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Friday, July 21, 2006

Studying The Planets

I have a story to go with the pictures of the planets (below).

When I was in FL with my daughter and her family, 8 year old Aleksis had an assignment for a project about planets. Each child in the class was assigned a planet to prepare a report on. Of course you're probably a step ahead of me already, and yes, Lecksie got Uranus. She did internet research to find information about the size of the planet, the atmosphere, the soil type, it's relation to the sun and other planets, etc. She also made a model of the planet (you notice I'm using "the planet" rather than the name ... well, I can't keep a straight face!!).

All the time she is putting her presentation together, there were, of course, several times when she needed help for support from the adults, and I have to say that I'm very proud of my daughter and son-in-law. They were able to keep straight faces and level voice tones while talking with her about Uranus. Then, she would leave the room to go work on it some more and all three of us would just double up in laughter. You can imagine her questions, such as, when she was trying to figure out its location in the planetary system, and she said, "Where is Uranus?" "What color should I paint Uranus?" Yeah, just try to keep a straight face!!

Before the project was done, my daughter contemplated asking the teacher if ours was the only family stuck with that particular planet for the project. Surely there was another family having to walk quickly out of the room to cover laughter, or sitting still, biting their tongues to keep from bursting out laughing!

I really, really think THAT PLANET should be renamed!!


  1. hey! i just saw you tagged me! it's really late now, but i will get to it probably tomorrow! thanks for thinking of me (and remembering i was in the midst of losing my mind!)
    i'll call you soon!

  2. cameo - gotcha! Just call whenever it is convenient. I know you are probably still spinning.

  3. Oh it is so nice to know that I come from a family of "nerds." This explains a lot. I got excited when Uncle R sent the pics too! I thought is was a teacher thing! I love learning. . . now I have an even better reason for the euphoria I feel in the school supply isle or in the office supply store or online at the teacher sites :)!!!!!

  4. tl - Oh, I remember how you used to get at US Toys!!! But, then, so did I! Supposedly, most women get giddy is a clothing or shoe store. I'm at my worst/best in Office Depot or Lowe's!! What does that say about me? Actually, every woman I know with whom I've discussed it loves Lowe's or Home Depot. Weird group, my family and friends!! ;-))

  5. Hey, I've had to be the one TEACHING that to the kids. You can't imagine the snickers that go on in the classroom with the kids who "get it." I confess there were times I'd giggle with them, or just give them a wink to let them know I got it, too.

  6. sassy - I remember being a kid and going through that, so yes I can imagine it! Besides, did you notice the behavior of the adults, myself included? We're just bad, bad people!! Somebody said that it can also be pronounced u-RAN-us rather than u-RAIN-us. I'd vote we try to start a new pronounciation, but you know that everyone just simply has too much fun to seriously want it to change! It's just one of those things!!

  7. too funny!!

    i thought only late night comedians made jokes about Uranus!

    ps i hope that when she searched the internet for information on Uranus, there was a V-chip or something blocking out the lewd material!

  8. m - oh, yes! My son in law is a computer ... shhhhh! ... nerd, and he sets the kids' computer for safety. And, OK, he's not a nerd, but he's smarter than the average SIL.

  9. Ha Haaa I can't keep a straight face either!


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