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Saturday, September 26, 2009

SometimesI just don't get people

What is it with people? I mean, really???

A couple days ago I was mowing my little patch of grass. I had made a couple passes when the mower choked. I originally thought it was bogged down with the amount of grass I was cutting. It had been almost a month since I was able to mow, and some of the grass was over six inches tall. I restarted it, but noticed the pull cord was stiff. Since it started, I didn't worry about it. I made another swipe, but it stopped again, and in an area that was not very tall, so I figured something else was wrong. I tried starting it once more time, but the cord was completely frozen. I began taking it apart, only to discover that the cord was inside a sealed unit, so I couldn't release it.

A friend was here, doing a little job, so I asked him to look at it. He showed me how to disassemble it enough to free the cord. I put it all back together, and pulled the cord once more. It started, but immediately shut off. Again. The cord was frozen. AGAIN!

My friend said he didn't know why it was doing that, and I said no problem, I know someone who is supposed to be really good at small engine repair, especially lawnmowers. So I called, and he wasn't home, but his wife said I could drop it off anytime. Fine, and I said he could call me so I could explain what was happening. My friend was headed back into town at this point and he said he would drop it to save me the trip. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon.

From here on it starts getting bizarre.

By 8:00 I had heard nothing, so I called. No answer. Five minutes later, the repair guy called me and said he could find nothing wrong. I was a little confused. Why didn't he call me to find out what was wrong? I hadn't told his wife about it, and my friend said all he did was drop it off and the wife opened the door and hollered, "Is that from Lyn? OK, just leave it there by the shop door."

I told him what was happening, and he said that he had simply pulled the cord and it started, and he didn't see anything further to check. He added a little oil and a little gas. I would have done that myself when I brought it home. I asked if the oil level as dangerously low (I knew it wasn't) and he said no, he just added it for good measure. I again said, but what about the cord that continued to freeze up? He said he would check it again in the morning and call me.

Yesterday, I didn't get a call. I called several times. No answer. I was in town, so I stopped by, and no one was on the property at all. I left a note, asking for a call.

This morning, I called at 8:00. I said, "I didn't hear back from you, and I'm wondering about what is up with the mower." He said it runs fine. OK, and the cord? It's fine, too. Alright, I'll come pick it up. Oh, he's not going to be home today, so I asked when he would be home for me to pick it up. His wife spoke in the background that I could pick it up as she would be home.

So I drove into town about an hour later, stopping at their place. Guess what? NO ONE WAS HOME!!! I picked up my mower which was sitting outside with several others, shoved a check in the screen door, and came home.

I just don't get it! Why are people so lazy, inconsiderate about returning calls? It drives me up the freakin' wall!

The mower works. I finished the lawn, purposely starting it several times, just to be sure. I'm glad it works, but I'm still pretty disgusted.

Sooooooo .... how's your weekend?


  1. Well, I am glad your mower is now working and you were able to finsih you lawn...but sounds like you had to go through a lot just to get it looked at. And I don't understand people that don't return calls either. And what's up with his wife saying she would be home and than not being there??

    It makes me so sad that people don't seem to have any manners anymore.

  2. GEEZ, Lyn!!! That would perturb me too!!! I HATE when people say they are going to do something and then not. I'm with Caroline on this one. It is very sad that people don't seem to have manners anymore.

  3. A detail I forgot to put in there .... since no one was home, I had to lift the frickin' mower into the bed of the truck alone. It's not terribly heavy, but my truck is high AND the mower is wide and awkward for me to hold onto. I was flippin' pissed!

    Thanks, gals, for listening to me bitch and being sympathetic!

  4. That is one of my pet peeves especially with some government caseworkers that is suppose to act in your interest. Or the worker tells you she is too busy to talk to you and do her job grrrr.

  5. I honestly think people are just inconsiderate clods and live to make me want to beat them soundly about the head.
    Glad your mower works though - it would have been even WORSE had you picked it up and it had not.

  6. Bobbie, the invention of the phone, the "hold" button, and the answering machine/voice mail were wonderful, but they opened the door for major passive-aggressiveness. And boy do people use it to manipulate others. /sad.

    Patti, if the mower had not worked, I would have been fit to be tied! I would have been right back over there and sat on their doorstep till they came home. Or answered the door!

  7. grrrrr....those folks sound seriously annoying. is there anyone else who can fix the mower next time??

    maybe it was the long grass that was causing the problem with the mower??

  8. Mary, yeah, I'll find someone else if I need it. As far as the problem .... I don't know that it was anything but the cord somehow getting kinked or something of the sort. It cut the rest of the long grass without a hitch. Who knows?

  9. ugh that is frustrating. I am still waiting for them to call me about my glasses which they said would be done the next day . .a week ago! stopped in today and they have to order new lenses. wish they'd have called and just updated me. oh well. glad you got the lawn finished.


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