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Sunday, July 16, 2006

A little a dis, a little a dat

Well, it’s hot. It’s hot everywhere. A friend in CO had high 90s today, My daughters in Seattle said it was unusually hot there. I forgot to ask the temp. And every blog I read which mentions weather says it is hot. What the heck is going on? I think it is especially hard on us here in KC because we’ve had mild weather for several years and this return to the more “normal” (as if this could be considered normal, HA!!) is more dramatic. OK, enough of that.

For those of you who read Ragged Around the Edges, you know that I won the prize in the contest she had a couple weeks ago. I have received the prize, and I love it. Ragged kept disclaiming to me that it wasn’t much, don’t get excited, etc. Well, it is perfect. First, there is a fridge magnet by Mary Englebreit which says, “Life is just a Chair of Bowlies,” and depicts an armchair full of bowls of many colors. Now, if you have read my blog for a while, you might remember a few weeks ago I took a picture os a bowl full of cherries and posted it on my blog, along with a comment something like, See, life really is a bowl of cherries, and this one is mine. I don’t know if she remembered it when she picked out the magnet, but, as I said it is perfect. Next is a journaling album, a small album just perfect to carry around with me, and she says that this is for the next leg of my journey. I love it. Finally, and best, is a pot holder Ragged knitted on her weekend away around the 4th of July. I know she thinks it’s not much because of how she downplayed it. But, Ragged, you should know that it will be a treasured part of my future kitchen. You see, you couldn’t know this, but I have planned and begun purchasing with it in mind, my kitchen and/or dining room will be white, sky blue and cobalt. Folks, the pot holder is sky blue and white! It could not be more impeccably suited.

On a related note, I was saddened recently when I broke the glass globe of a lamp that was slated for that blue and white room. It was an antique store purchase while I visited my nephew and niece near Atlanta in February. It’s not an antique, but styled as such and had a beautiful ... can you guess? ... yep, a cobalt globe! So tomorrow, I’m going to brave the heat and go to a lamp store with said lamp in hand and see if I can find a replacement. It MUST be cobalt. MUST.

I finished almost all of the painting in both bathrooms, so my weekend was productive. All I have now is painting the small amount of wall above the tiles in the shower. I was dismayed when I started cleaning up old caulking in the shower. My late husband did it several years ago, one of the last tasks he did in full. You could tell that he wasn't feeling well because of the way it looked. It was lumpy and uneven, and it was smeared a little out onto the tiles. I decided to clean it and make it look nicer. When I began to pull the excess caulk off, along with it came chunks of grout from underneath. Apparently, rather than regrout, he tried to get by with just filling small crevases with caulking material. Wellllll. I'm going to have to finish removing the old caulk, regrout about 1/3 of the shower and then caulk. Every task I take on has layers upon layers of "fix" needed. I have decided I'm *not* doing anything deep anymore. I'm gonna polish the top and put it on the market. I need to be out of here and into a different setting. I'm too tired and just can't keep doing this.

And since I plan to get up and try to get out of the house early while the temperature is still bearable, I'd best put my head down and dream some beautiful dreams! I'll have a new post on the other blog later today also, so if you're interested in that, check back afternoon.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it and I did think the magnet was perfect for you given that post.


  2. The gifts are very nice, I heart Mary Engelbreit and love the chair of bowlies!!! You are such an enterprising woman Lynilu :) Hope the heat gives you some respite. We've been getting nailed here too in SC.

  3. ragged - ance again, thank you sincerely.

    patti - from the news, it appears that there is very little in the US that isn't having this *#^@%$* weather. I'm afraid we are in for this to continue for at least another week. But keep thinking positive ... it just might help!!

  4. Congrats on winning the contest! "Chair of Bowlies"... I love that. :) And so sorry about your lamp. COBALT, too! Oh, my heart hurts for ya. Good luck finding the replacement.

    (On another note, I'm on the northern part of the Rio Grande... in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. But New Mexico's portion, Las Cruces inparticularly, is near and dear to my heart as well.)

  5. Even NM is hot right now, Auntie. It'll get better!

  6. i have done a lot of caulking in my house because i remodeled every room in the last 4 years since i retired. i used tub and tile calk on every thing even though it is more expensive. you may already know this but when you lay a bead of caulk down a lot of times you have to drag your finger along the calk to make it go in the crack. i like to keep a bucket of water with me when i do it and a piece of cardboard. when you drag your finger on the calk make sure your hand is wet. when the calk starts to build up on your finger wipe the excess off on the cardboard. if calk dries up on your finger dip your hand in the bucket and rub the dried calk off. if your hand is dry the calk will not smear as good and will clump up.
    i just wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog. have a great day.

  7. Cathrine - oh, this is so fun finding people from my heart(the NM area). Reading your story, I thot you were in OK now. I lived in the San Luis Valley area as a child, in Salida. I was there for my 2nd and 3rd grade years. FYI, since you know the area, I grew up in Farmington, then lived in Albuquerque for 10 years before transplanting to KC. My KC roots are withering and I'm looking forward to putting them into the sandy soil once again.I think these old roots will grab hold and thrive once again! Thanks for the info. My heart is broken along with the globe. It is going to be very difficult to replace. Thanks for your heart hurt in my behalf.

    3rd s - I know it is hot there, too, but keep in mind that humidity thing. I know you felt in when you were in Shreveport. What is sad is that TL in Florida is cooler and less humid than we are here!!

    mrhaney - thanks for the tips! Yes, I know about caulking, I've done it many times. But I appreciate your dropping by and caring enough to take the time to share that skill. There are still good people in this world, aren't there? I have a feeling you're one of them.

  8. Nice gifts. I used to love Mary Engelbreit, but for some reason got away from her stuff. But I do love the magnet. I think I am going to die with this heat. Hope you're staying cool.

  9. caroline - cool? what is cool? I'm definitely staying in tomorrow.


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