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Friday, August 25, 2006

Are You Alive or Dead?

Just a quote for ponderance . . . . . . .

You've got to have a dream.
When you lose your dreams, you die.
We have so many people walking around
who are dead and don't even know it!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Good question.

    Aren't you in a ponderous mood today!

  2. anonymous - I guess I am! Would that be surprising?

  3. Truer words may never have been anonymously spoken...

  4. It's an interesting quote. I tend to think of 'dreams' as 'goals' and indeed it is a large part of what keeps me going. However, there are people that I really admire who live their lives without dreams and goals. I used to worry about them. After extensive reading in Taoism and careful thought it seems to me that their situation is quite alright. How we frame or capture our happiness is so individual that I think it is somewhat arrogant of me to imagine that a dreamless person is not fully alive. Perhaps precisely because they do not strain at dreams and goals they are free to enjoy the present and may be far far happier and whole than those of us on the goal seeking side.
    Of course they might still be sitting by an open fire and cooking animal carcasses, but happy and peaceful nontheless.

  5. catherine - Yes, and very thought provoking for me. I'm struggling to "own" my direction currently. Having dreams helps me know how to focus.

  6. seven - I think many of us have often blurred the space betweeen "dreams" and "goals." That can be good or bad. I see goals as being a conscious focal point for helping to plan my journey. I've been accused of being wishy-washy in my focus, because when I find my path has not lead to the goal, I'm open to redefining the goal. It doesn't mean that I've lost direction or drive; it means that I realize that the original was not exact. A detour, perhaps? I *DO* get to be wishy-washy when I lose sight of the goals and began to meander aimlessly. And I do it!

    But dreams . . . they are the satin and lace of my plans (or for a man, perhaps think of it as the steak sauce!!), those parts that allow me to play around with the goal itself until it looks like I want it to. Do I realize those dreams in the end? Not always. Never the less, it is good for me to have them to enjoy along they way.

    I understand your point, and I agree that projecting my own views onto others is out of line. But I enjoy my satin and lace! And I appreciate that my bliss is different than yours or Jane's. Isn't it great that we have others to complement us? This is an awesome world!!

  7. Oh no, I didn't meant to be critical. I firmly believe in goals and dreams.
    It's just that I think many people can be living so firmly in the present that the idea of dreams or goals is prohibited to them. Nevertheless their ability to live solidly in the present means they ae fully alive and not dead at all. Perhaps more alive than us dreamers. So for me, the quote is not univerally true. It is true for me personally, just not for everyone?

  8. seven - I didn't take it critically. I just reread my comment, and I'm not sure where we miscommunicated. "What we have here is a failure to communicate . . ." My god, that's a flashback, isn't it? And a youngster like you (LOL) may not even remember it, "Cool Hand Luke," in about 1968, I think. Anyway, back to the topic, we're not in disagreement, but saying it differently, I think. As to the "universal truth" of the quote . . . I don't know that any one is so. I just like the thoughts that many quote evoke in me and others, too. Even those taken out of context, partial quotes, etc, can make us be introspective, something that I never think hurts. I cannot imagine not pushing myself to examine my personal belief systems. I'm glad you are around to encourage me and many others to do so, seven. So, as a friend and former coworker used to say . . . "Carry on!"

  9. 'Im shakin the bush boss, I'm shakin it!"
    "Sometimes no hand is a cool hand."
    ..and the best of all...
    "What we have here is a failure to communicat.."
    Oh yes, I know Cool Hand Luke! Did you know Paul Newman's charities have given over 20 million to various organizations over the years. Now that's COOL!

  10. "We have so many people walking around
    who are dead and don't even know it!"
    How true! Yes I am definitely alive!

  11. seven - I'm gonna hafta rent that and watch it again. It has been a long time. I've always been a fan of Mr. Newman, and even with the wrinkles, my toes still curl . . . just a little!! And one of the things I admire is the charitable work. Trés cool!

    patti - Are you? Prove it!! ;-)) Oh, yeah, girl, I think there is no doubt about you! You take on life with a passion, fer sher!


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