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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Celebrity Is Good

For today, a few words and a lot of pictures. The first group is of the house, taken just before I left KC. The first one is the kitchen, of course, and the floor that I tiled months ago.

The living room and the front door.

The other end of the living room with the fireplace. Ali is standing there, following me around and saying goodbye to his home.

A quick look at the master bedroom. Will ya look at the sun on that floor!

I couldn't resist a picture of this sign, left behind my my son.

The bar in the rec room.

The fireplace in the rec room.

Another part of the rec room, the bookshelves, almost devoid of books, now sadly packed and waiting in storage.

And finally, outside to the deck.

The other end of the deck.

So, goodbye, old friend. I hope we find a new owner for you who will love you as much as our family did. And soon!

~ ~ ~
Now, a bit about my first few days back in New Mexico . . .

For those of you who think of the Desert Southwest as being dry, barren landscape, I wish I had been able to stop to take more pictures. Pulling the "monster trailer," I wasn't able to pull off quickly, and sometimes there wasn't enough shoulder to accomodate the width of the trailer. However, as I drove down the eastern side of the state, I was struck with how green and lush the whole landscape was. Although the entire South part of our country has been in a drought for several years, there has been recent ample rains to support 18 inches to 3 feet of prairie grasses, all waving gently in the wind. It was amazing to see this and think of that line from "America The Beautiful." It was as solid, no more like thick, than the fields of wheat one sees when driving across our farmlands. It was broken only by the scrub trees and extended for miles, as far as the eye could see. This picture gives you an idea of the grass, although much of the grass was far taller and thicker than you see here.

Wild flowers also decorated the roadside and the expanse of prairie grasses. These little white beauties are just one example. There were flowers of many colors, but lots and lots of yellow sunflowers, black-eyed susans and something that grew in clumps with yellow blossoms crowning each mound. Utterly beautiful!

Listen, I'm gonna brag a bit . . . the Citizenry Of The Grand State of New Mexico are really happy to have me back! So happy were they that they threw a huge party for me yesterday evening. In the town of Ruidoso, a section of the town where my son's office is located held an art show, spread over several businesses. Each one displayed art, mostly by local artists, and offered strollers wine or champagne, fruits and cheeses, cakes and other goodies to enjoy while they viewed the art. What a wonderful surprise for me!! A party with hundreds of people to greet me back home! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me last night.

Then this morning as Allan and I left home at 7:00, we were greeted with a gorgeous, radient sunrise.

And as we drove toward Ruidoso, we saw a lovely rainbow. By the time we could get off the road, it was fading slightly, but it's still a beautiful picture.

When we got to town, another surprise for me. They threw a parade in my honor!! Really, they did! And I have pictures to prove it!!

While we watched the parade, a breakfast of bacon, sausage, eggs, hashbrowns, coffee, and bloody marys was served in my son's office right behind us. Can you believe what a super thrill it was to be the center of attention like this? I am very special, apparently.

Alright. I lied. It was an annual parade and I just lucked into the perfect arrival time. But it is good to be here again. It is good to see fun events like small town parades with local high school bands that march without precision but with enthusiasm and floats that didn't cost thousands and riders on horses and mules (did you notice the mules above? I include that in honor of the Central Missouri State University Mules, since my daughter graduated there.) and candy being tossed from the floats and caught by the kids along the parade route. There were Shriners in their funny little cars and more fire engines and other emergency vehicles than you can imagine and a wagon load of kids from the local Montessori school. And, of course, since this is an election year, lots and lots of politicans. It has been a fun couple of days. It is good to be home.


  1. One step closer, eh?

    Were you sad to leave your home?

  2. I hear the smile in your writing, again! Welcome home!

  3. ragged - I was both sad and elated. There were many, many good times in the house; however, it is also the biggest symbol that I'm stuck in the past. It was very necessary for me to be able to put myself in a new environment, one that is just mine, for me to get the fresh start that I crave. As i drove up the street, I had the strangest mixture of emotions; I was fighting back tears, yet my heart was soaring with the knowledge that it is finally happening.

    s3 - Yes, I am still tired as we are trying to put order back into Allan's house while making me feel "at home" at the same time, so the physical work continues. I'm also fighting the altitude change yesterday and today. All in all, it isn't bad, and I'm beginning to feel truly at home. Everytime we go anywhere, I'm like a kid with my nose pressed to the window of the car! I try to remember to not do that while I'm driving! Yes, I'm smiling again!

  4. I noticed today that there was an open house at your house here. I thought it was a cleaver idea that your agent put out balloons that said "welcome home".

    Wow, a parade in your honor. Not everyone has those. :):)

  5. You really bring out the masses where ever you go don't you. :)

    Thats a beautiful house and I am sure you will never forget the memories you had there.

  6. Wow what a journey! Can't believe it has been 18 days. I just spent my few moments of quiet time today catching up. Glad you made it safely!!!!

  7. caroline - I spoke with the realtor, and it went well. No immediate offers, but lots of interest. Keep your fingers crossed!

    walker - I've always been a bit of a showboater! But it's only because I'm asked, mind you. You're right, those memories are forever.

    old lady - Me, too! Of course, this is jusst the first step; later will come the shorter distance moves, but with more intensity as I try to find just the right house. I'm ready!

  8. Last night about 8pm we heard all this ruckus outside. I went out and someone's car had broke down right in front of James's house and it looked like his wife and kids came to pick him up. I noticed they had a flyer from your house. The kids were wild and the parents looked, well, they looked like not very quiet neighbors. We pray they are not one of the interested ones.

  9. That sunrise is beautiful, so glad you're liking it there! Thanks for sharing the pics, it's a little sad to see an empty house though :( For Caroline and Laura's sake, I hope those people are NOT the new owners of your sweet old house.

  10. caroline - Well, I hope for you that it isn't the "right" family, but I surely do want the house to be sold! That does sound less than ideal. Frankly, I'll bet they can't afford it, anyway.

    Sandra - I wish the camera could capture fully the colors. It is good, but it is also missing some of the fine, graduation of hues present. I hope as I learn more, the pictures will be even more vivid. The sunsets and sunrises are more beautiful here than anywhere I've ever been.

  11. Love the pics..Glad you're home safe.
    Oh, and the house is beautiful!

  12. It sounds wonderful and I totally believed they threw a parade in your honor! :)
    Ali looks a little lost. How are they making the transition?

  13. jen - Thanks. We're glad to be here, too. I'll have more pix soon, too, as we've been sight seeing and seeing some beautiful scenery. Stay tuned!

    patti - Ali is doing well, and so is China. I'm very worried about Mai Lin, though. She isn't eating well at all, and is very lethargic. We plan to be at home for a couple days, and I hope the routine will help her. I hope this is just a brief hiccup, but she doesn't look well at all. My heart is heavy for her. I hope I'm unnecessarily concerned.

  14. Welcome back to New Mexico! Your pictures make me homesick. So happy for you, Lyn!

  15. catherine - As soon as I have a house, you can come visit!!!


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