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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Beta Blog-grrrrrrr & Ali Update

First, a bit of business. Since I switched to Beta Blogger, I've found several advantages and nice features, including the speed at which publishing takes place. The only snag is that if you do not have beta, it presents some problem for either of us to comment on the other blog. Here is a solution: When you comment on my blog, click "other." This allows you to sign with your blogger name and you can paste you blog site URL in the second box, "website." The creates a link so my readers can visit your blog as usual. It just doesn't post our cute little pictures. I know you miss seeing my smile, but you can always come back here to see it. Second option is to click on "anonymous" and make your comment. You can sign your blog name in the comment section. I know who you are. And where to find you!!

Also related to this . . . if you have your blog set up to accept only bloggers, I can't leave a message at all! The only one I can think of now is Jen (Rambling On). Jen, I have tried to leave you a note, but . . .

Whew! OK, that taken care of, here is an update of Mr. Ali. This morning, I took every one out to potty, and he lifted his left as usual! That means he is feeling considerably better. When we came back in, he was shivering. The morning was cool, but not that much, so I figured it was related to the shock of surgery and anesthetic, so I put him on the cushion and covered him with a blanket. A few minutes later he had pulled his head under and was totally covered. I didn't take a picture of that, but I tucked it back again and took this photo.

He was so comfy!

And peaceful!

A couple minutes later, he'd pulled his head back again, almost covering himself.

China stood (laid?) watch over her sick buddy.

Then I said "Is anyone hungry?" It took him no time to pop out and follow me to the kitchen.

And after breakfast, he was joyful when I gave him the plush toys that got washed yesterday while their owner was down and out! You'd think he'd not seen them for months!

So all is well in the abode again. Ali is still sore, of course, and is cautious about going up and down the steps, but I'd guess that within a day or two, he will be the same old bubba he was in the good old days . . . well, OK, not quite the same, but close enough!

Now I gotta get to work.


  1. So glad that Ali is doing good. We sent out lots of puppy prayers yesterday. And I have talked with Sophie about not making fun of him. She said she wouldn't, but you know her she does her own thing sometimes.

  2. Oh I am so glad he is doing better and love-love-love the pics. Your puppy and Caroline's kitty both okay. Yay!

  3. caroline - I want you to know that Sophie was out with Laura while she trimmed the jungle on our fence, and she was very quiet and polite! Thanks!

    patti - Thank you, too! He was sooo cute this morning, adjusting back to the world again. We're glad the news is good around the 'hood for the critters that make our lives bearable.

  4. Glad to hear that Ali is okay..I love the pic of him popping out of the covers when food is mentioned!
    Oh, and I changed my blog settings so that you can leave me comments! :)


  5. This explains some things, I haven't downloaded the beta yet and wont until they have it right;lol
    Yeah, someone does look comfy eh.
    My cat Emme has this blanket and sleeps only on it no matter where you put it.

  6. Jen - Good! I'll be by later! Isn't Ali a hoot? He is such a character and a delight!

    walker - This is the first beta I've tried that I had significant problem with, and now that I've figured out the detour, it's not too bad/ For a few days, however, I was pis....very unhappy! Our pets are as much creatures of habit as we are!! Do you ever get to wash Emme's blanket? That's why I washed his toys while he was unaware!

  7. I wish Blogger would let me switch to beta, I wonder what's taking them so long? It still isn't an option for me when I sign in.

    Your little Ali is so sweet. I love giving Laddie a toy he hasn't seen in a while, the reaction is always so joyous.

  8. the most she lets me do is vaunm it.
    She has also build a nest in the closet with some of my socks and underwear.
    She could keep them now to but I should be happy someone is getting into my skivies lol.
    Emme is 18 1/2 years old so she gets what she wants

  9. sandra - Yes, my Ali is very sweet. And you're right, a few days or weeks away from a toy, and it is like the most wonderful homecoming that even happened! Our canine or feline owners are awesome, aren't they?

  10. walker - LOL, well, "action" is action, right? and thank goodness, she is "legal"!!! I know what you mean about getting her way. I lost my Echo at about the same age last fall. If she'd demanded catnip 3 times every day, she'd have gotten it! We are slaves to our precious 4-footers, aren't we?

  11. Thanks for this. I've been having loads of trouble commenting on the beta blogs and I even have one. I wish they would complete this conversion process.

  12. eotr - Welcome. I have contacted blogger to complain/ask for correction, with no reply yet, of course. Yes, let's hope the do something soon! Very aggravating.


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