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Saturday, June 04, 2011

A question

I'm just wondering about something, and I thought I'd just ask all of you.

Do you think when one person visits another's blog, the former "owes" a comment to the latter?
If you visit a blog do you usually comment?
Are there blogs that you rarely or never comment on, but you read often?
Do you expect people to comment at your blog most of the time?

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A couple blogs I read often .... or used to .... recently posted about this, and both were rather scathing toward people who "follow" but don't comment often. One stated the blog was not a newspaper. I quit following both. I don't comment as much as I used to because since I'm working, I have less time. If that makes me less valuable as a blogfriend, so be it.

Here's my point of view: I love getting comments. I love, love, love it! But I won't lash out at you if you're not a frequent commenter.  Let's face it, it's a lot more fun when there are comments, because it is more like a conversation; but I understand that I, too, sometimes enjoy the read, but don't have anything to add. There are days when I have 50, 60, even 70 visitors per my counter, but I might get just a couple comments. That's OK. Perhaps I should pat myself on the back for having written such an amazing post that there is little to add to it!! LOL!

My understanding of a blog or "web log" is a venue in which to express oneself, an online journal. Having y'all add to my thoughts is awesome, but it's not my purpose, necessarily, to entertain you. If I have, yippee skippee. If not .... oh well.

Anyway, I'm just curious how others feels about this. Let me know, well, if you have an opinion, of course!! [grin]


  1. I try to leave comments most of the time. Sometimes I know they are quite meaningless, but they are a way of saying Hi, I read this. Often however, if I see that someone has more than 20 comments, I don't feel I need to leave one. They obviously have enough encouragement and most everything has been said.

    I usually don't comment if the subject of the post is a family thing. Actually I usually just scan thru such posts quickly. I just don't know the families.

    I know I have more followers than the comments might show because when something important comes up, lots of people have left me messages.

    I don't look at a visitor counter.

    I also love to get comments, so keep them coming.

  2. Good post. I often think about this very subject. I believe the answer is “NO”. I read many blogs however I rarely comment. The particular circumstances and the feelings coming through the words are often the determining factors for me. If I have something to say then I am not shy about it, however I am not good at making “small” talk. I actually envy others who are good at commenting, just saying “hello” in their own way.


  3. Hi. I think your post was a good way to get comments :) I don't think anyone "owes" a comment. I visit a lot of blogs and comment rarely, some of them I have never commented. Perhaps I should and I might in the future. Like you, I like the comments, but I also don't need them. Good thought provoking post. Thanks!

  4. I try to comment, but lets face it, sometimes what we write isn't especially interesting. Or it's about a topic I'm not interested in. That's just life, I guess. :)

  5. Merikay, I think we each do what is comfortable, and in my book, that's OK! :)

    John, I think it's good to comment when there is something to say and to read-and-run otherwise. Thanks for stopping by!

    Bob, I thought of that (eliciting comments) as I was writing the post!! Was I too cheesy? LOL!!

    Judy, WHAT?? Sometimes my posts aren't spellbinding??? NOOOOO... Lol! No, you're right, and I know that. It is, indeed, just life. :)

  6. Just like you, I love getting comments. But in the last few years I have realized that my blog is more for me to get out what I am needing to say. Sometimes I have no comments and then other times I have 10. I find it fun to see which posts I will write will attract the most comments. The funny thing's the posts that I don't expect any comments that I get my most.

    I am sorry that I have not been commenting as much. It's always a transition to me when I come back to KS after a visit with D, but the good news is soon I will see her single day (yay!) and I will be able to get into a regular blogging and commenting schedule.

    I love your blog and love that you finally folded under all the pressure to share your life with the world. Blogging has changed who I am as a person and I wouldn't have it any other way. So...thank you for sharing your personal thoughts with all of us.

  7. I have 160 blogs on my list. I don't read them all every day, of course. And I get about 150 or so visits to my blog every day, and sometimes two or three comments, sometimes none.

    I never expect a comment, and I very rarely comment on someone else's blog.

    The keenest issue for me in that scenario is my ADHD. It's very difficult to process the steps required to comment. I know that sounds ridiculous, I mean, you click, write, verify and post.But with ADHD it can be overwhelming to organize your thoughts that well. Commenting on multiple blogs in one sitting is out of the question.

    And forget it if there is a posting problem. I absolutely give up trying.

    Anyway, that's my situation.

    In general, I never expect a comment. I adore them, as most of the time I think I am invisible. And I admire the people who comment for simply being able to.

  8. I have a few blogs I read daily but rarely leave a comment. Of the blogs where I comment, most dont comment back, but YOU always do and that makes me feel like my comment might have been a bit interesting. Actually when I think back, YOU are the only one who does answer me. I dont have a blog myself so that topic doesnt affect me. I just feel that my life is boring and not interesting in the least, but I will always continute to read my favourites even without their commenting. Unfortunately I lost a lot of addresses when I had the virus so I read a lot less.

