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Sunday, October 01, 2006

First Stop, Wichita!

All ashore who's going ashore!

We made it to the first resting destination, a day late but safe and sound. It is a pain driving with that trailer! Just a couple miles from my son's home, about 1/2 mile from my exit, I had my only significant problem. There was a 4x4 in my lane, and I tried to slow down and change lanes, but slowing with the trailer without sending it into a jackknife was tough, and not a single vehicle would let me move to the other lane, so I gritted my teeth, gripped the steering wheel, and rode it out, praying for no flat tires or dented rims. I guess the prayer, so quickly uttered, worked, because there was no damage and the car stayed on the road. At my son's I opened the trailer with some trepidation, but everything was still in place, and it appears that even the house plants were not damaged. I'm surprised, because it was one helluva jolt.

Last night I was treated to a home-cooked, authentic Mexican meal and a couple glasses of wine. I slept like a rock, and woke refreshed, if stiff in the much overworked muscles. Hopefully, those will be rested up when I get done with the last leg of the journey, so I can make them sore again with unloading!

I will probably not check in again at my next oasis at my brother’s home in Texas. I’ll probably be back online late in the coming week in New Mexico. Until then . . . .


  1. Thanks for the update! Hope your travels continue uneventfully!

  2. sassy - Thanks, and I hope so, too. I figure it is like this . . . I've had my bad event, so the rest of the trip will go smoothly!

  3. So glad you made it this far safe and sound. Here's to a safe and peaceful remainder our your journey.

  4. Thanks, Ragged. I'm leaving on the next leg of the journey as soon as I sign off here. I appreciate the gentle thought from you and everyone else.

    Take care, all. I'll be bahck! (That's my best Schwartzeneger [is that spelled right?] impression!!)

  5. So glad you made it there safely. Sounds kind of scarey what happened on the highway. Glad it all worked out just fine. Safe travels to Texas and then on to New Mexico; aka HOME.

  6. You're a brave woman to drive pulling a trailer, I'd have white knuckles the whole trip. Glad everything is going well so far. NM is lucky to be getting you!

  7. Godspeed Honey i'll be thinking of you!

  8. Can I just say how in awe I am of your ability to drive with a trailer? I could spend an entire day trying to back one of them into whatever space it's s'posta go in, and spend the entire day failing.

    I hope you took at least one rose with you. And you're right, you need roses at your next place. Not only do they dress up a place, but they personalize it, too.

    Be safe!

  9. caroline - I know, and tomorrow I begin that last drive. Ahhhhh.

    sandra - In the last year I've pulled a trailer fromKC to Seattle, from Seattle to Albuquerque, and now this one. You'd think I'm getting good at it, but be sure to read the next post!!

    patti - Thank you! Think hard!!

    pat - I can't back one either!! I have to plan my route carefully and find the right parking places where I can just pull straight in and then straight out! Be sure to see the next post!!! No, I didn't take a rose, but you can bet I'll plant some when I get settled.


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