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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well, as you see my photos are back. I donno what that was about, but all is right again in Lynilu Land.

Yesterday, I was out walking in the yard with the dogs, and as I returned to the house, I noticed the rocks around my steps.

They are nothing special, just a pile of rocks. But for some reason, I started actually looking at the individual rocks instead of just the pile as a whole. There are some amazingly beautiful stone in there! Now, before I go on, I need to make a disclaimer. Some of the rocks, like the one at the base of the planter in the picture above, have paint on them. When you see that color green, it is paint, but everything else is natural rock in the photos below:

Cool Slideshows

Can you believe the colors present in all those stones? I was just amazed. Now, I can't wait to have time to begin walking the entire property and see how many more wonders I own!

There is a part of the property that is fenced and was used as a corral for the previous owner's horse. The property is pretty flat there, and it dawned on me that it is a good place for a horseshoe pit. I have the shoes, but I have to buy some stakes. Then I'll set that up for (HA!!) my summer leisure hours!

I'm finally thinking outside this house. Now, it isn't "done" yet, but I'm feeling a pull to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I suppose that could just be the "spring in the air," but I'm looking forward to doing some work outside as well as playing there. I'm not spending much time out there yet, but I've noticed that I have a light tan now. In Missouri, when the sun was out, it was too humid for me to stay out more than 10 minutes, so my skin was quite pale. My skin tone is olive, but it has been untanned for many years. I don't advocate too much sun; we all know what that danger is, but some sunshine is essential. Well, I now have freckles all over my arms, the first sign that I'm having happy exposure!

Gotta get to work. The carpet and tile will be laid next week, and I need to to quite a few things to do to prepare for it. Everyone have a happy, SUNNY day wherever you are! You know I am!!!


  1. I just think it's neat to notice little things like that. Not everyone does!

    I was out in the sun this past week-end and noticed from freckles popping out on my nose and my shoulders. Grrrr...... sun kisses my foot!

  2. Patti - I think in our fast paced world the saddest thing is that we don't have time to look at the gifts of the Creator all around us. There are so many right next to us and we just rush past. I've done it, too. But that is part of my life-changes ... stopping to smell the roses, see the stones, feel the wind, hear the trees rustle, and just breathe in the loveliness around me. If my words or pictures can make just one other person do so, it will be a huge blessing. And I hope that there will be more than one of you who is younger who will let off the accelerator and take your babies by the hand and do the same. I know ... there are always reasons for the pace, but your babies will grow up with your attention or without it. But if you see the things with them, you'll BOTH grow together. (Lyn steps off the soapbox). Patti, don't take it personally, because I didn't aim that at you but at everyone who is living at a crazy, insane pace and not enjoying life (i. e., the rocks).

    About the sun. I love freckles. I guess that precludes me having any claim to being a Southern Lady, doesn't it? My freckles are little tiny ones, like someone peppered my arms. My dad was extremely fair and he had gorgeous auburn hair. I got my mom's olive complexion but dad's little Irish freckles, a cool combination, I think. I was a "sun baby" in my early life, but I won't press my luck anymore by deliberately tanning. But getting a light, natural tan, just while doing daily activities is fun for me, because I haven't been able to do outside things without discomfort for a long, long time.

    Hmm. I have a feeling Sousthern Ladies don't wear cowboy boots and hats, either, do they? OK, I'm out!

  3. "stopping to smell the roses, see the stones, feel the wind, hear the trees rustle, and just breathe in the loveliness around" You are so right Lynilu!!! More people should slow down and enjoy life.

    I like a little sun too. It just makes ya look healthy. I hate fake bakes or even real bakes where the skin looks like nasty old leather.

  4. Daisy - I'm with you. A little tan is a good thing, but if people realized how bad they look at my age when their skin loses it's ability to bounce back (Yep, nasty old leather), I think they might back off a little. And, yes, we should all sloooooowwwwww doooooowwwwwwn.

  5. That slide show is the coolest thing I've seen all day! Beautiful rocks, too. ;)

    Yours is such an uplifting blog, Lyn.

  6. Those are lovely rocks...

    As for the sun, I'm afraid that if I spend even a little time out there I'll combust.. I believe my friend called me "whitey mcwhite." I stick with SPF 50..

  7. Catherine - I'm blushing! But thank you so much.

    Burg - Thanks! I have a couple friends with skin like yours. My dad's was actually like that bue since his early years were spent farming (in the OK Panhandle!!!) he simply learned to wear lots of protection (before SPF) in the way of long sleeves, hats, long pants, even in the 90 degree heat in the fields. Ugh. But his hands, which could be gloved only part of the time were brown as was his face and a "V" on his chest where he left his collar open. The rest of him was W.H.I.T.E with little freckles!

    Betcha didn't know that my first four years were on that farm in OK, did you? The world is getting smaller! Look out! Next, you'll learn I actually live next door to you, that the whole "living on a mountainside in NM" is just a ruse! LOL!!

  8. This is one of the joys of having a young one. We have to stop at every rock pile and look. She always wants to bring one home...sometimes I let her. She has quite a collection though.

  9. Jenn - Oh, I remember those days. My son was a collector, also. When I was moving from the KC house, I found a box of rocks in the attic. I called and asked what to do with them, thinking he was say toss them. Nope. He drove fro Wichita to KC, a 3 hour trip to retrieve his box o' rocks! Well, there were a couple other little things, too, but those were things I found after I called him! You may have that collection for a long time to come, dear!! My son was 41 at that time!

  10. I had no idea!

    If you turned up next door, I'd probably be over all the time wanting to play with your dogs..


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