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Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's Official

I'm here to say, for the record, absolutely, undeniably, positively, definitively, unequivocally, without a margin of error, end-of-experiment conclusive, the final statement is this . . . . . . . it is the humidity, it IS NOT the heat!!!

I've just come in from the tropical jungle that I try to pass off as a back yard. It is only 82 degrees out there, but with the 1.5 inches of rain from last night, it is rain forest muggy. In less than 45 minutes my t-shirt was uncomfortably and not attractively clingy. Most of that was in the shade, as I worked my way around, cutting down saplings (honest), choke vine, and overgrown plants which were once purposely planted there. In some area it was so bad that trying to save the desired plants simply wasn't possible. I've only put a drop in the bucket toward this task. Ugh!! I thought I would do as much as possible today and tomorrow, because is is cooler. But my point is to say that I will no longer be open to any discussion which opens the possibility that it's the heat. I KNOW that heat is painful, miserable, and I won't ever live in Las Vegas, for example. 115 in the shade is just rediculous. But I'm telling you, too, that 103 degrees in New Mexico did not feel as yucky as 82 does here today.

I'm going to fuel myself with lots of water and a sandwich heavy with meat for the protein and then go back out when I've cooled off. I'll spend the rest of the afternoon going in and out to keep myself upright. I realized a few minutes ago that I made a big mistake this morning, too. I had 2 cups of coffee and 2 glasses of water. My rule is 2 waters for 1 of anything else, especially coffee, if I'm doing physical labor.

OK, I'm going to sit back for a bit and relax before trekking into the jungle again. And, BTW, if you don't believe me about the jungle, just ask Caroline and Laura. Poor girls, they have an unobstructed view! Sorry! But I'm working on it!!

update @2:45 - OK, now it's is the heat, too. Since I posted the other note, the temp has risen to 92. I got in another hour of work, but I'm waiting now till it cools this evening. puff, puff, puff.


  1. I noticed that the temp was going up this afternoon as well. I thought it was only suppose to be in the 80's. Damn weatherman. :)

  2. It's tough doing anything in humidity. We suffer with it down South terribly. Be careful honey, but you already know that!


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