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Thursday, July 20, 2006


I hate to keep complaining, but it is so hot that you can't ignore it. I'm fortunate because I don't have to go out, and I don't. But this long spell of heat is just getting me down. I'm a bit cranky and I'm getting a headache. My hip is achy. Just little irritating stuff going on. Even the dogs seem to off their mark today. Ali is behaving as if we are having storms off and on. He will follow me around, sit at my feet, and tremble for maybe a half hour, then he is fine for an hour or so, then it starts again. We are going to have thunder storms tomorrow. Could he be sensing it this early? It's just strange.

I had commented on another blog about a trip to NM a few days ago and that blogger directed me to a blog by someone in Albuquerque. So I had to go and see. Scout is a knitter and crocheter (is that a word?), and you ought to see the dog purses! Also has a couple cute kids. But when I found pictures of the gloriously blue sky with some white puffs of clouds as well as some pix of the Sandia Mountains. I felt at home! The mountains you see in the pictures at her blog are the Sandias. I told her about when I moved to Albubuerque in 1964. We moved into an apartment which faced East. The big picture window of the living room gave us a marvelous view of the Sandias with nothing between us and the mountains. Oh, well except for sage brush and scrub growth. I'm not sure of the distance, but I'd say it is 3-5 miles. Mornings were wonderful watching the sun brighten the hills, and evenings were breathtaking as the colors of the sunset from behind our apartment simply bathed the mountainside with rich pastel colors. It was a wonderful view.

Within a few years, the city had filled in a lot of that space between us and the mountains, and of course, we moved to a house without that view. When I was in Albuquerque last fall, I drove by that location. The apartment is still there. The view isn't. Well, of course, you can still see the mountains, but that space between is filled with houses, apartments, businesses, parking lots, paved streets and thousands of people. How sad it made me.

Albuquerque was around 225,000 population when I lived there, I believe. If I remember correctly it is now over a million. It is hard for me to argue progress, because I love my technology. It is sad that the city has nearly reached it's physical limits. There are Reservations on or near many of it's perimeters with the mountains on one side. There isn't much room to grow. And yes, I'm going back. I still love the city. I love the climate. I want to be home, but this is not the place I left.

It is bittersweet.

PS posted at 5:00 - Two quick things. First, keep the puppy prayers going. We're getting closer to the surgical intervention. Second, Don't forget my literary blog at If Only I Could Find My Pen . . . I've just posted another poem reflective of this recent weather experience.


  1. How can you be tired of this wonderful weather we are having in HELL? Actually that is what Laura called it last night. I don't knwo if she meant the weather we are having or my attitude lately. Anyway..I am hoping Ali (and Laura's ankle) are right when they say there are big storms headed our way. If you see me dancing in the rain tonight, please do not call the police. I am just fine. Just happy that the cold front has finally moved in.

    I can't wait to read your blog once you are "home". For as long as I have known you as an adult, you have been talking about wanting to go "home". It will be nice to see your heart and mind at ease when you have made it there.

  2. caroline - Oh, yes, I will love being there. I am prepared for the fact that things change, and it isn't the same place. It will still be home in many, many ways.

    I don't look forward to thunder, but the rain is very welcome! I've resigned myself to having Ali at my heels for the next few days! Poor baby. And as for your dancing in the rain, OK. I won't call the police, but keep your clothes on!! It's not *that* joyous that we are going to get rain and cool temps!! ;-))

  3. I know Caroline & Laura will be sad when you move but I wish you happiness. I often wonder where "my place" is. I don't think it's in Florence, SC but I know it's not back up north either.
    I hope y'all get some rain & respite from the heat. We need some rain here too.
    Puppy Prayers continuing!

  4. patti - Thanks so much. As to "your place" I think some people know it early on while others find it even in their older years. I have a friend who doesn't care a whole lot where her house is, as long as she has the house she wants. Diff'rent strokes fer diff'rent folks, I guess. But look at it this way ... you can have so much fun looking for your place. Do you travel much? If not, here's your excuse to do you. You *have* to find your special place!


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