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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Yes, The Day Got Even Better!

OK, here it is. The day did get even better. But in a way that I certainly didn't expect.

After my earlier post, I read email and blogs at a leisurely pace. I looked out the window off and on at the beautiful panorama, sipped coffee, and just had a lazy morning. Finally I went to the kitchen and began to cook some sausage and an egg for breakfast. Then about the time I popped a couple slices of oat-nut bread into the toaster, all my random thoughts of the morning sort of swirled together into my conscious mind, and I realized I had something to talk to Allan about. I decided to eat and ruminate consciously about my thoughts a few minutes.

Not three minutes later, just as I was sitting down to eat, Allan walked into the kitchen and said, "I've been thinking it over and . . . "

Well, long story short, we were contemplating the same thing and came to the same conclusion at almost the same moment! Some things had occurred in the last few days (other than my near death health crisis!) and although we had discussed it yesterday and decided just the opposite, today, the picture seemed different somehow. We have spent the rest of today putting everything together, and with the receipt of a couple more pieces of information, either this evening or tomorrow morning, we will be submitting my offer on . . .
. . . MY HOME!!!

I have transferred money for the down payment, the mortgage company is lining up my choices, the inspections and other preliminary matters are being tentatively scheduled, I've talked with the contractor whom I've requested doing some work at a future date. Allan is laboring over the necessary paperwork (ugh!!) to set the wheels in motion and making phone calls for this and that and the other thing.

It has been a busy day, but busy with a sense of joy for me, as I can now see that the end of that feeling of living in limbo in homes of others is near. Trust me, I know that those who have shared their homes with me during the last fifteen months have done so with love in their hearts. Sometimes the homes have been offered to support my transition through grief, as I watch my husband die, as I learned to live as a widow, as I moved through new, and not always friendly, territories and experiences. Others have offered me temporary respite from the grueling tasks of getting the house in Kansas City ready to sell. Finally, Allan has allowed me to make his home mine while I looked for my own. And now, at last, the "visitor" status of my life is going to change!

I promised you more information about it when the time was right, so here it is. You may remember that I said many aspects surprised even me. Well, for starters, I grew up in a town that had quadrupled (or more) in size almost overnight during the oil field boom in the 1950s. Under those circumstances the new people in town will live wherever they can find housing, and that often meant pulling in a trailer house, parking it anywhere that a space vaguely large enough could be found. It is not usually a pretty sight. "Oil field trailer trash" was about the equivalent of what many of us not think of when we hear terms like "redneck trailer trash." My bias was born and grew and thrived through the 50 years years since. Never, never in my whole life did I think I would consider living in a "trailer."

They are no longer called "trailers." They are categorized as "manufactured homes." And, yes, I've seen very nice ones! I have had friends and family members who live(d) in them, and I had no problem with it. But myself? Uh-uh! Old biases die hard, but they do die, given the right reasons. You know by now, of course, that I'm buying a . . . uh, an . . . uhmm, well, a trailer! OH, a manufactured home.

My future home is larger than the main floor of the home in Kansas City. It is just about the size I wanted, just slightly under 1300 square feet. It is the nest I've wanted to come home to between my travels. The big master suite is to die for with an open floor plan and a garden tub in one corner. The living room, dining room, kitchen is much like a great room, completely open and airy. The second and third bedrooms are reasonably comfortably sized. One will be my study with my books, my desk and an awesome view of the mountains out the window.

Speaking of view (I shared some of those pictures with you earlier), I have a panorama of two mountain ranges, and a long, georgeous valley below. The house faces East, and the front of it is blessed with a deck that is twelve to fourteen feet wide and runs the full 80 feet length of the place! I can hardly wait to greet morning on the porch swing or a big, oversized rough-hewn rocker I plan to put there with a cup of coffee. And, yes, Patrice, with the wood flute! I will also use that deck as a place to paint and to work on my various crafts, so long neglected.

