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Friday, June 29, 2007

Send Off For The Weekend ... Short Version

Just a short one today, few words! Yay!

The cholla (remember ... it is pronounced cho-ya) cacti are blooming!

Pretty, huh?

And can you say "visable storm front"?

Tha-tha-tha-that's all, folks!!!


  1. Beautiful, Lynilu !

    Every time that you take new/more pictures, I am awed anew by the wonderful place where you live -

    Hugs and Happy Saturday to you and the dogs !

  2. Simply beautiful. There is nothing better than a New Mexico storm. I used to live in Las Cruces and still have several family members all over the state. I always loved to watch the sun reflect purple off the Organ mountains when it was setting or watch a lightening storm come over the desert.

    I'm one of those people who are happy just about everywhere, but sometimes I get so homesick for other places I've lived. Like New Mexico!

  3. Annie - You'll have to plan to visit NM. It is especially beautiful this year because of the abundant rain, but even in the dry seasons it is wonderful.

    The dogs and I send hugs and good wishes back to you!

    Jenster - My bro and SIL used to live in Las Cruses, also. I'm afraid it is too hot there for my taste, thus my mountain abode. The storms have been magnificent this spring! I was away from NM for 30 years, but my heart never left. I'm so happy to be home again. When you are homesick ... well, you know the road "home"!!! :)

  4. They are beautiful, look like little roses on the ends. I want to call them Cholla (phonetically as they "look").

  5. What TOTALLY awesome pictures!!! Hope that storm wasn't too bad, it is beautiful though!

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. chloe - Me, too! Thanks for the visit. :)

    Patti - Yes, they are pretty. I knew you were a trouble maker! You say it right or I'll have to send the grammar cops to get you!

    Dawn - The storm in those clouds was just enough to hold down the dust a bit, but yesterday we had a doozy with .7 inch of rain and hail!

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