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Friday, August 11, 2006

Just When Ya Think Ya Got It All Worked Out

I got a call today from the floor guy. Remember that I said he was going to be here between the 23rd and the 28th? Guess what? Now he wants to start on the 16th or 17th!!! I have to clear the whole ground floor of this place a week earlier than I'd planned. That's just, let's see, 5 days from now. Oh, yeah, the other thing is that he now says it will take 8-10 days, not the 4-5 he originally said. AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!

I think I've figured it out how I can get it done, but I'm certainly going to have to change the order of things. I'd planned to put everything that goes with me into the garage and then load a U-Haul as soon they finished the floors. Now I will need to stay at the house to finish up a few things before leaving, things that were planned for the next 2 weeks before the floor was to be done. I won't bring much back into the house, so I'll avoid making myself comfortable, and I'll be encouraged to be out of here soon.

I called my niece who lives in Southern Missouri at Table Rock Lake and asked her if I could come visit with her for a few days. I haven't seen her new house, and this seemed like a good time to go there. I have to be out of the house while the floors are being done. So I'll spend the weekend with her, then wander on to some other unfortunate acquaintance. I had thought I'd go see Scott and his family, but as I was looking at the map for a good route from the lake to Wichita (there isn't one, BTW) and I noticed that Claremont, OK, is sorta-kinda on the route. A high school friend lives there and has been asking me to come visit and meet his wife, so maybe I'll do that. My brother lives in Broken Arrow, too, close enough to see 'em both. Oh, I just realized that another HS friend lives in Bixby. Wow, now I'm not sure I have enough time to see everyone! Oh, I'll work it out.

So, my friends, I may be around less for a few days. I'm gonna be very busy. And since
this signals the opening chorus of my swan song to Kansas City, I'm going to think I may be around less in general for the next few weeks. I will keep you posted on my continuing adventure in life. When I do leave KC, I will be driving to my eldest son's home in NM, where I will stay until this house sells and I find a new home. He does not live in Albuquerque, but is close enough for me to take a day a week to spend in A with a realtor as necessary. It will save me a ton of money on rent. I was stunned when I began checking rental properties there! Good grief!

For now I'm going to get some rest. And I've learned my lesson . . . no more political rants!

PS @ 7:00 PM - I spoke with TL today, and I have an update on Miss Margarita. In a word she's doing well. She is regaining her strength, but still is not up to par. She is eating well and is playing more normally. Her personality is still in tact, thank goodness!

Mean while, the vets are still uncertain what was/is wrong. She has some allergies, but the vet is not in a hurry to medicate her for that. It would mean putting her on steroids, and TL is not wanting to do that. She considered a holistic vet if it came down to that, but apparently that is extremely expensive as well, but would probably be better for Rita. For now, the medication to heal the ulcers in her stomach is being stopped since she is doing well. The plan is to simply watch her and monitor her appetite, her general health, and in a few weeks the internist wants to do another scoping of her GI system to make sure she is healed and has nothing new going on in there. He is really puzzled and wants to get her back to herself. Thank you, doc!

That's it . . . essentially all good news. TL, her family and I all want to thank you for the prayers, meditations and kind thoughts. Smiles and hugs to you.


  1. I guess the end is near. I know you are excited, but I am kind of sad.

  2. caroline - I'm having a lot of ambivalence about it. I'm excited, but also having difficulty realizing the finality that this will mean. I'm keeping busy today, but having lots of "moments."

  3. sounds like you have a lot going on!

    good luck (-:

  4. I can only imagine the memories you must have of being in your house, and even though you want to move on, it must hurt to know that you'll be leaving behind what housed them all those years..
    But they're still in your heart :)

    I'll miss you while you're away!

  5. Wow that sounds like a lot of traveling. I guess it is more enjoyable when not done with three small children! So, where is the journey taking you once the house is complete?

  6. m - thanks. Yes, it is a lot, but it is time to get on with it, so it is good to have this push. Hard, but good.

    jen - You know, one of the best things about blogging is that when I move 1000 miles away, I get to take all of you with me! I'll have a few "outages" between now and then, but that's all! Yes, the memories go with me, too. It's just when I let myself get physically tired, then the emotional guard goes down, and the memories become overwhelming. I'll make it fine, just with a few hiccups!

    Old - ohhhhh. then you wouldn't have liked the trips I made a few months ago . . . from KC to Seattle, Seattle thru California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisana, Mississippi, Alabama, and across Florida to the East Coast; after a rest, north thru FL, to Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and across Missouri. All told, it was around 8000 miles. And I had "my 3 small ones" with me!! Believe me, they were very tired of being dragged all over the country, but probably in some ways, they were probably easier than children. My journey is taking me to New Mexico, the Albuquerque area. That is "home." For a while I will stay with my eldest son in a small town in south-central NM, a few hours away. When this house is sold, I will find my own place. It will be a relief for all 4 of us (me and the 3 wee dogs) to finally have our furniture out of storage and feeling like home again. Now you understand the title of this blog.

  7. I am vastly excited about Margarita's good recovery.
    I would be so sad if I were Caroline & Laura but i'm excited for you about the move!

  8. patti - I will miss them very much. I doubt that I will find neighbors who can fill their shoes. Of course, that is what happens in life . . . if you notice, for anything you gain, it seems there is also something lost. Think of it like this: you go on a fun vacation and have THE BEST time, yet when it is time to return home, you miss the fun of the vacation and all it held, but damn, it feels good to sleep in your own bed. It's hard, but that is what makes the journey, also. And thanks, we are relieved about Margarita's progress. So much.

  9. NM is waiting for you with open arms!


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