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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Nice Relaxing Dinner . . . . NOT!

We tried, that is all I can say about it!

Caroline and Laura came over for dinner and we had a wonderful time. Up until the police were called.

No, really, the police came!!

I fixed something that is my "fall-back" dinner. I keep some frozen shrimp in the freezer, and when I have those days that I don't think about dinner until dinner time (hello?!?!?), I boil some linguini. While it is cooking, I heat olive oil, briefly sauté some minced garlic, then fill the pan with whatever is on hand and sounds good. Tonight was marinated artichoke hearts, olives (both black and Spanish), marinated mushrooms, and shrimp. After this sautés for 5 minutes or so, I throw in the linguini and let it cook on low while stirring just 4-5 minutes. Absolutely wonderful. Add a salad and some freshly grated parmesan cheese and .... ahhhhhhh!

Here's the rub. Caroline wasn't drinking because of her root canal yesterday, but Laura and I polished off a bottle of wine by dinner time. We had another with dinner. Then we adjourned to the deck and opened a 3rd bottle. We were having a wonderful time, talking as animatedly as three women can. Suddenly we were stopped short when there was a HUGE explosion, and we saw a cloud of smoke in front of Caroline and Laura's house! My dogs, all thunderstruck, pleaded to go into the house. The three of us were agog. Caroline decided to call the police to be sure that it was safe for them to go home. We are next door neighbors, but since I'm on a corner lot, their house is also around the corner from me. Got that? OK.

Before the police arrived we began to realize that it was probably nothing terrible. The smoke began to clear and there was no further eruption. We ventured out to see what was going on, and we found that there was an odor of gunpowder coming from the storm sewer near the front on their house. We waited for the police to come at their house because Caroline had given them that address. However, since she used my phone and also gave them my information, they showed up . . . yes! at my house. We found them walking around my house shining flashlights in my windows! My dogs were in the house barking their heads off at those intruders with the flashlights!!

The officers were delightful young men who checked the area out and decided that it was probably kids who tossed an M80 down the sewer drain. Caroline seemed almost disappointed when the officers minimized the probable serious problem with an M80 going into the storm sewer. I think she thot it ould cause more serious problems. The officers walked me home and saw me into the house before leaving. and they emphasized that they would rather make a run like this with no problem than take a call to a serious situation. As we walked away Caroline and Laura called out their thanks for dinner, and the officers asked what we had for dinner. I told them and they both said it sounded better than the bratwursts they had for dinner. They didn't, however, accept the offer of the left overs to take with them!!

I’m just letting you know ... invite Laura and Caroline and be prepared for excitement!! I'm serious, you've been warned!!


  1. I'm very glad to hear that everything turned out ok. I would of been very paranoid myself.

  2. Oh my, what an eventful evening! Glad it all turned out okay. Um, we'll take your leftover here. LOL

  3. elf - I'm glad, too. we felt it was likely fireworks, yet it was so loud it was concerning. at least there is this . . . life isn't dull!

    sassy - if it could get there safely, I'd send it! try it yourself. it is extremely easy to fix.

  4. Thank you again for the dinner. Everything was wonderful except for the abrupt ending. Laura and I enjoyed spending time with you. You are such a wonderful person. We heart you.

  5. c - well, thank you, and right back at you. I always enjoy the time we spend together and the wonderful, lively conversations we have. You are great neighbors.

  6. And a good time was had by all, despite explosions, eh?

  7. It's never a real party until the police are called. Glad you has such a wonderful dinner. Sorry it ended up so frightening.

  8. I'm glad everything turned out okay too. I was worried there for a minute! Mmmmmm the dinner sounds yum-may!

  9. ragged - yes, it was a good time. the weather was very mild, and since my deck is screened, we didn't have to worry about bugs.the explosion was scary but passing. I've experienced far worse in my life.

    old lady - hee hee! I haven't heard that for a long time! I guess I should actually be a bit proud that my "parties" can end with a call to the police!!

    patti - if I do say so myself, it was a good dinner. doing things like that helps me to "cook small." It really is hard to cook for one, and forget ready to eat foods. I'm learning, I'm learning!! And it's fun to share with friends.


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