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Monday, December 18, 2006

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

I arrived back in New Mexico today. Now it can snow!

First a quick update about my sis . . . without the soapbox, so don't hurt each other getting to the door!

Sis is now in a rehab center to work on lungs and physical strength. When the doctor said she beat the odds, he was so right. At the time she was hospitalized, he stated that she had a 10% chance of leaving the hospital. She has no memory of the day before she was admitted and was not clear about much of the next day. Today, when I stopped to tell he I was leaving, she was alert, bright, smiling and except for the weakness, is the healthiest I can remember her looking.

She has made the wise decision to go live with her daughter. We have been worried about her and my brother-in-law for some time, and I was so relieved when she agreed with me that it is time for them to let someone else do the bulk of the work and let them focus on caring for each other, which they do very sweetly and lovingly. When we know about the length of rehab we will be able to make plans to close up their house, move/sell/etc., the belongings, and get them settled across the state. Remember I told you how big Texas is? Yes, it will probably take them several weeks to move from Southwest Texas to Northeast Texas. OK, that's an exaggeration. Just kidding.

Yesterday I was very sick all day long, and we finally decided that it was food poisoning. We had hamburgers the night before, and I had a different one than my niece and her dad did. When we learned that a neighbor had the same thing I did and was having the same symptoms as I, we figured it was the food. I spent an unpleasant day up-chucking over and over, and being horribly dizzy and nauseated, alternating burning up and chilling, but with no fever. Finally
it passed, and I had a good night's sleep.

It is good to be home, especially now that I can let up on the worry about my sis and her husband. I was tempted to stay over another day to be sure that I was not going to have a left-over dizzy spell while driving. However, the weather forecast changed my mind, as there is a huge snow storm arriving here in the mountains tonight and lasting through all of tomorrow, and gracing us with around a foot of snow! I was afraid that I might not be able to get here until Thursday, and I have to get repacked to go to Albuquerque by the weekend for spending Christmas with my children and their families. There is possibly going to be another storm on Saturday, so I'm hoping to get in there before that next one. Winter is here!! The ski slopes are getting about 2 feet of snow, so there will be skiing this winter. Hurray for the economy!

Hopefully, I'll be able to be more regular with blogging now. Thanks to everyone for the prayers, kind thoughts, and for being patient.


  1. I'm glad you had a safe trip home. Thanks for everything!

  2. s3 - Thanks, yes it is good to have beat the storm. You're welcome. I didn't have a choice, now, did I? Family just does those things. :-)

  3. Can't wait for more beautiful snow pictures. I thought of you when the weather man said you would be having a white Christmas. Not much chance of that here in Big D.

  4. I know you are so excited about your x-mas this year with all the kids in town. You have been talking about this for about a year now and I know it's something you have really looked forward to.

    I am jealous there is snow there. I wish we would get some more. I just love the snow.

  5. Old Lady & Caroline - Well, take the green of envy out of your eyes for now. In our area, the snow is slow in coming. We've had a freezing fog all morning, but only teeny amounts of snow. The forecast is still holding for snow today and tonight, but I'm not holding my breath. Albuquerque is getting socked this AM. I have been taking pictures, however, and I'm getting ready to post some cool shots of what happens with freezing fog. Stay tuned!!


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