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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Reflective Day At My House

Our weather is wicked today! No snow, grrrrr. But we have wind that you wouldn't believe! Officially it is blowing at 14 miles per hour and gusting up to 25. I'm guessing it is gusting more like 40, but perhaps it is because this house is on the top of a hill. I donno, but it is really blowing everything around. The snow we got last night was fairly powdery, and it was blowing away early this morning, except for what is caught in the grass. That fog from yesterday has lingered in the valleys between the mountains, occasionally obscuring part or all of the mountains at times. And now is one of those "flying saucer" clouds over the Capitans. Those clouds happen fairly regularly, and I'm assuming it has something to do with the air current around the peaks. Who knows.

I found something at my sister's house that really stirred up memories for me. My niece and I were cleaning and organizing when I found this:

I know it doesn't look like much. Most of you recognize it as a hairpin. It is plastic, about 3 inches long, a heavy duty one as used by women in the middle part of the previous century. It belonged to my grandmother who passed away in 1965 at the grand age of 86. She had long, long hair, silvery grey, which she always wore in a bun at the back of her head. In earlier days she wore it more or less on top of the head, but I suspect her arms were tired of reaching so high and she lowered the bun to a more reachable level.

My grandmother was a wonderful lady. She lived with my family from the time I was about 4 until her death. I never heard her raise her voice. She did housework and cooked, watched after me and my nephew, while my mother, father, and sister worked. She baked bread about every other day. My favorite meal was a slice of her hot bread slathered with butter and a thick slab of Mom's roast beef. That's all, just fold it over and enjoy! Yeah, it sound unhealthy, but in those days, we were far more active and worked or played it off. She also made pies, usually apple or a mean lemon meringue, and sugar cookies that were soooooo good.

My father could have been miserable with his mother-in-law living in the house. But he wasn't. He had the utmost respect for her and appreciated her contribution. Even years after she died, he used to say she was the "finest lady I even had the opportunity to know." She was in incredible person.

Finding this little reminder tucked away was such a blessing. It brought me memories of a time when our lives were difficult in many ways (my family rarely had "enough" money), and yet it was simple and fun. My grandmother's presence was part of the best of the best. I loved having that reminder.

On another note, I got a Christmas card from my brother and sister-in-law who were here in November, and enclosed was a photo my SIL took of my bud and me.

Hmmm. Think there is a family resemblance?


  1. Yep ya'll look like twins!

    I loved your story about the hairpin and your Grandma. I feel the same way. Sometimes I feel like they just don't make em' the same anymore then I run into people like you, Lynilu and my faith is restored.

  2. OH NO!! Not twins!!! ;-))

    Patti, I know what you mean about restoring faith. But it isn't me; it is that I had the fortune to encounter that hairpin and told the story. The good things are there, still alive in us, but in our hustle-bustle world, we tend to get so focused on the daily tasks and the angst associated with them that we forget the good memories and the nice present.

    I'm so glad you stopped by.

  3. What a great photo. It's like she caught you mid conversation. I love that.

    And what a nice reminder of your grandmother to find. A little treasure that lead to a memory.

  4. Ragged - You're right. We were yakking away, and she just said, "Hey, let me get a picture." She has a "thing" about taking pictures every time she sees people, which at times seems like overkill; but in the long run, you just never know, so it is a good thing. The hairpin - it takes so little some times to shake that memory loose and warm the heart. I can smell her sugar cookies, more than 40 years later.

  5. What great memories you have of your Grandma. I love that picture of you and your brother. Wow, you really do look a lot alike. And that's a great picture of you. YOu can tell that you are relaxed and having a good time.

  6. What a GREAT picture!! You two look so much alike!! And look like you're just having a grand ole time together!!
    I love the hair pin and your reminisces! My great grandmother used to use a similar one. She had very long hair, but always wore it up in a bun (it was a treat when she'd take her hair down; we were always amazed that it went almost to her waist!). She lived a month shy of 104-years-old!! And my daughter actuallygot to meet her--her great, great grandmother. Wow . . .great memories. Thanks!

  7. Caroline - I know you have those memories about your Grandmother, also. We are fortunate, aren't we? Thanks, and yes, we were having fun. I usually do with him. I'm so glad they stopped by here.

    Cheryl - He is a hoot, most of the time, and we enjoy our times together. My Gramma's hair was well below the waist and I loved to brush it for her because I couldn't imagine having hair like that. Yours live to 104?! How magnificent!

  8. Such a beautiful smile you have Lynilu :-)

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories of your Grandmother. What a special lady to have in your midst while growing up.

    Unhealthy? I say bring on the homemade bread, butter and roast beef any ol' day. Oh. And of course the pies and cookies too. Yum! I'm convinced that I came to this planet for the food ;-)

  9. Eileen - Thank you. I am smiling a lot these days! And yes, Gramma was very sweet and was a nice addition to the household. I can't imagine how it would have been without her there to complete us. LOL, Sometimes I think the same about food! I love food, and I find real pleasure in savoring the flavors. Part of that is probably the upbringing . . . food was family in many ways. It was shared with joy. Dinner at our house was always . . . spirited!!

  10. That sounds and at the end LOOKS like a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

  11. severn - Glad you dropped by. Yep, I have a keeper of a family. Thanks.

  12. Grandmas are the best even when it is the Grandmother of your own Children (my mother). My mother has made an amzaing grandmother and why wouldn't she as she was a great mom as well. She has been keeping the kids from The Shoe all day by herself and actually got all three of them to nap at the same time!!! Grandmas are amazing!


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