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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Sure Sign

Well, I know for sure that I am leaving here. Let me explain.

For as long as Caroline has lived next door to me, her dog Sophie and my dogs have barked at each other any time they have a chance. Sometimes she starts it, sometimes mine do. But they always do this. It's just the way it is.

Sometimes it will be a bark or two, as if they are just acknowledging each other; others, it is clear that they are having a turf war since all 4 think they own the ground on both sides of the fence for 5 feet each way, because the really tear up jack and chase each other up and down the length of the fence. Occasionally, they stand with noses to the fence just inches away from each other, Sophie on her side and Ali, Mai Lin and China Doll standing shoulder to shoulder (there is strength in numbers, you know!) on our side, all 4 barking until you'd think they were pit bulls waiting for the fight. Of course, their tails all wag during any of the above scenarios, but . . well, they sound really tough.

This morning, just moments ago, I took my "kids" out for their early morning constitutional. I stood outside, waiting for them and enjoying the chill of 45 degrees in the air. As my dogs were finishing their business, I noticed that Sophie was standing on her deck watching us. SILENTLY! Tail wagging and grinning that Sophie grin, and not making a sound! I said, "Hi, Sophie," which usually sets off the barkfest one one side or the other. This morning, hosever, Sophie just wagged bigger and grinned bigger. On my side of the fence, all the of my patter-paws simply stood and looked at her and their tails began wagging! I'm not kidding you! All 5 of us just stood there for a minute or two, looking and wagging, without barking!! Wait! Stop laughing and rolling around on the floor! I was not wagging, for goodness sake! The dogs all wagged and I smiled, there is that better?

I decided that Sophie was saying a nice goodbye to us, and fortunately, my babies quietly returned her well-wishes. At the moment I realized this, I knew it was definitely time for us to go. And tomorrow we shall.

Tonight I've got some final treats for Sophie. I'm taking several so she can have them over several days, and I hope she remembers me with each one. And maybe she will even give the occasional bark in the direction of the fence, just to honor of the many hours spent there with my dogs.

I hope your new neighbors give you as much exercise as we have! Be happy and healthy, and we'll come back and visit sometime.

Bye, Sophie! I'm going to miss you. What? Oh, Ali, Mai Lin and China all just told me to send their love. I know, you've all 4 tried to look tough, but it's OK to say it now. Caroline and I figured out a long time ago that you all love each other, even if you do put up good fronts.

Well, would you look at that!?!?! Sophie just blew me a kiss!! She knows the hand that brings her treats!

So long, sweet girl!!


  1. Awww you are making me sad ....

    Such sweet pics of Sophie!

    and I totally thought YOU were grinning and wagging too!!! :)

  2. That made me cry and now I'm mad at you. I'll work through it by tonight. I'm not sure what you are going to do with Caroline though. I think she's been blocking it out.


  3. Lynilu - that's so sweet. Bittersweet kind of but still sweet. I know Sophie was wishing you luck!

  4. What a sweet post to remember the friendship of our babies. I know we all are going to miss seeing your three babies out in the yard. It's been a good 8 1/2 years that we've been neighbors and we are going to miss all of you a lot. Drive safely and we'll talk (or cry) later tonight.

  5. patti - At this stage, I don't know that we can avoid the sadness. It, like our dogs behaviors, is inevitable. (Shhh. I look silly when I wag, but I do it occasionally!)

    Laura - Why should I be crying alone? Misery does truly like company. I'll see you this evening. BTW, I'm sure I'm blocking a lot, too. I knew this moment would come, but I've denied that it would be as hard as it is getting. I'm sure that my level of physical weariness is playing a role, too.

    jenn - This kind of "progress" is always bittersweet, I think. I'm nearly numb, but I know that when it is time to actually drive away, there will be a tough-to-handle mixture of emotions.

    caroline - Yes. This is going to be a hard couple of days. Moving on with life, taking that next big step is the hardest thing I can think of. I'm leaving behind more memories than I could store in all of the storage units in this town. Yet it is what will allow me to "live" again. My heart is splitting right down the middle.

  6. I'm sad for Caroline and Laura..It must be hard for them to say goodbye to such a wonderful neighbor like you!
    Have a safe trip Lynilu..I'll be looking forward to your posts when you get settled in! :)

  7. jen - I'll be back here before you know it. Thanks.

  8. Well this post made me cry. How exciting and how hard at the same time...for you, the dogs, the neighbors...sigh...

  9. I knew I recognized Sophie from another blog, and I now I realize whose blog it was! I didn't know you were neighbors with Caroline. GOOD LUCK with your move.

  10. traci - Those last 2 days in KC were very difficult for all of us. I took Sophie some dog treats to have over the next few days. When I knest to say goodbye, she gave me some sweet kisses. It's as hard to leave her as it to leave Caroline and Laura.

    nap queen - Goodness, girl, where have you been? ;-) I thought that everyone in the blog world knew that by now! Thanks for the wishes, and I'll be back on full time in a few days, once I reach my destination.


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