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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Morning Surprise!!

Well! This morning I zipped over to seven's blog. I was going to ask him about his daughter and her family who live in St. Louis where ther have been some bad storms with damage and lots of power outages. You know, the concerned mother in me. Suffice it to say that I was totally unprepared for what I found there. Before you go to check it out, be sure to read his comment in my previous post, How Big Is Earth?, in which I included pictures of the models of planets for size comparison.

Suffice it, also, to say that I am pleased to be able to provide a spring board for my friend, excuse me, my homie, seven. I will expect many royalty checks for my services for supplying the seed of your material!!

Lastly, seven . . . is that you under my deck??????


  1. And yes, springboard is the appropriate phrase and I lay down my gratitude at your astronomical feet....wait that didn't sound right did it?
    And my girl and my grandson kept their power throughout, praise God.... (seriously)
    Much love Hommie,

  2. seven - I'm glad to hear of your little ones. And it is OK . . . I'll take astronomical feet over a big . . . uh-oh! Well you know what I mean!!!!!!! ;-))

  3. Holy Buckets! There's a journey into the solar system I didn't plan for today! LOL

  4. That was pretty funny. My favorite part was him talking about "popping in like a JW."

  5. traci - excatly whay I named this "Sunday Morning Surprise!" :-))

    caroline, I tho't you'd like that!

  6. thanks for the laughs! hilarious!

  7. Since it isn't Seven under your deck, you might try Animal Control. The Old Man is a city adminstrator and his Animial Control department would remove it for you.

  8. Old Lady - I wish I lived where you do! The City of Kansas City, MO, removes only from curb side, and I had to wait till this morning to find that out. They did refer to private contractors and I made my calls to them by 7:08!

    The good news: THEY'LL BE HERE AT 1:00 THIS AFTERNOON!!!! Three Cheers!!!

    The bad new: It will cost $129. And if they have difficulty, add another $59. AAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!

  9. I'll be visiting Seven's blog soon. It's a daily read for me!


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