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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day One

At the end of Day One, I'm happy to say that much has been accomplished. More, in fact, than I thought would possibly have been done in just one day.

  • The air conditioning man doubles checked the system and gave it a passing grade. (The issue was that the inspector didn't think that one copper line was hooked up correctly. Duh! The system was installed in 2001 by this company and has run perfectly since. It has been checked and serviced every spring and fall since then, also by the same company. Again, duh. But since the doofus questioned it, we had to have it "certified" by a "technician.")
  • The plumber checked out "slight leaks" in the kitchen and two bathroom sinks. One required tightening; the second required a new stopper assembly; the third showed no signs of leaking even though we let the water run at full open force for over 10 minutes. Then he placed a safety bar on the water heater. This wasn't a big deal except it had to be copper line, and cost $264!!!! Sheesh.
  • The electrician replaced a few electrical outlets with the newer ones that have the safety reset buttons in the kitchen and bathrooms.
These were the safety issues that were requested, and I had no problem with those. There is one remaining item that is cosmetic, and while I initially resisted, I later decided to give them what they want. The cost is minimal, and it was likely to be one of those things that could have been a rather silly struggle of wills. I prefer to have the house sold than to "win." The buyers are happy and so am I.

While all these guys were there working, another man walked in the front door. I smiled and said "hi." Two of the workmen were in the kitchen with me, and they both spoke to him, as well. He said "hello" in return, and then said, "I'm the owner." I laughed and said, "No, you're not the owner. Not until Friday!" I think he didn't hear the last three words, and he repeated, "I'm the owner," but in a friendly way. I again smiled, and repeated "Not until Friday." Then it seemed to sink in on him, and he said, "Oh, are you the lady who's selling the house?" and I confirmed it. We chatted a few minutes, and I learned that he had never even been show the inside of the workshop, so we walked outside and looked at it, and he was delighted. He is a painter/home decorator who specialized in faux finishes, so the shop was a wonderful bonus for him to store equipment and supplies.

I enjoyed meeting "the owner." He seems to be a nice gentleman, a bit older than I anticipated (there are grown children and grandchildren, but only he and his wife will be living there), seems rather quiet yet friendly. I think I'm leaving Caroline and Laura with some decent neighbors. I hope they'll let me off the hook now!

I got finished up a few paper details on the real estate deal, and got a couple other unrelated business items done. Then this evening, my friend, Scottie, came over with his truck, and we got the large items into storage. As we drove back to the house, I told him that it took such a huge load of stress from me to have that done. Tomorrow, I will be able to finish putting the rest of the into boxes with help from C & L. What we can't shuttle into storage, Scottie will return to do with his truck tomorrow evening. I'll be done! Well, with this particular stage.

I've made more progress than I thought possible in one day, and that feels wonderful.

We will close at 5:00 PM on Friday. Ahhhh.

~ ~ ~ ~

PS added at 10:17 PM MST

Not long after I posted the above, I received an email from my son, Scott. It included a few pictures of Kylee. Now I get to brag a little!

Kylee (10-1/2 years old) made a decision a long time ago to grow her hair out and then have it cut for Locks of Love. I'm sure you know that it is an organization that takes such donations and makes wigs for people who have lost their hair because of medical conditions and/or treatments such as cancer. Observe Kylee before:

And after:

I'm so proud of her! And isn't she lovely?


  1. You should be proud of Kylee, everyone should.
    What a nice thing to do.

    Looks like everything with the house is coming to an end. :)

    Have a nice day

  2. Walker - My grandchildren are all wonderful people. Even the 17 year old! (Smiles, Brooke!!) But this is truly such a generous and caring gesture, that Kylee deserves a special note. She is a very loving child, I suspect she will grow to be a truly good adult and make us all glad that she is in our world.

  3. She is darling! What a marvelous, unselfish, compassionate thing she has done. I think when I decide to get my long hair cut I will donate it to Locks Of Love too!

  4. Oh I got so excited about your beautiful grandaughter...

    Go You! on the House Sale/Moving. It will all be over soon and you will be in your new "forever home". Ahh... :)

  5. That is so neat what Kylie did. And we are also so happy that everything worked out just fine with the repairs that needed to bed done.

    Can you believe it's almost over??

  6. Your granddaughter is beautiful!!! And I LOVE her haircut!

  7. Patti - If you consider LFL, check with them on the guidelines. It has to be grown to a certain length to be useful. But I hope you do. It is such a good thing to do.

    I will have to return to KC to move furniture because I don't have a place to put it right now, but that is OK. It is worth it to be able to settle in and get on with life! Beside, it is always fun to see C&L! And yes, this is going to be my "forever home." Well, at least until the kids decide it is time to take me away because I'm getting weird.

    Caroline - Can YOU believe it is nearly over?? I'll miss you guys being close, but I'm going to get on with life with great gusto!!

    Gerbera - Thank you! She is a really dear little girl, and I think this shows that. She is a keeper!!

  8. What a beautiful child, and what a loving heart she must have!

  9. Sassy - She is a real sweetheart! Her heart is very, very tender, and she is kind. I'm proud of her.

  10. That is such a huge sacrifice for a 10.5 year old. We could all learn from one so young. The best thing is the results are very becoming.

    now you are officially homeless. scarry, happy feelings for the next few weeks. Congrats!-S

  11. oh, what an awesome little girl!! You must be so proud. And her new hairdo is absolutely beautiful... to match her heart. :)

    Glad to hear you're doin okay at the end of Day One. It must feel pretty good knowing that the moving business is ALMOST over.

  12. st - Isn't that the truth? I'm pleased that she thinks of others as much as she does.

    LOL! I hadn't thought of it that way! Yes, I may be officially homeless, but I more at home than I've been in a long time. Isn't it funny how things go sometimes?

  13. Catherine - Yes, she is! I think she will make the world better in many ways.

    Almost, almost, almost, almost . . .

  14. A lovely girl with a lovely thought.

  15. OMG!it looks fabulous and she looks beautiful! i love it!

  16. Seven - Yes, absolutely.

    Brooke - Is this MY Brooke??? I'm sure it is! Yes, doesn't she look great??? I love it, too!

  17. Yes, she is one to be proud of. And as a reward for her efforts, she now has a beautiful new coif. Gypsy Moth

  18. Gypsy Moth - She is a sweetheart, for sure. I'm glad she followed through with it.


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