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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Some of my friends

When I drive into Capitan, I almost always see these beautiful animals.

 This handsome face lives on the north side of the road with three others. When I stopped the truck, they immediately came to the fence.
 This one played a bit coy, peering over a shoulder at the camera!

All the sudden, they both looked over there.
I wondered what they were seeing ....

When I looked at the south side of the road, this one was coming up for a closer look see at what was going on.

He (or is it she? I donno.) Posed for me.

And posed for me.

And posed for me.

These three were in another field, a bit farther away, but they came to the fence, too.

Horses are generally such friendly animals.

This looks like another flirt, looking out the corner of the eye.

Don't you just love pastoral scenes like these?

Seeing them as I make my trips back and forth really make my day.

Another fun thing is a neighbor's dog, an Alsatian Shepherd, who runs to the fence as I drive by. He barks, but if I stop and talk to him, he quits barking and his tail goes crazy. He's a sweet big old hulk of a dog. I'll have to get a picture of him to share with you.

I like having friends like these.... They're very easy to get along with!


  1. What a great drive Lyn. Lovely equine creatures. Yes, we need to see a photo of the dog! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, Moni, I will try to remember to take his picture while we "chat"!! His owner has laughed about how he likes that I stop and talk to him almost every time I pass. He is huge, and he is a protector for her and the other 4-leggers (3 goats, two small dogs and several cats), but he is a mush ball for those he knows and who give him attention.

  3. I agree, they are much nicer than some humans.

    At least they're never spiteful.

    PS: I am afraid of horses, they're so big and they nip your shoulder if your your back on them.

    PPS: the grass looks very dry.

  4. I've met a few horses I didn't care for, but most are cool. And yes, they are generally nicer than some of the humans in my life!

    Friko, it is very, very dry. That grass is from last year. We've not had rain so the large areas of prairie grass can even sprout, let alone turn green. Happily, it is raining now. I've had a half inch this afternoon, a wonderful start to ending the drought!

  5. Oh to have such friends...truly *sigh* worthy!


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