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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I got the power ... uh, uh, uh-uh, I got the power!

Yeah, I do, and I'm moving! I've had a nice burst of energy and I'm actually making progress! WOW!!

Boy, is it time for a rest, or what? I feel like I've actually done something for a change! I spent parts of the last 3 days doing all those little annoying tasks that one must do before one can do the task itself. Is that foreplay? I suppose for some guys it would be.

I removed some cabinets from the walls of a bathroom that should not have been there in the first place and made the room look even smaller than it is. This was in the process of readying the walls for painting. Unfortunately then I was looking at the heads of toggles. Obviously those must come out. I tried one recommended method of removal that would cause the least damage. This entailed using tin snips to cut off the head, the part on my side of the wallboard, then pushing the remainder into the space behind the hole. Well, they were so well applied that I could loosen only two of them enough to use this method. The rest of them had to be pushed thru the wall, using a screwdriver and hammer, while trying to avoid cracking the surrounding wallboard. This went pretty well, no major damage; however, when I was finished, stood back and looked at the walls, I had 14 holes as large or larger than a dime to fill.

There, again, I tried several ways to fill the holes and none worked. They were just too big. I finally made up my own solution and it worked! Unorthodox, but I'm not complaining. After the holes were filled, I had to let the spackle dry, then sand it, then reapply in a couple areas, let it dry and sand again. There are several other miscellaneous tasks that were done to prepare for the painting, but I won't go into a recitation of those things. Let's just say there were a lot.

Finally today, I got the primer coat on! Hurray! I taped off the tile and wood work and got my groove on!!

Now I'm tired! I'm also happy to know that tomorrow I will be able to put on the first coat of paint, a decidedly final step in this room. You can't see it, but my feet are dancing happily at that!

On a lighter note, I received some computer software in the mail today. It is for learning Spanish. I'm hoping to be able to take a course in the next year as well. I'm trying to be familiar enough that next summer I will be able to accompany my daughter-in-law and granddaughter on their trip to Mexico. DIL wants Kylee to know her Mexican side of the family, so they will be spending a month or 6 weeks there each summer. She is from Oaxaca in Southern Mexico where the climate is mild tropical, and I am very eager to experience this, while meeting more of her family. I will probably plan to stay about 2 weeks. And I want to be able to communicate rather than relying on interpreters. It's the polite thing, at the very least. I took French in HS. Now ... who the hell speaks French in the US? I blame it on the decision making powers of a 15 year old who was trying to make a statement, stand out, be a rebel ... but in quiet and respectable way!

Finally, just a note that during the last few days, I seem to be coming out of my funk to a degree. I know that the grief will come and go. I know I'm not "home free." But I'm beginning to feel alive again. I'm feeling more feisty and my energy level is certainly better, as evidenced by my effort of renewing the bathroom. Please remember me when you talk with your Higher Power. Ask that I might find strength to continue to make progress on refurbishing this house and make it ready to be a home again to another family. I'm sooo ready to move on!


  1. When you are done with your place, stop by the Shoe! I've got a long list of projects you can tackle.

    Seriously though, good for you. You are an inspiration to us all.

  2. AHH! Sucess should be measured by accomplishments not money. I converted Mom's tub to a handheld shower and felt a small high of sucess for my new plumbing skills. It is well.
    Are the repairs you are making to your home connected to repairs for your soul? Love -S

  3. I am glad to hear that you are coming out of your funk. (-:

  4. I think it's great that you are tackling these things and doing so well. You are one strong, inspirational lady. Oh and my hat's also off to you on learning
    You will have good days and not-so-good days. Just keep your chin up!

  5. shoe - I've spent a good part of my life trying to live my live so as to be inspiration for people. I'm glad when I can be so. And it is nice to hear words like that. Who knows, maybe I'll be in your neighborhood some time. I'll bring my tool belt and those new power tools!

    st - Well, then I'm gonna be one rich lady when this is done! Seriously, I believe that, and it is what keeps me going. The point is the learning experiences I'm having a every rewarding, if at times maddening and challenging to having a good attitude! I'll be your mom is enjoying that shower, isn't she? Thank you for caring for my sister. And, yes, some of them are connected. I hadn't thot about that. All this is giving me the opportunity to ponder many things and decide how to address them. I'm tossing a lot out because in the whole scheme of my life, they are actually unimportant, altho I was hanging on to them. Others I deal with in the here and now. Some I shelf for later. My thots are still chaotic, but I will eventually find my way.

    m - Thanks. It's all about process.

    patti - As if I didn't already have a lot to do, I take on Spanish! But it is actually part of the healing that I keep my sights set on a future event and personal growth. Good and not so ... yes. I just hope the goods begin to be greater than the nots. I'm impatient and really want to move on. I keep telling myself that the greater power is trying to make me see something that I need to deal with before moving on. I hope I find it soon!

  6. once again after the fact, but my husband does drywall for a living. so if you ever get stuck with anything get in touch with me and we'll help get you through it.
    seems as though you're rising to the occassion quite nicely yourself.

    you planing on still being here the first weekend of august? i have a show that weekend if you'de like to come.

    i'll get in touch with you soon.

  7. cameo - I can't say that I *plan* to be here in August, but there is a pretty good probability that I will be. I'll put it on my calendar, and we'll talk soon.

    And thanks for the offer! I'll remember that and hope there isn't a need to do anymore repairs like that. I'm nearly finished with what I can do here, I think. I hope so!!

    Let's talk about meeting soon. Have a good weekend.


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