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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Do You Think I Was Excited??

I posted that last one twice!! But you know that! Sheesh! Well, I was excited, what can I say!

I spent most of the day at THE HOUSE (Mariposa), cleaning and putting away as much as I could in the kitchen. The house is pretty clean, but I wanted to do more. You know how it is ... no one cleans the same way you would. I wiped all the cabinets down, sprayed a bleach solution, then wiped them out again before putting liner in all of them. Then I began unpacking the kitchen items I used in my last few months in Kansas City and ran them through the dishwasher and put them on shelves. I still have a lot to do, even in that room, but it feels good to be underway.

I located my coffee maker so tomorrow I can have coffee while I work! Hurray! I'm hoping to begin painting tomorrow. it is going to take AT LEAST a couple coats of Kilz before the regular paint can be applied, and we are hoping to paint on Saturday. Yes, I actually have help for the painting! Whew! Anyway, I hope I can get at least the first coat of Kilz tomorrow while I am waiting for the dish network to be set up.

I made two trips with my truck loaded, one load of cleaning supplies and painting equipment, the other of the kitchen stuff and a few other things. Most of it is put away. A good start. Tomorrow Allan is going with me for the first run so he can help with the heavier items, TV, microwave, a small fridge, and the Aerobed. I probably won't stay there yet, but I want to get the basics there so that when I decide to stay, I can do so.

I'm very tired tonight. Carrying the boxes up the steps or the ramp about did me in! I just ain't as young as I wish I were for this stuff! And I'm going to bed now. Just too weary to last any longer.

Night, all!!


  1. I can tell that you are feeling good to be home! :) Congrats on things getting sorted out and happy painting and settling in!

  2. Congratulations Lynilu..I'm really happy for you and your new home. As I've said to you before, you give me inspiration..and the hope that someday I, like you, will be able to purchase my very own house someday! :)

  3. Casey - Oh, yes! I still have to get through the big move, but that is minor in light of my progress in life over the last 2 years.

    Jen - Never give up. There have been times that I felt terribly despondent, and I almost threw in the towel on several of those. But it comes. In it's time, it comes.

  4. (I tried to post here last night but it didn't work!) I'm so happy for you Lynilu. Congrats on your new home. Hang in there with the hard work. It's good that you have help from your boy :-)

  5. Very happy for you, Lynilu !!!
    You are making your house your home ! Clean and welcome...

    Glad Allan is helping you with the heavier items.

    What color are you going to be painting ? I used Dunn Edwards Cottage White on all my walls, and love how gently warm it is depending on the amount of sunsine pouring through the windows...

    Hope you got/get a good night's sleep until you move in for good --and after it is your permanent nest !

  6. It is tiresome but you will have such a sense of peace when you are finally settled in and .... HOME.

  7. Oh, it's all so exciting!! Congrats on the house and have fun setting it up exactly like you like it!! I can't wait to get more updates!!

  8. Eileen - Actually, you did comment. I was confused for a while today until I figured out that I posted the same one 2X. But thanks again for the congrats. I'm tired, but happy at the same time.

    Annie - I'm starting with a color that is white but has a touch of violet in it. I liked it because it was a little warm and inviting. I think it will be a pleasant color with my furniture when it gets here. I'm staying on with Allan until I feel comfortable about the move. I've lived too spartan for too long. Simple comfort is important now. I'm guessing that about the first of the week will be my "occupancy" date. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Patti - I'm very tired tonight, but happy to be doing something for my own home now. I can hardly wait for the furniture!

    Cheryl - Updates will be hit and miss for a couple weeks, depending on my schedule, but I will keep you informed. It is good to be at this stage. Finally!!

  9. Can't wait to see the pictures of the house when you are all done painting and unpacking.

    Just think of how much fun you are going to have unpacking all your stuff that is in storage. I know you have probably forgotten about a lot of the stuff in storage. It's going to be like x-mas in your neck of the woods.

  10. Congrats, and enjoy the new home!

  11. Caroline - LOL! I don't know when I will be done with the unpacking part ... if ever! But trying to get it all done is going to be fun.

    Sassy - Thanks!! I will! I am!


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