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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Award Nomination

For those of you who have commented to me about missing the poetry on If Only I Could Find My Pen . . . and on The Way I See It . . ., I've posted to both blogs. And I'll try to be back on track with more regular posts now. :)

~ ~ ~ ~

Well, I'm honored and awed by the nomination of my blog for the Best Photography Award by dear Burg over at Deeper Shades Of Red. You can see it by clicking on the following. You could vote for my blog while there ........ :) ......... but that's not mandatory.

My site was nominated for Best Photography Blog!

Burg herself was nominated for Best Blog on Stuff, and you can see her award site and vote for her by clicking in the Blogger's Choice Awards button, similar to the one above which is located in her sidebar.

Today was an insane day for me with many little stress-producing tasks for me to get accomplished, but they got done and what a relief! I've been running around like a chicken without a head, on the phone in between, and emailing about other things, but the big stuff is over and done. It's a big whew. Or rather a series of big whews! I'll blog about that soon, but not for today. Right now, I need to kick back and catch my breath.

Ahhhhhhh. That feels good, feet on the coffee table, pillow behind the back, and chilled out.

Just for fun, a couple pictures of Ali. One of his favorite toys is a stuffed squirrel which is so old that the squeaker (thank goodness) no longer works. Yesterday he was following me around the house with it hanging out of his mouth. He was carrying it by the tail and it really looked pathetic, yet funny. I reached for the camera, and like any good model, he dropped the squirrel from his mouth and posed for me. Dang. I missed the funny picture of the limp, bedraggled squirrel in his mouth, but these are comical, too. Notice that when he put the toy down, he put his foot on it. That is his way of "protecting" it from me.

Even when he decided to lie down and rest, the paw stayed on the squirrel! You'd think I steal toys, wouldn't you??

MaƱana, y'all!


  1. That's hilarious!

    Gretchen is notorious for tearing the squeaker out just as soon as she gets the toy.. In fact, Gretchen is notorious for tearing up the entire toy before the door even closes! The only thing that's lasted here is a kong and this crazy rubber chicken. We have to keep both of them locked away from her or you'll get one in the face while you sleep and let me tell ya, that kong hurts when it's just dropped on a sleeping human!

  2. Burg - LOL! When they love toys, they LOVE TOYS, don't they? Ali knows that when I get on the phone I'm distracted, and he can usually dupe me into throwing a toy repeatedly because if I don't, he barks and interrupts my conversation. Damn little smart dog! What would we do without them?

  3. I love the way he's protecting his toy from you! Too funny.

  4. The jig is up. Ali has exposed you for the TOY STEALER that you are! LOL

  5. Sassy - He also does that when he has been chasing a ball or toy for a while and is tired. His way of saying, "time out"!

    Patti - OH, NO!! I'm caught! What would be even funnier ... a picture of me with the squirrel hanging from my mouth!!Eeeuuuuwwww!

  6. Hmmm... gotta be careful about asking if you steal toys. Remember, your kids and other relatives read this. Someone might remember you stealing toys and squeal on you... (no I don't remember you stealing any of my toys) :)

  7. Actually, Ali is protecting his toys from Sophie. He knows she steals them from him. Remember the one you gave her that he didn't want to give up even though he hadn't played with it in years? Yea, it's still one of her favorite toys and I think it only because she knows it was once Ali's.

  8. S3 - Yeah, but you were just a little kid, and it was easy to steal your squeaky toys. Besides, you weren't even there ... you'd climbed out the window to the grilling party next door!

    Caroline - You could be right. Everry once in a while, he brings me half a cozen or toys, but none seems to be the RIGHT one. Then he stands staring at me ... maybe he's thinking "You gave my bestest toy away. And to Sophie, of all dogs!!!"

  9. Congrats on the nomination!
    The pics are great!!!


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