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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Cloud, The Dogs, and A Peek Into My Niche

Yesterday I looked out the window and saw an amazing picture. A huge cloud was casting its shadow on the Capitan Peaks, making them look to be solid blue-black. It looked so different from the usual shades of green, sandy-tan, and some of the blue-black shadows in the ravines.

You can see part of the cloud overhead in this snap.

But look at this! The mountains seems to have lost their contours. Nearly all dark, rather than variegated like the foreground.

I've not seen this phenomenon before. Only the mountains are shadowed.

And this is the big, old cloud doing all the work.

Back in the house, I was tickled by China Doll hanging out in this bed, watching everything I was doing. I don't know if you can tell, but her front paws are crossed over the side of the bed.

Today is Ali's turn in the bed! They both like the red one . . . I have no idea why. Perhaps it still has Mai Lin's scent in it. She used to sleep in it often.

By the way, I picked up Mai Lin's "cremains" yesterday. Decided it didn't serve any purpose to put it off. They put the ashes in a pretty little tin box, and for now that is inside a red velvet box. I hope to find a wooden box with a place for her picture on top, either a picture slot or I'll decoupage one on the top.

I thought I'd continue to give you a feeling for where I live, this time, some of the inside of the house. For starters, this is my computer area. Allan was so kind to let me occupy this space, as you'll appreciate as the pictures progress. This is in a cozy little niche of the family room, and it has the best view in the house.

The mat on the floor is where the dogs spend their time when I'm at the table. In fact, they are both on it as I write this note. You can see the computer, my binoculars, and to the right is Mai Lin's box.

Just a close look at my corner. I sit on the chair to the left which gives me a beautiful vista.

I face this corner, so even when the outside isn't gorgeous, I have this lovely planter, filled with Allan's plants and my own, brought from KC. There is a fountain which gives just a gentle water sound, perfect to calm stress.

If you look past the fountain, you can see that I have a wonderful view with the Capitans on the horizon. Remember, those mountains are what I see from my little nest, along with the bright blue sky, clouds, the town below, and the wooded area surrounding the property.

For this, I backed up and shot across the family room toward my corner.

And this is down the other side of the room. It is a comfortable, cozy, yet spacious room. That pile of books and magazines on the table is mine. I'm trying to get caught up with my reading, neglected over the last 2-3 years. I've had trouble focusing my attention; every time I tried to read, lists of "to-dos" or worrying thoughts took over my mind. I'm now able to read for at least 30 minutes, much improved over the possibly 5 minutes (never more) I've had for so long. I used to be an avid reader, and I'm looking forward to the return of that. In fact, I'm going into Ruidoso tomorrow, stopping at a new book store to talk with the owners about starting a reading group. Hopefully, I will find new reads, new friends, and the beginning of a real social life! Allan is great, but we both need other options for socializing.

Now, off to the kitchen-dining room, the other major part of the living area.

This table is awesome! It is 12 feet long! As a former conference table, it is sturdy, solidly built of oak, sits on two huge round pedestals. The dining room is long, and it couldn't be more suited for this table. Allan just recovered the chairs a few days ago, and the room is just smashing!

OK, that's it for today. I would show you the bedroom, but I haven't made my bed yet!! Can't let you see that!!

Bon jour, mes amis!


  1. Happy Halloween! I stopped by to check on you, and it so happens it was the day you showed pics of the house. It will be nice to think of you in your little nook. We miss you! Laura

  2. What a beautiful house...It looks like such a peaceful and relaxing retreat. I love the former-conference-now-dining table!

  3. laura - Thanks for the visit! I miss you guys, also. I'm imagining you in the driveway tonight, and I know it will be fun for you and the little ones, too.

    jen - It is a beautiful, peaceful house. I really like it here. Isn't that table the best????

  4. Looks very nice! The dogs are so pretty. That's sweet they like to sleep in Mai Lin's bed.

  5. patti - I'm glad they seem to like her bed. It's almost like people who keep that one shirt or pillowcase with the scent of a loved one. They both seem to be doing well, although every evening, Ali gets very mopey for a couple hours before bedtime. Wish I could read his thoughts.

  6. ragged - Oh, yes. Wish I could find one similar, but a bit smaller. That would be perfect.


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