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Monday, April 30, 2007

A Rainbow, Another Rainbow

I was talking with Allan on the phone earlier, and he commented that it was storming where he was. I looked out, and sure enough, there were clouds over his direction. it was sunny but breezy at my place, about five miles as the crow flies. I walked out on the porch, and saw what was hidden by one of my trees. A rainbow, actually a double one. If you look carefully, the second one is to the left of the brilliant one. You might have to enlarge it to see it.

I was just astounded how bright the one is.

In this close up, you can see them both.

The colors are so vivid! Again, enlarging them will help to see the beauty, the gorgeous and rich hues.

And one more, a close up so the colors are visible. I'm telling you, it took my breath away!

Life is beautiful.

PS added 5/1 @ 7:00 AM:
Late yesterday, I was a bit miffed at the floor people. They came by to drop off some of the tile. I learned that they are going to remove both toilets and they will be out until they are done, at least two days. This means I can't stay here! No one told me that. After it (the tile process) was explained I understand, but I was not happy about having not been told. Allan has a house guest arriving tonight and staying through Sunday, so I can't stay there. Well, I could, but I'd stay on the couch, and I would be in the way. This is his first visit from the old gang in California, and I don't want to put a damper on that.

I called a friend here who is starting up a B&B, and since it is off season and the middle of the week, she has no tenants, so I'll go there. And since she doesn't have anything rented at all for these days, she is giving me the bigger one, like a little apartment, for the same price as the smaller rooms. Yay! Actually a cool little mini-vacation! I'll come over here during the day and get some of my little tasks done, then go there for dinner, the night, and breakfast. Ahhhhh. Yes, in spite of my initial negative reaction to being unprepared ........
Life IS Beautiful!


  1. That last one is amazing.. I can't wait till I can show my daughter that one. She'll love it!

  2. Beautiful! I heart rainbows and a double rainbow. Well that must bode some good luck for you, dear lady!

  3. Burg - Isn't that a great picture? I wish I could have captured it for you as vividly as it was to my eye. Believe it or not, it was more colorful that the pix show!

    Patti - I love rainbows,too. Ya know, I had the same thought about the good luck. I've seen more rainbows since returning to NM than any other similar period that I can remember. Yep. I'm where I'm supposed to be.

  4. I loved the pictures. I also love rainbows. I would have been annoyed I was not told of the toilets having to be out during the flooring (tiling) process. The fact you have a friend with a B & B is such a blessing. You will have nice relaxing evenings. You won't have to wonder what you are going to fix for dinner or breakfast after working all day. "Life IS Beautiful"

  5. Wow staying at a B&B is always cool! Glad it worked out for you!

  6. Ok, I lied in my last comment to you. I WILL be stopping by without calling...Tee Hee!!! Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! And to think they are from your porch. You are blessed to e able to wake up to a view like that everyday. That is MAXIMUM cool!!!

    I always joke with my husband, that when I go to heaven, I'm gonna ask God if I can help Him out with turning on and off the rainbow(s). LOL

    By the way, how exciting that you get a mini vacation.

    Have a great week!

  7. I think I like the first picture the best, but they're all simply beautiful!

  8. What great pictures. On Friday I was driving home after a rainstorm and saw the biggest and most beautiful rainbow. It was amazing. It was then that I reminded myself that I must keep my camera with me at all times.

    Hope you are enjoying your little mini vacation at the B&B. Can't wait to see the pictures of the floors.

  9. Daisy - It did work out fine, as it always does! I must concentrate on patience!

    Patti - Yes, I had that "growl, grumble" initial response, but I'll get better with that, I swear!! It is so wasted to do that!!

    Dawn - Believe me, I know my blessings, and I count them and give thanks for them every day.

    Hey, I'm older than you, so when I get to heaven, I'll put in a good word for your assignment at the Department of Rainbows. "Course, you'll have to be MY assistant, you know!! LOL!

    Sassy - I have to laugh at myself in response to your comment. I always take many, many more than I put up on the blog, then I have trouble narrowing it down to a reasonable number. Thanks!

    Caroline - I'm getting better at remembering to take the camera with me most of the time. Yesterday I saw 2 horses in a field underneath pine trees. A gorgeous picture, but no place to pull off. Dang, I was disappointed.


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