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Monday, May 07, 2007

Reflection of the Mini Vacation

Boy! I am on a serious blogging roll! This is my second for today and then that long serious one yesterday. I guess, depending on my schedule, it is feast or famine for my blog! Anyway .... I can't do much right now because they are putting in my carpet, and the dogs and I have been sentenced to the bedroom while they do the rest of the house. They've just moved from padding to carpet, and like the tile, I'd forgotten what I picked out. Boy, is it pretty! Pictures to follow later!

Since I failed to take pictures while I was "vacationing," here are the scanned pix from the brochure. They aren't the greatest, but you'll get the idea.

On the left is the bedroom I stayed in. On the right is the living room. You can't read it but the sign over the stove says, "Welcome to Madame Phoo Phoo's, The Original Bed & Breakfast."

This is the kitchen. As you can see, it has vintage appliances, as near to the era as can be without foregoing the electricity. The owners had to really look for working appliances of that age.

Three pictures: on the left is the bar in the apartment; the center is the bar in the restaurant; on the right is one of the rooms in the restaurant, very eclectic and fun!

This is the outside of the building. From the minute you see it, you know you're in a special and unique place!

This is another picture of the inside of the restaurant. There is no way to be bored in here, because there is just way too much to see. They have art, jewelry, statuary, oddities of all kinds (a box camera, c. probably 1940s, I'd guess; a siren that none of us can figure out what it was used for; and vintage and/or curious signs of all kinds), antiques, etc.

Another larger shot of the bedroom. The bathroom is through the swinging doors on the wall to the left. Behind the door on the right is a closet. At the very least, it is a unique, interesting, fun place to spend a night or two!

Alrighty, then. Am I off the hook for forgetting to take pictures? Whew!!


  1. Cool pics! Hey I tagged you to list 7,439 things you like to do for fun. Just kidding.

  2. Sandra - Now you're in trouble, girl!! That was a cute place and fun getaway ... well, as much fun as it could be under the conditions! But the worst of the floor re-do is almost over and done. YAY!!

  3. Ooh it does look interesting! I think I would love it there.

  4. I especially love the look of the restaurant! How fun!!!

  5. You forgot what you picked out? How do you know its right! You might have someones else's flooring! They could be really pissed! Lock your doors as a precaution.

  6. I love patchwork quilts ! Great pictures, Lynilu ! What a fascinating place to stay with all of those knick-knacks and memorabilia !

    Can't wait to see pictures of your new carpeting ! It's such fun when a home comes togethr !

    Happy Wednesday !

  7. Patti - It was a fun stay!

    Cheryl - The restaurant is very fun. At first I was taken aback a bit by it all, but I never tire of it because there is always something that I missed before!

    Seven - Well, even if they are pissed, they will never find my house! I'm very well hidden!

    Annie - I love quilts, too. And I'l be posting pix of the floors soon!

  8. Pepper - It is neat! interesting and homey, too.


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