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Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Good Weekend

I've had a good weekend. I got almost all the painting done on Friday and Saturday morning. All I have left are two small places in the master bedroom/bath which I can get done fairly quickly. They are on in the carpeted area, so while the tile is being done on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I'll tackle those areas. I also have to do most of the doors, but I won't have enough paint. I'll have to go buy some paint, and then do those after the tile and carpet are finished. They are so easy to do.

Early Saturday afternoon, my friend Richard came down from Albuquerque. I've been trying to get him down here since I moved in, but he has been busy. He is an agent for an artist, so he brought some of the paintings with him. We stopped in at an art gallery that I respect. Richard and the owner hit it off, and she liked the works, so she is going to market them in this are for him. What a stroke of luck!

While we were there, she also asked me about my photography, and asked me to have some ready to put up, as well! Wow! Now if I can just get settled enough to feel free to have some ready and framed, I have two galleries waiting. Guess I'd better make haste, huh?!?

After we played tourists for a while, we headed back to the house, making a stop at the grocery for a couple things, then to my favorite restaurant to get a pizza to bring home. Once home we cracked open a bottle of wine, popped the pizza in the oven, and I whipped up one of my special pasta dishes. What a good meal!! Nice end to a nice day. Richard was worn out, and he went to bed about 9:00. Night owl me stayed up a couple hours reading.

This morning I got up to find him already looking out the front at the view. It was overcast and misty, really pretty, kind of soft appearing, and he was just loving it. I made coffee, and we stood on the porch a while, waiting for the dogs to do their business, and then retreated to the warmth. it wasn't really cold out, but the moisture in the air make it seem so. About 9:00 it began raining, and has rained and drizzled all day long. We took another trip into Ruidoso for more sightseeing for him, and stopped at my favorite little bistro-type cafe for a cup of coffee and slice of pie. They were making stuffed baked potatoes, and I got one and brought it home for dinner. I've cooked once this week ... that's enough!!

Richard left to go home as soon as we returned to the house. He said he enjoyed the weekend, and was pleased to find a gallery to handle the art work. He will be back down in a few weeks to bring paintings and some bronze statuary of his own to the gallery, and hopefully, he will be able to stay a bit longer and see more attractions. This is such a fun place, but it takes a little time to see it all.

Oh, this rain is welcome. It has been dreary all day, but not depressingly so. I'm glad we are having some moisture for the forest. It helps keep down the danger of forest fires, and it will make several jobs that I'm facing a little easier, too. I need to dig a hole for my 911-identification sign, and this soil is rock hard when it is dry. Maybe I can get it dug tomorrow, even if I don't get the post set until later. Even without that task, the rain is so nice. It's funny that in Missouri, I would be griping about it. Part of that is because it lasts for long periods there and gets just plain old gloomy; part of it would be because I would be in Missouri!!

Have I said that I love it here? Oh, OK.

BTW, Richard looked at me last night over dinner, smiled, and said, "It is good to see you so happy. It has been a long road for you." Yeah, it has been. And I am happy.

Life is beautiful.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend with a good friend.

    Well, it's now Monday morning...are you excited?????

  2. It is great that you are happy - happiness is definitely not over-rated and sometimes we take it for granted! I don't mind rain if I don't HAVE to be out doing anything in it and I absolutely LOVE a good thunderstorm.
    So glad you had a lovely, relaxing visit with your friend and get to cracking on those pictures woman!

  3. Caroline - It was a really nice, very relaxed weekend.

    And n-n-n-now it is M-M-M-M-Monday m-m-morning. N-N-Nah, I'm as calm as a cu-cu-cucumber. It's j-j-just another d-d-day in my life!

    Patti - Oh, believe me, I don't take my happiness for granted. Too many years struggling to find a little bit, so I'm aware of it and living every moment of it that I can! The weekend was so nice!

    I like thunderstorms, too, but for years I had to try to calm poor Ali every time one popped up. He was horribly terrified with them. But, good news! Since we moved to NM, and particularly after moving into this house, he has grown calmer and calmer. He still doesn't really like them, but he just rolls his eyes up at the sky, and pretty much goes about his business. I'm so glad!!

    Pictures? Pictures? What pictures?? ;-) Yep, I will soon. The next couple weeks are gonna be hectic with the floors, then getting new appliances throughout. I'll do my best, alright?

  4. Hi Lyn, It's been a while since I stopped by to say hi... so hi, I hope you are doing very well!


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