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Friday, August 17, 2007

Cuttin' Out Early Today

Well, this day was called off early because of injuries! Gail and I went out to do a couple of "two man" jobs in the yard before she left for the weekend, and within about fifteen minutes, both of us sustained a painful boo-boo. First, the garden wagon whacked Gail just above the ankle hard enough to leave a dent in her leg. It was fortunately not right on the shin or she might have had a serious bone injury. It was in the (slightly) fleshy area above the ankle bone, so the soft tissues took the brunt of the blow. We took a couple minutes for her to quit seeing stars, and continued with our task of moving an enormous planter out from the front of my house. We got it down the driveway and dumped the dirt over the side into a non-traffic area.

Then, five minutes later I cracked my kneecap on the metal corner of the same wagon. After I began breathing again, I had to take a minute because my leg literally wouldn't hold me up. I'm going to have a bruise, but there is no serious damage. Gail will have a huge bruise.

We did, however, manage to get both those big planters out of the way, dumped and loaded into my truck to take to Allan. Then we wrestled my two big cast iron kettles into those spots. I won't plant them this year, but they are in place for next spring. The planters had dead rose bushes in them, and I didn't care for them at all. Allan does, so we can both be happy now!

We came in to nurse our owies, ate lunch, and ... went for a drive! How's that for changing the curse of the day??? She's getting ready to leave, and I'm going to shower and go into town and do some shopping. You know the saying, "When you get a boo-boo, quit working and go spend some money." What? You never heard of that one? Works for me!

So, I have to make this short. Can't miss my assignment. Before I go, here are a few little pretties I found beside the road yesterday.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!!!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Sorry to hear you and Gail got hurt. I love your saying. "When you get a boo-boo, quit working and go spend some money." I LOVE to shop. It is my "sport".

    I love your pictures

  2. Oh No. I hope you guys are feeling better. Hope a little bit of retail therapy did those boo-boo's some good. I know shopping always helps most problems I have.

  3. Awww, I'm so sorry about your injuries. Glad they weren't doctor visit worthy. But I think you're works WONDERS!!! LOL

    Have a great (safe) weekend!

  4. Sorry 'bout the boo boos..

    The pics have wonderful textures. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. Daisy - I'm creative, if not coordinated!! Thanks.

    Caroline - Doesn't it? Neither of us what seriously hurt, but enough to make us want to quit. Kinda lik, "This isn't the right day for me to be handling heavy objects." Well, except for the car!

    Dawn - I got up today and did a bunch of hard labor, about 2 hours and another hour of easy-but-sweaty labor with no problems. I think the shopping cured me!!

    MLM - Thanks, and thanks! Hey, should we challenge each other to a "best photo" contest?? :)

  6. That is when you need to stop. I am at the age where I bruise and don't know how it happened.

    Beautiful pictures.


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