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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ther are just some days . . .

This afternoon I man came to talk to me about finishing the painting of the exterior of my house. Very nice young man and I liked him immediately. We went outside to look at the task, and when we were ready to go inside, sit down and begin negotiations . . . I found that I had locked us out! I checked both doors, just in case, but I'm good about locking the doors when I'm alone. No problem, 2 neighbors have spare keys. Started to Caroline's house since Laura is out of school, and then stopped dead . . . Laura was going to be at her father's today helping him with a project. Walked to the other neighbor's house, no answer. Back on my deck, my prospective painter was finishing a call on his cell, so I asked if I could use it. Of course, he said, and politely wiped the sweat off. (It was about 91-92, the deck is on the south, so hot. Thank goodness for a good breeze or we would have died!) I was ready to call Caroline, hoping her schedule at work was as flexible today as usual. I got ready to dial, and . . . nothing. Living in the day of speed dial, I have no clue about her work # or her cell #!!!!! At this point my new friend, L, said, How about an unlocked window? This was very doubtful, again because I live alone, so I am careful. We went around the house systematically trying each one. No luck. The L said, Wait, I think this one is unlocked. I got a ladder, and he climbed up, and YES!!!! It was!! He climbed in and let me in the front door. We stayed in and cooled down while talking about the paint job. Afterward, he stayed a bit and we just chatted. What a charming and sweet young man. Later I checked the window, wanting to be sure it is locked, and I found that he'd already done so. If you ever get to the point of doubting that there are good, caring people out there, call me. I'll tell you about a few of my experiences. I'll rest well tonight, knowing my trust in fellow human beings isn't wasted.

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  1. Remember..tomorrow at 3:30 you will be locked out of your house's the PERFECT excuse for me to come home early. :) (just kidding really..i have a damn assessment tomorrow afternoon...damn)


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