One addition I want to make is a small free standing fireplace in the living room. Other changes are related to my taste, also, not due to any problems with the structure. It is a sound, solid home, and in very good shape. Nothing needs "fixed," just personalized.

I'm ecstatically happy about this move! I suppose I should be more reserved, just in case. But the house is mine. I have pictured myself and the dogs living there. I've mentally placed the furniture and hung the paintings on the walls. I've visualized the improvements, inside and out. I've imagined going on my trips and coming home to this place. It all feels right. And it is mine.

Being able to finally settle is a place that has my stamp on it is my dream, and by golly, it is gonna happen very soon! Offer up the hurrahs, the huzzahs, the joyful noise! Sing out loud, dance in the streets, shoot off the fireworks! I'm comin' home!!!


  1. As I was reading this I my phone started beeping and it was your telling me to read your blog. We must have been on the same channels.

    I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy for you. I know you have waited for this for a long time and I am so happy that you are happy with the home.

    Just one question...when can we come visit?????

  2. P.S. I can't wait to see more pictures. And does this mean you are coming back to KC to get your stuff????

  3. Congratulations! It sounds wonderful. In regards to your KC home, there is something C. has been reluctant to tell you. It apperas you have squaters. Yep, they are brazen, too. They show up around six in the evening over here like we're some kind of freakn' soup kitchen. Don't worry, they are staying under your deck and we are discussing when will be the best time to take them to the animal shelter.

  4. As the title of your blog reveals, life is truly a "never ending journey," which is what makes it wonderful-- it's amazing when we can overcome old biases, take risks, live on our time, at our pace-- congratulations. I find reading your blog inspiring--

  5. Caroline - LOL! Well, you know, great minds run in the same channel! When can you come visit? Let me sign papers, and then how fast can you pack? I have wireless, so Laura can work from here while you and I go shopping and hiking. Or skiing! My stuff? Nah, I'm gonna pitch it all and start over!! NOT! Yes, as soon as I close, I'm coming for my stuff. Ali and China can't wait to have our, er, excuse me, THEIR stuff again.

    And Laura - I'm not surprised about the squaters. Remember that when I returned last March, I'm not sure who was most startled when I walked onto the deck, and 2 or 3 of them jumped up and ran like scared cats!
    Good luck on catching them. I guess you could just wait until someone buys the place and let it be their problem. No, someone else might not be humane about it.

    Thanks to you both. I'm SO excited!!

  6. Anonymous - Thanks for your comment. Live, without the adventures, is hardly worth it. I'll always strive to grow and change, to experience and enjoy, to push limits and expand boundaries. Isn't that what it is all about? Come back and read, and don't be shy . . . let us know you, too!

  7. There is no place like home, words you will be saying soon.
    I;m sure your friends and family were happy to have you with them.

  8. Walker - Ahh, thanks. Yes, I know that I've been welcome everywhere along the way, but as my head has come around to a more normal state and I'm beginning to actually find some fits in my life alone, I ache to be really, really home. Thanks for the visit.

  9. Yay! You will be starting on another part of your journey soon! I'm glad you are finally getting to YOUR nest! By the way, It's cold up here. Can I borrow a jacket?

  10. Lynilu, so glad to hear your housing situation is working out well.

    I must tell you that some of the happiest time of my life was living in a trailer in Oak Creek Canyon. It was a beautiful place and even though the trailer was modest indeed it was a comfort and the others in the small trailer park were very much the friendly community.

    I know you're not going to be in a trailer park but just know that people who live in such houses are known in my circle as being good folks.


  11. I am SO very happy for you Lynilu. I can't wait to have my own place again soon. I know exactly, well, pretty much how you feel.
    Can't wait to see pics of the nest and also when you return to KC

  12. s3 - Thanks for the yay!! Hey, aren't your Montana jackets warm enough for this NM territory? ;-))

    Robert - You're right about people and communities. The amazing thing about my locale is that neighbors are neighbors. Some other places I've known, status is big. Not here. Most of the communities are mixed . . . my son's place has a double wide next door, and across the street is a house on the market for $290,000 . . . and most folks simply accept the people in the house, not the construction. One of my reasons for staying here rather than returning to a big city. The whole "trailer" thing was my own silly bias. Isn't it interesting how the universe puts us in position to face our biases? I've chosen to confront most of them, and when I do, I'm so happy, because the end result is almost always delightful and peace bringing. And BTW, 2 of my best friends, both former classmates in those oil boom days, were technically in the category of "oil field trailer trash." Isn't it ridiculous how we carry the biases if we aren't made aware?

