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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Loooong weekend

It has been a looooong time since a loooong weekend meant much to me. I have to tell you, I'm so glad to have a looooong weekend! No, nothing wrong with the job. Nothing wrong anywhere. I'm just appreciative of the extra day off.

I have absolutely zero plans, at least of the type that most of you are planning. My plan for the three days is to try to have my house back in order again. I know I may not finish, because I have a lot of culling to do, but by Monday, I plan to have the house in "company ready" shape again. I'll put things to be sorted into tubs and go through them over the few couple weeks. If something doesn't fit, if I can't put it away, I don't plan to keep it. If I want to keep something, and there is no place for it, something else has to go. Tough love, baby!  This is going to mean many trips to the dumpster, the thrift stores, etc. It feels good to be ready to let surplus go. Surplus = clutter. Clutter = baggage. Baggage = a load too heavy to carry around. I've already thinned the stuff quite a lot in the last three weeks, but I've had many interruptions, most of the fun kind, but still slowing down my progress. This weekend, many of my friends are engaged in similar activities, so I don't see distractions in my path.

The one thing standing in my path of being completely "in order" is the fact that I don't have a desk for my office yet. I have been looking around for what I want, a small table desk. I've found a couple, affordable but they aren't quite what I want. If they were $50, I'd take them till I found the right thing, but they're both around $200. Too much for the wrong thing. I've also found one at a furniture store that is exactly what I want, but it is $400. That's not a lot, but my budget it tight, and I hate to spend that much for something that I will actually use perhaps once a month. It's a catch-22, of sorts. I figure if I wait long enough and look around, I will find one at a yard sale this summer. In fact, if I do anything this weekend, it will be making the round of sales. This is usually a good weekend for them.

So how and I entering this working weekend? Still in bed at almost 9:00, drinking coffee and playing on the internet!! Well, duh! I'll be using all my self-discipline on minimizing the house this weekend!  LOL!!!


  1. Does your area have a freecycle? If yes you could post a wanted "desk" on it. then go look at whats offered if any. Theres no problem with saying no that's not what I want. Also I think Craig's list has a wanted or free section.

    Patience should result in finding what you want if it is out there.

  2. No, this is a very rural area. The closest Craig's list places I've seen are an hour away. That would be doable, but Craig's list hasn't really caught on in those places. I see just a couple things listed each place.

    For now, I've made do with one of the tables I painted last year. To tell you the truth, it looks pretty darn good, and I just might leave it there!

  3. Good luck on the minimizing! I need to do the same thing once I start putting my house back together.

  4. Thanks, SVB! I hate to admit that it takes something like the water damage, a total disruption of my routine, to get me off dead center and do it! But I guess whatever it takes is worth it. Isn't it amazing how we accumulate things without realizing it???

  5. Going through stuff and getting rid of things is quite an undertaking. I have got to get rid of a bunch of stuff in my basement. Good luck with keeping on task and getting it done. Usually, I just have to find my groove, in getting the thing done, then I'm all about doing the job right.

  6. RET, it is a tedious task, therefore one I (we?) tend to avoid. I have reached the point of knowing that I have no choice, it must be done. Let's hope my reserve holds for the duration!!


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