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Friday, September 23, 2016


The story of Ginger

When I began to look for another little girl to be a playmate for LolaBella, now that her buddy Jewel (Jewelli, I called her, like "Julie")was too sick to play, I was surprised when I found her face within a few days of deciding that I had to do this for both my girls. LolaBella needed a playmate very much. She didn't understand why Jewelli wasn't playing with her any more. She tried, then looked so sad when Jewelli didn't follow her and run and wrestle anymore. And Jewelli desperately needed to be able to rest without being poked and pulled by LolaBella.

So, anyway, this little face popped up at my favorite rescue, one that I trust because of their treatment and ethics for the lives of their little charges. One look, and I knew she belonged. I made the call, and after a few bumps in timing, we got it worked out.

I was relieved when they offered to meet me almost halfway, because the drive is longer than I can do in one day by myself now. If they had not done that, it would have meant two days going and two days returning. I couldn't do that. Bless them for their help!

Her background story......
She was reported to have been found in an alley by a young woman with a small child. She took this little pup home and named her "Alli," reflecting her origin. After a time, the young woman had financial problems and needed to return to her mother's home for a while to get back on her feet. The woman's mother had some tiny Chihuahuas, and she was afraid that Alli would hurt one of them. She wouldn't allow her to come to the house. I can understand her concern, because this dog is bursting with energy! I will come back to that point later. Apparently, the younger woman was heartbroken about it, but she didn't see a choice, so she relinquished Alli for adoption.

So Alli was at the rescue only a few days. Then I brought her home. And why is she named "Ginger," not "Alli"?  Well, as I was driving home, she was curled up in the seat beside me, nervous, I'm sure, but also very tired because she had been spayed in those few days and was still recovering. As we drove, then spent a night in a hotel once I was too tired to make it home, I talked and talked to her. And strangely, she didn't particularly respond to the name "Alli." Oh, she would look at me, but she didn't "spark." So I said to her, "Is "Alli" not the right name for you?" and she cocked her head at me. So I started saying all kinds of names that I thought might suit her. I probably ran through 12-14 names, but nothing seems right to me and she didn't react in particular, either. I said, "Well, you're a spicy little thing from what I hear. Hmmm. Is your name "Ginger?" With this, her ears perked up, her eyes opened wide and her tail wagged. So I kept trying "Alli" and "Ginger" and a couple others, and she chose Ginger every time. Ginger she was!!

Once we were home and she met the others, everything went smoothly. Of course, she was mobbed while they got acquainted, but within minutes, everyone was OK. Her adjustment was good. In the first few days, she dived under the covers of the bed and staked her claim to sleeping between my ankles for a short time. After a few nights of this, she came out and has been my sidekick ever since.  And :sidekick" is literally correct. She wants to be right beside me when we all go to bed. Winter is coming, and she will be my back-warmer, I'm quite sure!

Ginger has no fear! Well, very little. She has more energy than any ten pound dog should! She's only about 1-2 years old, and she acts like most toddlers, run, jump, race, tear across the couch, run, jump off the bed, run, jump off the back steps, run again! Oh, Mom's home! Jump up on her, bounce off her thigh(OUCH!!), race the others into the house, jump on Mom again! She is very rambunctious. I now understand why the older woman was worried about her fragile Chihuahuas. BUT........Ginger is very smart and she learns quickly. I have to correct her just once, or occasionally twice, and she is trained. The jumping on Mom? It's over. She still jumps or bounces AROUND me, but she does not jump ON me. And she doesn't run into or over her older sibling-pups. She is incredibly active, but doesn't run willy-nilly. As I said, she does insist on sleeping glued to me in the bed, but after all, she DOES rule the world! Or at least our house!

Ginger has fallen perfectly into her prescribed role. She and LolaBella are absolutely best buds. The chase each other and wrestle a lot. Interestingly, their play has inspired a couple of the older kids to play with them a little also. That's good for everyone. She sometimes gets a little bossy with the others, but a simple "No," and she sits down and it is over. Their personalities are so different, very opposite, to be sure. Lola is shy, timid, but when they play she gets just as rough as Gin. And Ginger is often the submissive one in their play. So interesting!

She is a real blessing. She is a sweetheart. She is full of love and shows it often. She brings a bunch of life and happiness in the house She completes our family, for sure.


  1. You have lucked out in that your new friend is adjusting so well. She is very cute and already seems to have most of your heart.

  2. One of the beauties of adopting a rescued dog is how much love and appreciation they show. They have all come around, each at his/her own pace, with such sweetness. Yes, I'm very lucky!


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