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Monday, September 07, 2009

Movin', Movin', Movin!

Oh, wait, the song said, "Move 'em, move 'm, move 'em," didn't it? Oh well.

I rearranged my living room today. I think I'm pretty happy with it. I don't do this often, but about once a year it gets in my craw, and I just have to move stuff. My late hub would have moved furniture every week if possible, and I really hated it. His eye was not good for what would fit where, so a move usually meant several moves to make it work. I don't know what makes me want to move furniture now, but when it strikes me, I can't ignore it for long.

Today I realized why it is so important for me to do this. It is the only time the complete carpet get vacuumed, because you know as well as I do that when you move furniture, you vacuum everything. The floor under the furniture is usually pretty disgusting! And it is the only time the furniture get dusted as well as it does when I'm moving it. Everything gets a thorough cleaning, a very good thing!

Sometimes I find marvelous things when I move furniture. It is usually stuff that has fallen behind or rolled under the couch. Today was no exception. Well, I guess I wouldn't classify today's finds as "marvelous." B*ut certainly interesting. Lola bring all kinds of things in the house. She finds a "treasure" in the yard or on the deck and she brings it in to share with us. Today I found a little treasure trove .....

I actually pitched some similar finds out before I realized how funny it is. She bring in rocks and sticks on a regular basis. She chews on them!! OK, stick, I understand, but chewing on rocks???? I put my hand down so you could tell that the one is a sizable rock! I remember her bringing this one in. I thought I took it away from her, but obviously I didn't.

I'm very glad I didn't find any of her other "presents." She has tried to carry in bugs, a baby snake, and several caterpillars!! I've apparently caught all of those, thank goodness. Or they dried up to nothing. Or they're lose in the house. LOSE IN THE HOUSE?????????

Now I guess I have another reason to move furniture and clean, don't I?

Goofy little dog!

Oh, another note about the moved furniture. Max is highly distressed at the new arrangement. He used to be able to get on the back of the couch by reaching from one of the little trunks under the window and jumping to the couch back. Now the couch isn't near anything that he can do his first step from/on. This afternoon, the other four were on the couch with me, and it would be fine if he got up with us, but NO! He wants to be on the back, and he wouldn't jump on he seat, then to the back! So he sat on the floor, pleading with me as only Max can ( he "talks" as well as he can with grunts, moans, tiny woofs, and pleading eyes), to move the furniture back or make everyone else get off the couch! I'm not helping him. I'll let him work it out. A task of his socialization that we are still working on is "cooperative play" or "peaceful coexistence" with his siblings. He plays with them, but when it comes to sharing a space on the couch or bed, he still get his nose pushed way over on the side of his face at times. Perhaps my furniture adventure was also to challenge Max in his personal/social growth and adjustment.

When I went with Linda on Saturday to finish setting up her exhibit, the gallery was being manned by a gentleman who is one of the fulltime artists. The gallery is co-op and the artists take turns being there for guests. Anyway, he was a very friendly guy, walking around the gallery strumming his guitar and singing. He said he stops when clients come in, but there was just one in the time we were, and we enjoyed it the rest of the time. He was a decent looking man, and his voice was pleasant if not great. I couldn't tell his age, but I'd guess he is a few years younger than I. That's OK, because, honestly, most men my age can't keep up with me, acting like they are on their last leg. He made several comments about being single. OK. I wasn't sure if the comments were for my benefit or Linda's, but on the way home, I found that Linda had not heard most of them, so we suppose they were for me. Linda is in a relationship, anyway, so she wouldn't be interested. Hmmm. So. What do I do? I don't know! I'm thinking he might show up at the reception for Linda on Sunday, and I'm planning to be there. We'll see what happens. If he isn't there, I may call him for some information, anyway. He is a photographer, and I'd like to know who he uses for his printing, and if something comes of it, so be it! I've been known to do more in certain circumstances in the past!

Suddenly it seems that my life has opened up to several new possibilities! Woo Hoo!! Perhaps I wasn't really ready to step into the dating world till now. I don't know, but I'm certainly happy with two new possibilities, neither of which is next door, a very good thing, as far as I am concerned. Sometimes the proximity makes things more complicated, at least till both people decide it is "a go." I'm not holding my breath on either one. Time will tell.


  1. OH*WOW!!! Keep us posted on the possibility of dating. I can foresee good blog fodder.

  2. Your horoscope was so right!!! I love how the doors of love are just opening up for you. And you are right, when it's time love will come into your life. Now seems to be your time. I have always said that when I become content with my life and are OK with how things are, then love walks right in. I am looking forward to hearing all about your dating life. :)

    LOL about Lola bringing in things to the house and yes you are right, you are very lucky that you didn't find anything dead (or alive) under the couch.

  3. Now, Daisy, do you think I'm a kiss-and-tell kinda gal?? Yeah, probably! LOL!

    Caroline, isn't it funny how things happen like that? I haven't been exactly eager to date, just figured it would happen when it was supposed to. Apparently, that was right! Now .... if I can remember how dates are supposed to go ....

    Lola keeps life interesting, for sure!

  4. I can't remember the last time I changed the furniture around. My dog, Frazier, (now gone) loved to stand on the couch and gaze out the picture window. Everyone knew when he passed away 'cuz they didn't see him in the window anymore. I think we're going to do some changing this fall -- purchasing a new wide screen tv for hubby. That's fodder for a blog post for sure.

    Good luck in your personal life.

    ~hippo hugs~

  5. Hippo Chick, my Kids have a small trunk under every window, topped with a cushion, so they can look out. They love being able to see out, too. Oh, big screen TVs change our lives don't they?? Yes, I see a furniture rearrangement in your future!!


  6. moving furniture, treasures and are a lucky woman!

  7. LOL, MJ, the first 2 are questionable lucky, but .... wait! Maybe all 3 are!!


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