    Oak Creek Canyon in AZ? Beautiful place. I'm sure your spiritual self was at peace there, also. Thanks Robert for your comments.

    Patti - Thank you! As for pics, I'm not promising anything soon. I've been making my list of to-dos since yesterday afternoon, and my next couple months are going to be awfully busy. I will, however, get something, even if it is the MLS pics for now and my personalized photos later. Kekep your fingers crossed for a quick acceptance of the offer.

  13. I've seen 'those kind' of trailers, and I've seen truly lovely manufactured homes. There's a huge gap between one and the other, and of course location is everything. I've seen some truly lovely manufactured homes with beautiful gardening outside. That's what yours will be.

  14. Congratulations Lyn,
    I can feel your excitement, and I want to wish you the best in the fulfillment of your dreams.

  15. Sandra - I hear you. It is certainly not one of "those" trailers, but a beautiful, cozy, comfortable home. Beautiful gardening . . . yes, of course, but since I plan to travel quite a lot, I'll concentrate on enhancing the natural landscaping that is already present. In the Southwest it is very common, and often encouraged, to go natural because of water conservation. I'll address this more on a future post.

    Ilias - Thank you, my friend. Yes, I'm am excited and eager to "get on with it!" How is your home search going?

  16. Your heart would make a tent a beautiful home. A lovely manufactured home has no chance of being less than a wonderful manufacturer of warm memories and good times. Salute!

  17. Congratulations on the new digs. Wow, a new place for your new start.

  18. Seven - Your words are dear and most appreciated. I will hope to prove them true, for I value your opinion. Thank you, dear friend.

    Ragged - Thanks. This marks the crossing of a significant bridge of the journey, and yes, that new start is at hand! Wheeeeeeeeee!

  19. Lynilu, thank you for bringing up the encouragement and the embracing of natural plants and volunteers in New Mexico. I found that one of the most refreshing parts of life there when I was there.

    I just wish it was that way in other places. In my experience I find that weeds are just the plants that we don't know what are for yet. I find that so-called weeds are often some of the most friendly, durable and lasting plants and native landscape doesn't have to be called weeds. It can just be called - what is.

    Thanks again - hope you talk about it soon. Goodlife.

  20. Robert - Yes, I agree with you in what you've expressed here. Not all understand or appreciate the "what is" of NM (or other places, for that matter), but once that touches your heart, it is yours for life.

    I've been pleased that my home-to-be has been left mostly natural with just enough clearing to make the scrap of land human-inhabitable. I will add some non-natural flora to the deck and perhaps a tiny bit of grass to the small, enclosed "back yard" for the dogs (or is it for me, since it will minimize tracking of mud during monsoon season?).

    I hope to put a few wildflowers (weeds?) around the house at the front, but I'm going to look for those natural to the region to sustain the natural landscape. Both grass and wildflowers will be as advised by the Department of Conservation or the Forestry Department.

    Robert, I appreciate your thoughtful comments, especially in light of your own experiences in this area. Thanks.

  21. Lynilu, I'm so happy for you in finding that peace and balance of 'home' both within and without. I can feel your big sigh of joy and contentment in this 'move' ahead. Let the celebration never end!

  22. Eileen - Oh, yes! Right now, my life is feeling very magical, indeed. My next post, later today, will reflect the active magic surrounding me!

  23. Nothing beats a new Home Sweet Home!

  24. Old Lady - My heart has been here a long, long time, and soon it will have a home. Ahhhhhhhhh.


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