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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Is there anyone out there who doesn't love Dove Dark Chocolates? If so, you're probably unAmerican as well, but that's another story. I love the Promises, the bite sized yummy things wrapped in foil. In case someone doesn't know about the little messages inside the foil wrapper, there is one in each, called Promises Messages. Well, I've had two for some time now that just caught my fancy when I opened them. One says,

Laugh often,
smile much,
love always.

What better message could a person have? I think it is a cool reminder to focus on the positives in life. The other says,

Keep the
promises you make
to yourself.

I'm bad about saying I'm going to do something for myself, then I don't, and sadly, many times, the opportunity for whatever is missed. You can't always have "do-overs." So I'm trying to be nice to myself, as well as others, and I'm trying to put myself first, at least part of the time. I thought they were both good messages, things to remember when I need a cheering up.

A couple days ago I opened two more that are now tucked in a little drawer on my table. One says,

Learn something
from everyone
you meet.

This is so pertinent to my current life. I am meeting many new people, and I'm still sort of caught up in the hurry-up life style that I became slave to in the urban setting. You know what I mean . . . get up, hurry to get ready, hurry to work, hurry through the tasks, hurry off to lunch, tap toe impatiently while standing in line, hurry and eat, hurry back to work, hurry through more tasks, hurry to the store on the way home, hurry home, hurry to fix dinner, hurry to clean up the kitchen, etc.

Well, it is hard to hurry here without being really rude. I mean blatantly rude. People are laid back, and they not only are willing to say something besides "have a nice day," as they are already processing the order of the person behind you, they actually want to talk! Sometimes I get impatient, that old city-habit creeping back in. But when I remember where I am, I can relax, chat and learn about the people! As a result of that, they remember me, even after just one meeting. I'm having to train myself to retain more information. I used to just toss away a lot of facts because I knew that although I had talked with some person while waiting in line, I was unlikely to see them again. Not the case now!! I'm learning from the people around me, the ones I meet every day. And it is funny that I found that message in light of my retraining process ongoing.

The second new saying is this.

If they can do it,
you know you can.

Yeah, buddy! You'd better believe I can! I lived so long with a man that tried to protect his family from the world, the work, the problems. Not that it went well, because (1) it isn't possible, and (2) the family (me included) resented being held down from life experiences. Since his illness and following his death, I've learned that I can do a lot. I knew I could, because my dad and mom pushed us to learn about life, experience the good and the bad, in order to develop our skills at handling life's problems. But after so many years of being pampered, I more or less "forgot" about what a strong woman I am or can be. And now . . . you damn betcha I can do it!! I may need help, I may need information, but except for trying to pee standing up, I'm out for the full life experience!

Do you know anybody else who lives their life by candy? Hee hee! It could be worse!


  1. your a strong person and you can do it alone if you have to. we are all stronger than what we usually think we are. have a great day. talk to you soon.

  2. mrhaney - You're right, and that is what I learn, a little more everyday. It's quite an adjustment for me, though. Going from being an independent, spunky, but good kid, teenager and young adult into a marriage that was limiting on me was hard. Then after more than 30 years of sort of giving up a lot the control, now I'm back into the do-it-myself stage. Some days I feel like a toddler, having to learn not to touch hot things or run with scissors. I'm not backing away from it, but I'm having to retrain my thinking. I find more of that hidden strength regularly. Thank goodness!

  3. Yes there are a LOT worse ways to live your life other than by candy LOL (typed while sucking on a giant maltball from the cracker barrell)

  4. mmm...dove dark favorite..i think that is an excellent way to live your dove dark chocolates lol

    love you grammy

  5. patti - I'm glad I have support and advice from clear headed people like yourself! Whew!! I feel so much better!!

    brooke - I'm always to happy to see you here! I'll bring some at Christmas time and we'll hide them in our room, OK? ;-) I love you, sweet girl!


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