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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Zzzzzzzz, snore. Oh, Excuse Me!

I think I'm tired. Not sure why I think that. Could be I slept almost 10 hours the night before last. No. Could be I slept eleven hours last night. Nah. Could be I was unable to link two thoughts until I'd been awake, er, out of bed for more than 2 hours this morning. Uh-uh. Could be I've been on the couch for three hours. I don't think so. I haven't felt full energy since the trip to Roswell. I wonder if that is it. Probably not. But really, there is something that makes me think I might be tired. I'll let you know when I get it figured out.

So, while I'm thinking about that, let me tell you about Ali's new bed! A few days ago, I was at the table doing something I think just a break from house work, and I looked down and saw that my boy had made himself a new bed. He wants to be close to me most of the time, and I guess he thought he should have a bed wherever he is.

I woke him up when I got my camera, and he looked at me as if to say, "Hey, I just got tucked in here, and now you're moving around again?"

He even got up and walked around a little bit, then came back and curled up in there again. Silly dog!

How indignant he looks! I'm beginning to think he doesn't like having his picture taken. He gives me this attitude often.

I recently bought some more bird feeders to hang around the house. I want to hang three or four out back, but the woods begin just 15 feet or so from the door, and it is up hill. Hanging them in the trees wold be fine, but there are other obstacles. The fence is blocking a direct path to the trees. Well, I suppose I still can, but the walk to fill them would be such that I doubt I'd continue doing so. I'll figure it out and get them up soon.

Meanwhile, I hung two new ones out front. There are so many birds coming around that the feeders are depleting rapidly, I want to encourage the birds to stick around until migration, and then have the year-rounders continue after that. The guy at the store checking out my purchase of six feeders cracked a joke about "Just wait till they become so numerous that you might recreate 'The Birds'." (I hope you're all old enough to understand the reference to the Alfred Hitchcock movie from 1963; if not, you can quit reading now and skip to the lower part of the post!!) We laughed along with some other customers in line, and one woman commented that she has had a plethora of feathered residents this year, too, but she refuses to buy more feeders for that exact reason. She said that she has had birds vying for the feeders until she was afraid one of them might get hurt. That's unlikely, especially since they can't be starving with the copious amounts of rain we've had here (I had two inches day before yesterday, all in about a two hour period!!) bring out the flora and bugs, enough to feed plenty of the winged wonders. Oh, well. Whatever works for her is fine with me.

This morning, as I was stretched out on the couch, trying to get enough strength up to do something worthwhile, three birds tried to fly into the house. One of the grosbeaks flew to the glass storm door and sort of hovered a moment before flying off. How odd, I thought. Almost as if he were looking in at me or reminding me to fill the feeders (they were filled yesterday). Then another smaller bird actually flew into the living room window, but barely touched it, and flew off under his own power and without falling. A third one came toward the window, then swooped up and away from the glass before touching it. And in my groggy state of mind I thought, What if the guy was right? What if I'm going to be attacked by hundreds of birds?

Then I realized that I had the blind up on the other side of the room, causing it to look as if they had an open passage through the living room! That blind is usually pulled down when I'm leaving the house to keep out the hot afternoon sun. I'm guessing that having it wide open threw the poor little birdies for a loop!! At any rate, there were no more fly-over attempts, and I settled back into the mind haze that was my state of existence this morning.

OK, I got nuttin' else. How 'bout some cloud pictures to end this?

This first one was an odd cloud formation I encountered a few days ago. There was a huge cloud formation past the mountain peaks (Sierra Blanca Mts. behind my house) you can just barely see here, then a long trail across the sky to a stormy looking cloud that was right overhead. I thought that long neck was interesting.

This one made me laugh because it looks like a big ol' roadrunner sitting up in the sky. Probably the ghost of a roadrunner that died, don't you think? LOL!

This one was taken on the way to Roswell on Thursday, looking back at the Capitans from the East. I should have know there would be humidity in the air after seeing this, but it didn't enter my mind. Isn't that an interesting formation? It almost looks as if an artist was painting the clouds and didn't like the work so drew the paintbrush right through the picture in disgust. Gee! Do I have an imagination, or what???

Anyway, that's it for today. I think I'll go take a nap.



Life is beautiful!!!


  1. Umm...could you be tired because you have been so busy the last six months? Think about it...think of all you have done. Enjoy a relaxing couple of days. You surely deserve it. I imagine the heat in from your trip probably affected you as well. As you said before, you are not used to that god awful heat anymore.

    You have my permission to sit around all day and do nothing. are retired!!!!

  2. Tired? YOU? Say it ain't so! :-) But you know, as much running around as you said you did the other day, you OUGHTA be tired! Take a load off and rest a deserve it.

    The Birds...what a funny movie. It was on here a few weeks ago. And I actually sat and watched most of it. Pretty creepy! However, like you, I'm not worried about you having too many feathered visitors. You're sweet to be feeding them anyway :-).

    Ok, I'm loving the sky pictures. Simply beautiful.

    Lastly, I LOVE the pictures of your sweet little poochies. They're comfy almost anywhere, aren't they?

    Have a beautiful week!

  3. Caroline & Dawn - But, but, but ...... if I give in to being tired it tarnishes my image as SUPER-DUPER WOMAN! Don't you remember, "I am WOMAN, hear me roar!" OK, OK, rest time. I finally got off the couch around 1:30, and I've been a dynamo since then. Caroline, you know I can't just sit for too long. Now, I'm about ready for bed again! And Dawn, I love having the birds here. You can't believe the serenade I get in the mornings!

  4. Ali is SO cute! Take a rest honey you deserve it! You are such a hard working busy woman!

  5. But Patti ... "There's no rest for the wicked," and I wanna be wicked!!!! ;-)

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