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Monday, November 20, 2006

A Sundry Hash Of Stuff

I had a surprise visit yesterday from my brother and sister-in-law. On their way through this area on their way from OK to Phoenix for Thanksgiving, they made a little side trip to say howdy. We had lunch and a great visit, then they followed me back to Allan's house which they hadn't seen. After some more visiting here, they followed me to THE HOUSE, and they got a peek at the outside. I think they approved. I know they liked the view, for sure. I'm glad they stopped, albeit for a short time. One of the few times I didn't have the camera in the car, so I didn't get a picture. Rats. However, I rummaged around and found this picture taken last year during a family reunion at their home.

I like pictures of people working, don't you? Well, as long as it isn't ME working!!

Then I thought perhaps a picture that showed their faces better, so I found this one. It's an older picture (30-35 years ago, Halloween), but a favorite of mine! Oh, I hope they are checking my blog during the next few days!! This will all be in vain, if not!

I'm going to be in SO MUCH trouble for this!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The "kids" have decided that the people who owned this place before Allan were kind and certainly thinking ahead when they installed a little retaining wall around the rose garden in front of the house. You see, the "kids" seem to think it is a sidewalk for them. They don't like walking in the grass, as it is stiff prairie grass, not the nice soft "city mix" they've been used to all their little lives. The wall is just the right size for them to walk to the edge of the house and into the side yard to do their business, minimizing contact of their delicate paws and the stiff grass stubble. That's Ali under the tree out there.

You see, there are even branches of the "dog walk," taking them to different locations! China is considering crossing the drainage ditch to the field beyond. They love to go out there, but hate getting prickles in the paws. Sighhh. I'm afraid they are still city dogs.

Here they are returning to the house. Ali following China.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And while they were taking care of business, I noticed these tiny little flowers in the grass. These blooms are probably just an inch in diameter. I don't know what they are, just a wild flower tucked in the lawn with the prairie grass. I'm amazed that they are still looking perky, because our nights have been below freezing for over a week now.

You can tell the minute size by comparing to blades of grass near the blossoms. Beautiful little flowers, and obviously quite hardy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for West Texas to be with my favorite sister and favorite brother-in-law. Yes, I can say that, because she's my only sis. I have 3 brothers, so I have to be careful, but I'll admit that the brother and SIL mentioned above rate among my top 3!!

This picture was taken last year as we celebrated their 50th Anniversary.

Anyway, my sis' kids, all 3 of them, will be in town for the holiday and through the weekend, a rare treat, as many of you will understand. When "kids" grow up they have a tendency to move away. Yeah, they blame it on jobs, but . . .

These 3 are very dear to me, as we sorta grew up together. I'm just 8 -13 years older, and they lived nearby until shortly before my first child was born, so our relationship was closer than some others. I'm looking forward to sharing a Thanksgiving with the whole family for the first time in over 40 years.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So . . . I'm not sure about when I will be back to blog again. I'll read comments, of course, but I may skip out for a few days. If I don't have an opportunity to say so again before Thursday . . .


I'm thankful for . . .
  • My family, the siblings who helped me to grow up.
  • My children, who have brought much joy (and sometimes other emotions!!) to my life.
  • My grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who ask nothing more than to love and be loved, and who accept Grammy's eccentricities.
  • My extended family, the cousins and in-laws, who have added so much color and texture to my palate.
  • My time with loved ones now passed on for the guidance, the patience, the love, the fun, and the heritage.
  • My friends who have been patient with me and stayed by my side through the good times and the bad alike, and who accept me with my quirks and faults.
  • My newest group of friends, the Bloggers of The World, who have brought a new dimension to my life, one filled with wisdom, laughter, and a new understanding of friendship.
  • My life as it changes and grows, always bringing new and exciting challenges and joyful experiences in far more abundance than I could have hoped for.
  • Spiritual peace, full of promise and always growing.
  • Being HOME again, and standing with ten toes hanging over the threshold of the next wonderful leg of my Journey.
Holiday blessings to all.


  1. Your post just made me feel all warm n' fuzzy Lynilu! Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you too dear!

  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Drive safely and enjoy all the family time you will be having.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Lynilu! :)

  4. patti - Happy Thanksgiving!

    caroline - Thank you, and I will! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

    jen - Thanks, and back at ya!!

  5. Thanks Lyn. Best wishes for thanksgiving and life.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving and may you continue to add blessings to your list.

  7. What wonderful pictures! (the Halloween from years ago is just priceless!; and I love the one of the little flowers poking its head out for us to see!)
    Sounds like you will have a great time with your "favorite" family members!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  8. Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving!

  9. Happy, happy thanksgiving to you, too, Lynilu!! Eat lots of turkey and green chile for me. ;)

  10. Thanks, everyone, for the well wishes. I am enjoying my visit a lot. My nephews are outside doing some yard work that is no longer in the range of abilities for my sis and BIL. Later today and tomorrow, we hope to convince my sis to let us help her with some inside tasks that are no longer in their capabilities. It is hard to let this happen, I understand, because it means they are no longer to manage these things alone, but we would like to lighten their load for a while.

    I be "talking" with you all soon!

  11. Be safe! Hope you enjoyed your time with family! While it can be stressful, it is always full of memories! We traveled all the way to Nashville with all three children! Be thankful you are traveling alone!

  12. OH where is Lynilu??? Hope everything is ok.

  13. I'm back in blog land. Where the hell are U?

  14. old lady - I don't know if 2 dogs qualify me for the contest, but they are with me! It'll be good to be home again tomorrow. I'll post about my trip when I'm there.

    caroline & laura - I'm fine. I'm retired. I don't hafta go home till I wanna. Le'me 'lone!!! LOL

    I just stayed over longer to do more for my sis and BIL. I'll post tomorrow or Thur about the weekend. It's been good, but I'm tired. Soon!old lady - I don't know if 2 dogs qualify me for the contest, but they are with me! It'll be good to be home again tomorrow. I'll post about my trip when I'm there.

    caroline & laura - I'm fine. I'm retired. I don't hafta go home till I wanna. Le'me 'lone!!! LOL

    I just stayed over longer to do more for my sis and BIL. I'll post tomorrow or Thur about the weekend. It's been good, but I'm tired. Soon!

  15. i always like to come to your blog. you have it set up so well and i do love your photos. family is very important and it is especially good to have them near on the holidays.


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