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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Never Trust The Weatherman!!!

What an interesting day! It was predicted that Albuquerque would get between 1-2 inches of snow. We did. Plus 10 inches! Terri's family was scheduled to fly out today, and their flights were cancelled. Scott's family and I were planning to leave tomorrow by car, and it looks as if we won't be able to safely drive for another day or so. So here we are! There were some tears with Brooke, who was very eager to go home (I think a new boyfriend might be part of that eagerness! shhhh!), and cheers from the 2 little ones from Florida as they got to play in the snow (and their mom who gets to spend some more days with the family). We ordered in pizza and played games and watched movies tonight, and everyone mellowed from the extremes.

One of the best things is the pictures (well, duh, like you didn't expect that!!). The day has been warm despite the snowfall, so much of it melted. We still found lots of wonderful pictures of the snow, however.

Bushes were almost one with the ground. You can see that about 5 inches is still on top of the curb.

These trees were fascinating as they hung over the fences.

The snow is very wet and heavy, so it is clinging like crazy and bending limbs over.

Pretty, pretty winter scene.

Every single tree was a frosted Christmas tree!

At the end of the day, there was nothing more beautiful, however, than seeing this precious little guy in the bed across the room. Completely worn out from the day of snow ball fights and running and sliding in the snow took a toll. Ali was curled up at his feet.

The world couldn't be nicer. Peace to all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

7:00m AM - They just said on TV that this is a record setting December for snowfall in Albuquerque. I didn't catch the official amount (this one alone, is over 12", and 4" more is expected today), but it struck me that OF COURSE this is a record setter . . . I'm here, can't leave, paying for expensive rooms!! But I am getting some quality time with my family, too. I just attempted to take the dogs out, and it is so deep that they can even walk! They finally settled for taking a pee at the edge of the sidewalk where the snow is only about 6-8 ". Poor things.


  1. Oh my goodness. I knew Denver was getting hit hard, but I had no idea that you guys were suppose to get snow also. I bet the FL family is loving all the snow. Looks like you get an extended family get together. Enjoy the snow because we aren't getting any here. :( Happy New Year.

  2. Yeah, gotta love those weathermen... they predicted we'd get another TWO days of snow here. But Thursday was pretty much it. My pictures look a lot like yours, though... will post them very soon.

    Happy happy new year to you and your family, Lynilu!

  3. Did the doggies write their names?

  4. Caroline - The snow is wonderful! It is a slooppy mess underneath, and it is hard to find a place for the dogs that (1) isn't over their backs, and (2) doesn't have 2-3 inches of water under the snow! I have to carry them in and out from the car, and tromp down a "potty spot" for them!! And people wondered why I bought those boots!! They are more waterproof than snow boots!! Happy New Year to you, too!

    Catherine - I look forward to the pics. How much total did you get? Back atcha on that New Year wish. I hope your family continues to have blessings coming your way!

    Seven - Ali tried his best, but the snow is so deep that he can't see what he is writing, and he has trouble with the spelling unless he sees it!

  5. hey! sorry i've been such a poop about blogging lately.
    i've been thinking about you and how you're doing.
    hope you had a nice holiday and hope you have a banner new year!
    i'll catch up with you soon.


  6. I think the most wonderful thing about snow is that it slows you down, makes you stay put and get creative. I love it.

  7. Cameo - Good to hear from you! All's well. I'll talk with you in the new year. My best to you, Chris and the 3 beautiful young ones!

    Ragged - Yes, good time to reach deep into your resources and find ways to be occupied, and it usually turns into the most delightful entertainment!

  8. Beautiful snow pictures. Friends from NM have been filling my inbox with them. It never snowed like that when I lived there!

  9. Eileen - It never snowed like this when I lived here before, either. I'm telling you, this is just awesome! It has been foggy off & on, too. Today (12/31) it has been thawing and creating its own fog and tonight it is very cold (17) and the fog is re-freezing and the ground that was clear earlier is now covered with a thin white sheet. This is the darnedest thing I've ever witnessed!

  10. My favorite photo is of that sweet boy sleeping. Aren't they precious when they are asleep!

    Happiest New Year to you. Hope we can hook up when you are passing through Big D.

  11. Great pictures!! Send some snow down South to us, pretty please!


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