  9. I read many blogs every day and rarely comment. I do comment on yours if I have something to say. I guess I feel comfortable commenting on yours because you comment on mine, though not every time, which is fine. I do love it when you do comment because I rarely get comments. In fact, it's probably just you and an occasional family member but that's probably par for the course because I don't have that many readers either. If someone does read it's probably just random. The few times I have commented on other blogs they rarely comment back or comment on mine. You, however, do and I like that. I guess it's to each his own?

  10. Caroline, I've had that realization, too, getting comments in unexpected posts. Funny, isn't it how we scale things? And Yes, I'm glad I folded, too. Obviously!

    Kris, I agree, it is great to get comments, but I wouldn't ever chastise my readers if they don't. I guess it is just different expectations in this social medium. I think it is up to each of us to make our own perimeters.

    Ruth, see, I think that is OK. It is my choice to put it out there, or not, for people to read. It is yours to read or not, to comment or not. If I want every reader to comment, I should have a closed blog and invite only those who will comment. If I did that, my own daughter would be left out!!

    Deb, that is the story of many people who are using the internet. I think it is a great source of information, entertainment, and wasting of time! How each of us use it is A-OK!! Absolutely, to each his own!

  11. I don't always have time to comment on each blog post that I read, but I do try to comment every so often. However, there are some blogs that I read often that I have never commented on.

  12. Lyn, somedays its hard finding time to read blogs since the great arm break of 2011 its hard to comment. your blog is one of my favorites.

    p.s please dont show this to my english professor bobbie

  13. The comment dilemma is one I often think about. I read a number of blogs a day, but I only comment on the ones where I am a regular commenter, or the blogger write comments on a regular basis on mine. Sometimes, I just don't have time to comment. Other times, I just don't have anything to say.

    I think it is bad taste to reprimand readers of anything, be it a newspaper, a magazine or a blog. We write for many reasons. When we have readers, that is a bonus. If readers become 'blog friends,' that is a real bonus. I often question how I should handle comments on my blog.

  14. SVB, me, too.

    Bobbie, I'm glad I'm on your list. :)

    RET, well said. That is why I quit following those two blogs. My time reading and commenting (if I do) is for my pleasure; I didn't sign a contract to comment. And I agree that comments are a bonus and new friends are the best bonus!

  15. If any of us "owe" anything to the other, I think it would be to make a worthwhile comment. Sometimes I just don't have anything to say about someone's blog so therefore, I just don't put some idiotic thing up there... If that bothers someone, I guess maybe I shouldn't honor them by being a loyal follower of their blog!

    Like everyone, I enjoy the comments left on my blog. But to take the time to go through my followers and then check to see if they're leaving comments or not is a total waste of my time!!!

  16. I comment if I have something to say or add to the dicussion. I am usually the lurker or Daisy just tells me what going on around the blogosphere. Big Hugs to you Lynilu!

  17. MM, "worthwhile" sounds good to me! Sometimes I just don't have that, so I don't comment. I'm OK with that coming my way, too.

    Man, thanks for the hugs! I love your hugs, and I can't wait till I can have an IRL one!

  18. I'm on board with most of the rest of the commenters here - no comments owed, but they are fun when they happen. Blogs kind of ARE like newspapers...or maybe tabloids *grin*....but there is also a chance for some dialogue.

  19. Dakota, I agree! I think some are newspapers, many are tabloids, but they work!

  20. Let's try this again....comment disappeared into the internet black hole!

    Thanks for a wonderful post that made me smile. Like everyone else, I enjoy getting comments -- and followers -- at my blogs, but I don't personally post to the blogs I read regularly for a couple of reasons. I do most of my reading in Google which requires an additional step to comment, so I guess you could say I'm too lazy to go through the process. That said, I REALLY have to feel my comments make a significant contribution to the discussion to post. One thing is certain -- I have found a new blog to follow that makes me smile. Even though I'm not commenting often, know that I am enjoying your never-ending journey.

  21. I have been reading your blog for over a year and maybe have commented one time. Just recently I decided to comment more often, so I wrote a long post to one of your blogs and then it was lost! Discouraging for me. I have a defunct blog of my own and don't know if I will write on it again. I have about seven blogs I read and enjoy.

  22. Kennith, good to hear from you, even though it is not your usual habit. I'm glad you're enjoying being on the ride with me. Do come back!

    NE/ME, it has beena long time! I miss your blog, but you know that, 'cause I've told you before. :) Stay in touch, at least occasionally, via comments here.

  23. I don't think comments are "owed" but they are certainly nice to see. If we start believing we owe folks online, then it takes the fun out of reading blogs.
    But that being said, sometimes I have felt guilty not commenting consistently on blogs of people who have consistently commented on my blog!

    I go thru phases where I comment a lot and comment a little. Right now I am actually at the libary and will probably only read your blog and Michelle from Lime because the two of you commented on my most recent post.

    That is just laziness though, I could visit other blogs but I don't have the bookmarks that I usually use to find the blogs I usually read.


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