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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Usual Drivel. Sorta. Mostly.

Happily, the guy showed up Monday to see about the wood. He was stunned at how much was there. I'm sure he thought I was using "girl" judgment when I cautioned him that there was enough stacked to take him at least one day, probably two to cut, load and move it to his house. He did some of it, but the chain on his saw was bad, so he is having to replace it and will be back. Have you ever noticed that a man often doesn't listen well when a woman is talking about something that is in "man territory"?

Anyway, it will probably take him a while to get this done. He is a med-evac helicopter pilot who works one week on and one week off. He is back on this week, so it will be a week now till he is back in town, and will have to work it in with his usual home duties. What I cut from now on will be stacked where it is out of my way!

Tonight is a potluck. I'm taking some super-duper mashed potatoes (loaded with bacon, ranch dressing, green onions, and some other good stuff) and a recipe from a cookbook that has "mock" recipes from famous places and ready-made yummies. I'm taking .... are you ready? .... Baby Ruth Bars! I haven't made these before, so it will be interesting to see how they turn out. I'll let you know.

I went today to get seed for my finches, and noticed that the feed store carries several good dog foods. I talked with one lady there who is knowledgeable, explaining that my kids have been on Science Diet but the prices are prohibitive, and I'm looking for a good nutritional substitute that is affordable. She turned me toward Nutro Nature's Choice, the chicken, rice and oatmeal formula. I used to feed my Chihuahuas and they were healthy. The bites are tiny, good for small dogs, and best of all .... it is about half the price of Science Diet. I mixed some of it with their old food to ease them into it, and they all ate like they were starved! I'm guessing it is going to be a good change.

Lastly, a teaser. And before I start, don't even ask, 'cause the tease is all you're getting. For now.

Several months ago a friend who is a physic Read my cards. She said that a "torrid romance" was in my future, probably late summer. She said it right after she looked at me with a bit of amusement and awe in her eyes. Sounded good to me! I saw her again recently. I saw her again recently and said, "Hey, it's August! There is no prospect in sight. Where's my torrid romance?" She whipped out her cards, and said, "No, it is still there, but not till a bit later, about October or November." Again accompanied by a twinkle in her eyes.

Keep that in mind while I shift the scene.

Shortly after I joined F*acebook I found a bunch of old friends I'd lost contact with along the way. One was a high school friend. Actually, we weren't friends in HS, but knew each other and had met up at a couple reunions. He was a person I liked, and found our conversations at reunions to be very pleasant. We were both married, so the contacts were nice and friendly, but benign. Now we are both single. We've communicated since spring by at FB, by email, and a few phone chats. We've both invited the other to come for a visit. We live few hours apart, and that seems to me a natural thing to do with a friend.

I didn't give it a lot of thought, but occasionally there would be a comment, most often in an email that made me think "What does that mean?" or "What is he saying?" But these usually didn't important, just a bit titillating, so I let them slide. In the last few weeks they've come more often and a few days ago, a reference to "building a relationship" made my jaw drop! This is totally a Venus/Mars thing, but I just don't know if he (or most any man) means the same by that phrase as I would usually interpret it. So I let it just slide, as usual.

Then came another invitation to visit. There have been several along the way, but this was more direct than the usual vague "anytime" invite. I had mentioned some friends going to his area, and had thought about tagging along, but I didn't want to endure the heat of the desert where he lives, which is about the height of the season now. So I begged off, saying I'd come after the first of the year when the weather would be more conducive for my comfort. He countered, "How about October or November? It will be much cooler by then." ?????????

I'm tentatively going on a road trip in November. I'll let you know. Maybe. Maybe I'll just keep it to myself. ;D


  1. I am glad you found that type of dog food by you. That is what I give Sophie and she loves it. She gets the kind of senior large dogs and it has something in it to help with her joints...and it really works well. Go to their website and you will be able to get some coupons. But you already know all of this since we talked last night.

    I am excited for you for your upcoming trip. The good thing is...even if there isn't anything romantic you will still have a really good friend. Oh, and I want all the details!!!! :)

  2. I have to drive almost 30 miles to get the food, but it is better than 70 miles. I know it is quality, and that is what matters. I'm wondering if there is an additive that I can put on the food for the joints, because I was giving them a food for that before, hoping to prevent problems. Joey and Max both already have those bowed legs, so problems are likely. I'll check at Petco.

    Of course, I'll give you details. Well, let's see just how much I give you! LOL! And you're right, I have a good friend at least. That's the best thing anyway!

  3. We feed our dogs Dads weight control food locally made in our area. I hope this works out for you also like Caroline if no romance comes out at least you have a great friend

  4. Thanks, Bobbie! Unless there is a complete bomb explosion, it will be fine.

  5. hmmm....very interesting. good luck with all that..

  6. Don't you DARE keep it all to yourself....LOL!!!

  7. Heh heh heh! Donna, you don't really think that even possible, do you?


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