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Monday, September 11, 2006

I can hardly believe that I'm leaving in just a bit over 2 weeks! It is getting very close! And, of course, I'm still having the vacillating between "so near and so much to do" and "I wish I had more time so I could get things done." It will work out. It always does. That doesn't take away the jitters.

Some friends helped me with a little rearranging and organizing at the storage unit over the weekend. Thank you Scottie, Gary and Mike! We took out my recliner as I'm taking it with me, and that left a little room for more stuff to go in. The bonus is that the dogs and I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed having a comfortable chair to relax in in the evening for a couple days. Today I carried the 20+ boxes of books that I packed a few days ago from the basement, loaded them in the car and stashed them in the storage unit today. Then I took a trip to Lowe's for a few last minute needs and Petco for dog food and hack home to load the van a second time, this time with tool boxes (Yes, the ones I fell on a few weeks ago!!) and some other things that I will take over tomorrow. I'm guessing about 3 more trips to the storage unit and I will be done with that part of it. Yes, DONE!

Then I'll get to the cleaning and last minute fix-ups. That will take a few days. Then, finally, it will be time to load a UHaul trailer and goooooooooo!!

Today my son sent a picture with a message . . . "Don't pack your boots; bring them with you." He took it today. It got suddenly cold and they had hail, very small, just more than sleet. So, while it isn't snow, it might as well be. The town is about 6500 ft, so cold weather sooner than the lowlands is not unusual. He lives in the mountains outside the town, so his house is even higher. I'm going to have some significant altitude adjustment to make! I used to hate cold weather, but with the changes of later life, I've come to appreciate the nippy weather. I'm going to enjoy the winter! And my boots are, indeed, in the stack that goes with me to NM!!

Now to sleep! I need to be rested and keep my momentum going!


  1. So did you choose NM because your son is there? Being that it was over 90 degrees in The Lone Star State yesturday, I cannot imagine hail!

  2. I didn't realize your son was in NM! Cool beans totally! Although, the white stuff on the ground is a bit much for me at the moment! I used to live at that same altitude in eastern Nevada. Be prepared for headaches and dryness and itchy skin. Find good moisturizing lotion and use it all the time! It does pass eventually! I love reading your excitement this morning!

  3. I sure never know it got that cold in NM .... i'm excited for you!

  4. old lady - No, that's just a bonus. We moved to KC from NM. My husband was born there, as were 3 of our 5 kids. I grew up there from 3rd grade on. We were planning to return there this past spring before he was diagnosed and quickly passed away. It wasn't too warm here yesterday, in the 70s, I think, but I was working up a horrendous sweat because of the humidity, so that cold sounded awesome!

    traci - I have kids in all 4 time zones!! 2 girls in WA, across the Sound from Seattle; another son is in Wichita, KS; and my baby girl is in FL. I'm prepared of the numerous changes I will face. In the long run, it will be a blessing for me as I've struggled living with humidity for several years now. It makes me physically ill to be in the combination of heat and humidity that we have here. I'm eager to return to the dryness . . . with my saline nasal spray in one hand and a giant bottle of moisturizing lotion in the other!!!

    patti - You Easterners!! You thought NM and AZ were all desert, didn't you? No, there is a mountain range that runs down the middle of the State, part of the Rocky Mountains. Most of the remainder of the State is "high desert." The elevations are all above 2500 feet, I think, even on the “low” side of the State, the East. Check out this page for a surprise:

    Any of the places I would consider living are above 5000. It gets cold but not bitterly so. Snow, if you’re not in the mountains, often lasts just a day or perhaps 2, but it happens on the desert plane. It surprises people unfamiliar with the State to learn that there are several ski resorts. You need to come visit me after I get settled! You have much to learn, grasshopper!

  5. well have your self a great time. i use to live where it was cold but i have been in the south for to long now. my blood has thinned out to much now. good luck with all that packing.

  6. mrhaney - Thanks for the well-wishes. It's not really cold where I'm going. The weather is *relatively* mild, but it is a high altitude. The big thing is, it has a dry atmosphere. I could not live where you do. My daughter was there for about 1-1/2 yr, and I would suffer terribly in that humidity. I guess this way, we will both be very happy, right?


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