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Sunday, October 22, 2006

A couple days ago, Allan took the trash out before he left for work, and he came back in saying that there was a beautiful frost pattern on the top of the trash can. So, you guys all know me, and you probably know already what I did . . . yup! Ran out with my camera! The flat top of the big old plastic can was a perfect canvas for the designs of a mad, frosty artist. This crazy artist engaged the help of the Master Painter Of The Sunrise, so my camera picked up some blues and pinks that I didn't notice with my eye. Hope you enjoy!

Can you believe the patterns?

Looks like a feather tossed on the top of the can.

I was just enchanted!

Yesterday while Allan was at work, I did some shopping and getting acquainted with the area. I was trying to buy some new tires for the front of my car. Remember that lovely evening we tried to get the van up the hill with the trailer behind it, and I spun tires like crazy while the guys pushed the car up the hill? Well, of course, a bunch of the tread was chewed off. And since snow is happening regularly on the mountain tops, I knew I needed to get good tires before the snow happens here at the lower elevations, putting me in an unsafe vehicle.

Saturday is not the day to try to get tires. Everywhere I went there was a back-up of a couple hours and/or they were closing at 1:00. So needless to say, I didn't get tires. I'll go tomorrow morning and get it done.

I spent some time visiting a few people I've met recently (especially the photographer shop) and really enjoyed myself. While doing that I also did some shopping (no surprise, huh?). I hate to tell y'all, but I'm working on getting back into the lifestyle of the Southwest. I bought . . . now be prepared . . . I bought boots.

I love the slouch tops. These look good with a skirt with that top, but look like a normal walking boot with jeans. BTW, if you don't know . . . you do not, ever, wear jeans inside the boots unless you are in the corral. Never.

But I wasn't done. I got a black belt, a concho belt, a PINK belt to go with the pink hat (!!!), and . . . and . . . and . . .

. . . a black felt hat for normal wear! I admit that the pink hat is fun, but it isn't for standard wear. This one is. And it looks gooooood, if I do say so!

When I tried on my old boots a few days ago, I was distressed that they no longer fit (when I wore them in KC, I got lots of strange looks, so I quit long ago), so the problem has been remedied. Please note that I did not buy pink boots as suggested by my friend, although there were 3 different styles in pink on the racks!

So I'm beginning to feel at home. YeeeeeeeeHawwwwww!

On a less happy note, I again have dog concerns. Ali is acting very depressed and is exhibiting some other health concerns. We are going back to the vet tomorrow. I'm having both Ali and China checked over, and I'm praying that there is nothing serious wrong. I can't lose another one. Not now. I just can't. Puppy prayers please. Big powerful puppy prayers.

Have a good week everyone!

~ ~ ~

PS added @ 2:50 PM 10/23/06 - HURRAY!!!!!!!!! Ali and China both got clean bills of health!!! Well, as reasonably clean as us old dogs can expect to get. China is pudgy but the vet said she is packed with muscle under a light layer of fat, so he didn't suggest trying to make her lose weight. I should continue to not overfeed her, but he felt that changing her diet at her age would not be beneficial. She is good and active. She has cataracts forming and some teeth that need to be watched (she refuses to let me brush her teeth, to the point of having a whining, screaming, howling fit!), but her gums are healthy. Ali is healthy except for some arthritis on the lower spine, also noted by our KC vet. We are starting a new vitamin/medication for that which he says he has seen do lots of good for other dogs, his own included. We are also changing his food to the kind that helps joints. Ali's prostrate seems to be in good shape, the tumor shrunken so as to be barely discernible!! The most concerning thing was a strong odor over recent days, something that can mean kidney failure, so I was quite concerned about that. Turns out that the odor was from his anal glands, and if you've had dogs, you understand about that! Stinks to high heaven and beyond!! I should have remembered about the glands and odor, but in the past weeks, I simply didn't do so. Poor kids were very uncomfortable, to say the least. Both had their glands relieved, and they seem more relaxed now. Yippee-yahoooo!!!


  1. Even the tops of garbage cans are "enchanting" in the Land of Enchantment...

    I really hope that Ali is OK!

  2. s3 - You're right about enchantment! I've been watching the sunrise for the past half hour or so. From a hint of colored light behind the black mountains with twinkling lights in the village to now when I can see the details below, still muted, and the sky is glowing with a peach color behind the mounts. A few more and it will be fiery, I suspect.

    Thanks about Ali. We need good thoughts.

    And you . . . you drive carefully and have the most fun you've had in the last 8-10 years, you hear? :-))

  3. I am definitely sending some HUGE puppy prayers. Hugs.

    Love the boots. I'm toying with the idea of getting some boots for winter :)

  4. Puppy prayers coming your way!! And I LOVE the boots!!

  5. I can't believe all the cool designs that the frost does out there. I need to pay more attention to the frost here, but I don't think it does anything that cool here.

    Sending lots of prayers for Ali. I really hope he is doing ok.

  6. everyone - see above re: Ali . . . GOOD NEWS!!

    patti - I am really glad to be able to wear boots again as I used to do. I'm sure that I will need them here! Thanks!

    jenn - Thanks! I've always been a boot person, and in KC it was dressier rather than western. But a western boot is just more comfortable than others.

    caroline - I used to find some cool patterns on the glass of the sliding doors on the deck, but never like this!

  7. My windows do this every winter, it is beautiful. It also means you got pretty cold last night!

  8. What wonderful news about Ali. I was praying all day that he was ok. LOL about China being pudgy. She is so cute with her adorable figure. I love how she bounces around.

  9. sandra - It wasn't terribly cold last night, but it was around 31 degrees, I think. Yes, I love the patterns, also. Every one is so different and beautiful.

    caroline - Yes, isn't it great! I am so relieved. As for China, Allan calls her "fluffy" figured! I love that description! Her bounciness is so like Mai Lin, but it has her own style, at the same time. I'm so glad to have them both and know that they are reasonably well.


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