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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lynilu To The Rescue!!!

Coming home from the gallery today, I turned the next to last corner and there was a dog in the road. I slowed down, not sure if it was going to attach the car or move out of the way. It moved a little, but not completely out of the road. I eased past the dog, and looked in the rear view mirror to see it was following my truck! Oh, no.

After about 25 feet, it stopped, but then stood in the road, looking around as if confused. I'd noticed that it had on a collar and tags, so I decided t take a risk ans see if I could find out about the poor thing. When I opened the car door, it trotted right toward me, tail wagging and head lowered in a submission position. I check the tags, and her name, Carrie, was on the tag along with the phone number. Thankfully it was a local number, so I called it from my cell phone. I left a message about the dog, but I was not sure if I should take her or not. She might be close to home. I left a message about the situation and my phone number, but I had really bad reception in that area so wasn't sure if the message was intelligible.

Carrie is a fairly good sized dog, I'd guess around 45-50 pounds. I couldn't lift her into my truck bed which is pretty high, higher than my waist. I though about putting her in the cab, but with temperamental little Ali, I wasn't sure that was wise. I decided to take them home, and come back. If Carrie was still there, I'd figure out what to do. However, she again trotted after the car. She is obviously older as most of her was dark colored, but her muzzle was whitening with age. And I though, Oh, what if that were Ali ... she might be senile, too, and not know her way home. I was very afraid of her being in the road when another, less observant or caring auto came along. So ... I got her into the front, and she sat down very nicely on the floor while Ali began barking his head off in the back seat. He quietened down soon, however, and we drove the remaining half mile home.

I put Carrie in the back yard with food and water. There is a large doghouse out there left by the previous owner, but it has a hole in the top. I found some heavy rubber material, an old air mattress and cut it to size, securing it with a couple bungee cords and put an old packing blanket inside. I got some fresh water and a cup of dog food, and show it to her. Bless her hear, she just wanted to come inside with me!

Back inside, I called her home again, and left a second message. And I set about getting settled in for the evening, considering dinner, etc. I think it wasn't more than ten minutes before her owner called, and was so thankful. Carrie is over 15 years old, and, yes, they've been thinking she might be getting a bit senile. While they are at work during the day, she usually goes to a neighbor's and spends the day with their dog. But it is in the opposite direction that I found her. She was actually quite close to her house, but apparently confused and didn't seems sure where to go.

Carrie's daddy came to get her, and it was a happy reunion. As he lifted her into his truck, he said, "Well, old girl, I guess we need to fix you a secure place to spend your days now." His eyes teared up a little, and I knew just how he felt. it is so hard to face the aging of those we love, and our four-leggers are in that category. It truly pains me to see ow Ali is deteriorating. He seems to panic if I'm out of his sight for even a minute or so these days. I'm not sure what to do with him. I can't leave him home when I go out. He is too afraid and confused. When Gail is here, I can leave him with her sometimes, but not all the time.

The sad thing is that Ali still gets around relatively well. Actually, better than relatively well. But his mental confusion causes us both to be nervous. And I'm worried about the next trip I take. I really don't know how well he will fare. But for now, I'll just keep him close, protect him from all that is possible, love him as much as I can, and hope for the best.

Then there is China Doll. She is just 6 weeks younger than Ali and because of the Cushing's disease, she is over-weight and prone to having seizures (very small ones only), she is losing sight and hearing, but that little one is the Energizer Bunny of the canine world! She seems to have boundless vigor and is excited about going places. Or staying home napping. Or eating. Or being loved. Or anything that comes her way. What a pleasure she is, and she keeps me from getting too discouraged, for sure.

I'm glad I was there for Carrie today, and I hope that Ali's life journey somehow becomes easier and that I have China to make me smile.

In spite of the occasional sad note .........

Life is (still) beautiful!!!


  1. Awww, aren't you so sweet? I can only imagine how long that poor Carrie would've been out there roaming around, had you not come by. You may have saved her life. I wish I could bring home every (nice) stray I see. I'm a sucker for a sweet little poochie :-).

    Glad to know that if my silly dog, Trae, got a little lost and wound up in New Mexico...LOL...that you'd take him in, feed him, and give us a call to pick him up.

    See there...YOU make your life beautiful!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. I love this story! Thank you for ebing the kind, gentle hearted person you are and reaching our to Carrie. You, without a doubt, saved her life.

    Kudos to you - and thank you.

  3. You are the best Mom, Lynilu !
    If I get reincarnated as a pet, I'm coming back as your puppy !

  4. Oh, what a great story. I am so glad that you were there to help Carrie find her way back home.

    I feel so sad for Ali. I know he is probably very nervous not knowing exactly what is going on.

    As for China..I know first hand about her losing her hearing. One of the time we were talking on the phone you had to put me on hold to get her attention. You were literally yelling at the top of your lungs trying to get her attention. I kind of chuckled, but I know it's kind of hard and sad at the same time.

    Be sure to give them some kisses from their KC friends.

  5. Dawn - When I see a dog or cat in distress, I can't leave them. If I think I shouldn't try to handle it, I call the police, but I can't leave them. And If I find Trae, you bet I'll take care of him till you get here!!

    About making my life beautiful ... I look at it this way - If I don't do "beautiful" things, think "beautiful" thoughts, etc., how can I possibly expect to have a beautiful life? Yes, I know I do prepare the way for my own life. I think we are supposed to do that don't you?

    Casey - Awww, thanks! But that is just how it should be. I don't think I'm special, but you make me feel good!

    Annie - Well, since I'm about 14 years older than you, I suspect I'll get to reincarnate first! Can I come back to you instead?! :)

    Caroline - I'm glad I was there, too. I suspect Carrie might have been OK as her daddy came home within 1/2 hour and she wasn't really too far from her home, but I couldn't take the chance.

    Today was a really good day for Ali. I let them both off the leash at the Gallery, and he was my official door greeter. He loved meeting everyone who came in! And, why not? He was petted and fawned over all day! Chi, as usual, stayed pretty close to me most of the day, but she ventured out to be stroked, too.

    Kisses delivered and sent back to all of your kids!

  6. I'm glad you were there for Carrie too. Bless you Lynilu. You made my heart smile this morning!

  7. That as very sweet of you to rescue and care for Carrie til she and her daddy were reunited.

  8. Patti - I'm glad you had a smile from it, too. Double the good stuff!

    Daisy - I just hope that if one of my babies is every lost, the karma will favor me in return. Thanks.

  9. This one brought tears to my eyes. Just keep Ali close. I am so scared of losing Surely. You are indeed a kind and gentle soul.

  10. Ah, Pepper, us and our aging 4 leggers. I know what you mean about losing them. Mine are not "road wise," as they were raised in a fenced yard, so it just terrifies me about them getting out of my sight.



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