the 18 to 20 in front have been done. I'll be glad to get this finished. Of course, then it will be time to get back to the scrub oak. I had to stop on that, because much of it was under the pines or between them, and it was necessary to remove the tree branches in order to get to the oak.

A friend is supposed to come over, cut them up, and take them home to use in their wood burning stove. I'm getting a little concerned, because he was supposed to come two days ago, and now I've cut so much that it is going to take him a couple days just to cut it up, and several trips with both our trucks to move it. And we still have more to do! Guess I will have to call him again.These pictures will give you an idea of the stacks of branches, but not all the stacks are in the photos.

Boy, I'm tired. It's not a bad tiredness, but the tiredness that comes from a lot of work. My muscles aren't sore, but I can feel fatigue in them. I have worked hard for several days now. I will be SOOOO glad when it is done! Of course, once this is done, the scrub oak is waiting, and after that something else will present itself. But each finished task is good, right?

Oh, yeah, and I suppose I should stay inside and clean house one day soon, too. A clean house .... what a wonderful concept!


  1. You have been far more productive today that I have...more power to you.

  2. Wow I am so impressed and envious of you a lot of hard work to say. Keep it up

  3. Well, I think that all of this activity keeps you youthful. I know the type of tiredness you're talking about, that comes from heavy yardwork. Whenever I experience it, I remind myself of all the people on this planet who are not physically capable of doing that sort of work.


  4. MJ, thanks, I need more power!!

    Bobbie,keep cheering, I need the support!

    Betty, I like what you say about reminding yourself of others and their plights. That's why Bobbie said she is envious; she has MD and can't do many of the physical things. Yes, we need to be thankful for what we have. :)

  5. what do you use to cut the trees? a chainsaw? and do you go up on a ladder or the branches low enough that you don't need a ladder?

    just wondering. i like to hear the details in case i ever need to cut branches on my trees, then i will know what tools i will need.

  6. (M)ary, I use a chain saw for larger branches and a reciprocating saw(or jab saw) with a pruning blade for the smaller ones. And no I don't get on a ladder. I'm not skillful enough to be on a ladder with a chain saw, anyway! I have to trim the tress about five feet from the ground for fire prevention.

  7. OH*WOW!!! You have been a busy lady!!!


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