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Monday, January 08, 2007

My Best Guess . . .

. . . is that I'm going to live now! The expectorant seems to be giving me some relief, although it's not done yet. Bottom line is that any improvement is welcomed!

Last Friday, the day I began to be really sick, we had a nice snow. It was very light and fluffy, just two or three inches, and on Saturday, the whole outside world in the mountains surrounding my world was absolutely beautiful. Just to let you know how really sick I was . . . I didn't take one picture. Nope! Not a single snap. Folks, that's sick in my world!

I did, however, see a cool moon a few nights before my head fell into the swamp. And I did take pictures.

It is finally dawning on me that the holidays are over. My life has been on fast speed for some time now, and I guessing that things just blended together until everything was a blur ending in my recent physical wipeout. It began with my running back and forth between Texas and New Mexico for Thanksgiving and my sister's illness, the crazy family Christmas, and sliding right into the crash and burn. Where did the time all go?

While TL and her family were here I took them to Wild West Photography. Allan and & have decided that we are going to start a tradition that every person or family who comes to visit goes to get a photo done, and we will have our own little rogue's gallery. So here are the rogues!

Since Brooke had already flown home, We couldn't have her in the picture, so I'm tossing in this one of her with the little rugrats. I'll get her in a Wild West photo when she comes to visit another time.

Are we getting too carried away? I hope so! That's my trademark and style, after all!!


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all.
    I love that second pic of the moon especially. So mysterious!

  2. I'm glad that the holidays are over. The crammed-together hysteria is fine for a bit, but then I'm ready for a change. I like the picture of the moon, too.

  3. Love the pictures--of the moon and of the family!! So pretty, and fun!!! (I love the western one!)
    So glad you're feeling some better today!!

  4. Patti - Those Wild West pix are always fun. And the moon . . . ahh, yes. Mysterious and beautiful.

    Wordgirl - Me, too! Enough is enough. When I looked out the window and saw it, I grabbed the camera and tripod and ran outside as if it were going to disappear!

    Cheryl - Thanks, and Wow! Am I glad I'm better, too!! I guess it shows when I begin posting pictures!


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