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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A new rescue

That got your attention, didn't it?  LOL! Yes, I have a new rescue, but he won't eat much.

Can you see him?

He's way down there.

OK, we'll zoom in for you .....

See him now?

Isn't he cute?  LOL!!

So here's the story. I stopped at the dumpster this morning to drop off my trash, and he was sitting beside the big  box. People put things that are recyclable there rather than crushing them. There has been a ski machine there for several days, and it was gone when I came home this evening. Anyway, I looked at this little guy and thought he was cute, but didn't think any more about it as I drove on to work.

On my way home this evening, I saw him again. However, he was not at the dumpster. He was sitting, abandoned once again, beside the road! Apparently someone picked him up and changed their mind but didn't turn around, or he might have fallen off the back of a truck. Who knows?

So I decided I am apparently supposed to rescue him! And I did!!

That is probably not where he will stay, but it will do for now. I need to think about where he belongs. I certainly didn't plan to have cheesy yard decorations, but there ya go!!!  LOL!!!

Now, he needs a name. Hmmmmmmm...........


  1. If he makes you smile, he's not cheesy! You could have fun painting him some undonkey like bright color!

  2. Merikay, I actually thought of the undonkey-like color idea! Not sure what I will do yet. And yes, he makes me smile! Perhaps I should name hi "Burrito," which means "little burro" and is cheesy!! LOL!

  3. I love him! So glad that you rescued him! You will be a good mom.

  4. Me, too, Nan! He is so NOT what I usually like, but considering my eclectic mixture of art and decor in the house, perhaps he is just the beginning of my outside collection. Who knows????

  5. Lyn, I think he still has a bit of a sad face but is hopeful he has found a home! :) I haven't seen your interior decor but I think Burrito is a cutie!

  6. TYR, I think he is happy, too. Burros have sad faces, you know. ;) As for my interior decor. I'll have to post some pictures. I've meant to do that but keep forgetting. As I said it is eclectic with much southwestern art, but also items from around the world. I decorate with what pleases me, not a theme, so I have Native American, Mexican, South American, Hawaiian, Caribbean, African, Moroccan, as well as traditional, contemporary and early American. Sounds messy, doesn't it? It's interesting, unpredictable and very much me!

  7. When I saw the first photo, and even after I clicked on it, I thought it was a little Chihuahua! Honestly I know I need new glasses!!
    I think you should just call him Bob. Bob the Burro!
    Love Di ♥

  8. Di, he isn't much bigger than a large chihuahua!! And he is growing on me in a big way! I was talking with some friends today about how a few things came into our lives in similar ways, making us speculate about the serendipitous nature of it all. Some things are just meant to be.

  9. I think he will be cute in your yard. Actually, I love burros. They work hard and carry the load for others. They are under-appreciated. Someone must have used him and abandoned him. :)

  10. RET, I like burros, too. There is a place I drive by often that has some miniature burros, and they are just adorable!

  11. Awww, how could you refuse that cute little face?? I think "Burrito" followed you home from Mexico!! lol!!

  12. chuckle! I had the same thought, Peggy!


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