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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Changes In The Wind

There is good news here in Lynilu Land! Now for me (well, indirectly, I suppose), but for Gail. Gail made an offer on a house, and after a couple counters, it was accepted. She is now "under contract"!! She will stay here until after it closes, and that is set for 10/30. Well, if there are no hiccups. From my "under contract" date to the actual closing date was three months and three reschedules of the date! I suspect hers won't be nearly that complicated because she is not dealing with several issues that I was.

I've enjoyed having Gail here. However, we have both been tested during this time. It is hard to adjust to living with another person when you've lived alone. For me it was just a few months of actually living alone; for Gail it was many years. But we both have made adjustments to make it work. There weren't any really big problems, but we both have been antsy at times. Friends are supposed to live close, but probably not this close!!

I've felt bad for Gail, having no significant personal space. We shared pretty well, but it was not always easy. I'm sure you all know or can hypothesize based on your own experience with a spouse/significant other, a room/house mate, or an adult child that has returned to the home. It takes a lot on every one's part to coexist without ruffling the other's feathers. Each person has their own lifestyles or living habits, and making even small changes can be difficult. There are times that you feel you just have to have your own, quiet, unencroached-on space. Additionally, Gail is spending weekends at her brother's home and helping out with household duties because her sister-in-law is having treatment for breast cancer. She has not had elbow room with her name on it for weeks now.

On the good side, I've had someone to talk to ... well, someone who actually answers me. the dogs just look at me like, "Huh? Wha'd you say?" when I talk to them. We've shared cooking and doing dishes. Gail has cleaned the bathroom she uses and vacuumed. And she will still be my captive, er, still be here this Saturday and Sunday to help me with the yard sale. We have had a lot of fun reminiscing about the old days and gossiping about old friends or new ones. She is learning what a quirky community into which she has chosen to settle, and we share daily joys and laments about it. And when it is all over, I'll have a good friend living within about five miles.

So, say a few hip-hip-hurrays today for Gail! She has been "unanchored" for nearly two years, so this is really big for her. Truly it is Home, Sweet Home to her mind already.


  1. Congrats to Gail!

    I know what you mean, we had my cousin, her husband and two kids ages 5 & 8 stay with us for several months. THAT was a trial!

  2. Patti - Ouch! I love my grandkids (those ages and older) and I'd do whatever for them and their parents, but THAT would be very rough, I suspect!

  3. Huzzah!!! I'm thrilled for Gail!

    We're going to be similarly tested in another month. A young man from church is going to be moving in with us for about seven months. We have the room and he's in a tough spot - long story that I won't go into.

    I know it's the right thing to do and I'm so glad we can do this for him. BUT it's going to be a huge stretch for me.

    I'm sure you'll be reading about it on my blog eventually. LOL

  4. Jenster - Change is difficult. Period. and change related our home is especially so, because it is our safe place. But, like you, I would do what I felt to be the right thing, suck it up, and smile when the world is upright once again! Oh yeah, I'll bet we hear about it, too! LOL!

    Daisy - Thanks!!!

  5. Glad Gail found a home sweet home for herself. You described the pros and cons perfectly !

  6. Annie - I'm glad, too. she has waited a long time for this, and has felt "uprooted" way too long. It will b good for her to have her own element once again.

  7. Hey, all - Gail says thanks so much for the cheers!!

  8. Yay for Gail!!! And for you too. It's always nice to have friends around.

    I know exactly what you mean about having others live with you (other than you spouse and kids, of course). I won't go into it, other than to say that my MIL AND my BIL live with me. It has been VERY difficult for me not to vent my, uh...concerns on my blog about my current living arrangements. Sometimes I feel that I live with THEM!!! lol


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