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Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's Coming, I Can Hear The Rumble And See The Dust Over The Horizon . . .

I ache.

My muscles hurt

I'm tired.

Yesterday was spent readying the deck for the yard sale which will be this weekend. I put heavy tools in my garden wagon and drug them down (thank goodness!) the hill to store in the well house. The I drug out the boxes from the basement storage to the wagon and pulled them up the ramp to the deck. Thank goodness I bought the wagon months ago. There is no way ... and I'm dead serious about that ... absolutely no way those things could have been moved otherwise.

I used the leaf blower and a broom to remove the bird seed and sunflower seeds from all over the deck. Thank you, my summer tenants for that lovely little mess! Those little buggers strew what they don't want and somehow it travels ten feet across the deck! It seems that some of them have already left for the winter vacation grounds, but those that are still here are doing their best to keep the mess actively growing, Gail suggested that I take down the feeders for the sale. Yep. I'm not putting any more food out for a couple days, or I'll be cleaning it off of the merchandise several times a day.

I began moving a few things around to organize, finding some of my own "outside items" still on the deck and securing them inside or in storage areas so they wont be sold. I was moving all day long from about 9:00 until 4:00. I stopped to have a bite of lunch and several times to cool off and drink water. It wasn't very hot, but 72 or 73 degrees at this time of year when you're huffing and puffing with physical labor can be tough. A friend called and he mentioned that this time of the year, the sun is at a particular angle that makes it more intense, albeit not terribly hot, and we need sun protection. Well, I'd been wearing a hat to protect, but I was sweating so profusely that I couldn't keep it on. I don't seem to have any aftereffects today from the sun, just from the labor. I truly hurt so badly between the shoulders and in my arms and legs that I'm having trouble convincing the body that we need to get a move on!

The ad is in the paper, Gail took fliers and put them around Carrizozo, and I'm taking some to Capitan today. I'm going to get money for making change, then I'll be home to continue setting up. There is still a lot to do, and I find myself wondering if I can get it all done by Saturday at 8:00 AM; however, the sale is going to start, ready or not. I have to get this off my back. It has become an albatross, for sure. It is the final physical link to the "old life," and it needs to be finalized.

Now if I can just get this old, sore body to cooperate, I'll have it made!

Life is beautiful!!!

.... or it will be when I get through the next four days!!


  1. Good Thursday morning energetic, tired, sore,and ready-to-get-all-of-the-remnants-of-her-old-life sold this weekend, Lynilu !!!

    The birds will no doubt have quite some chatter about the lack of food between now and Sunday, but I am sure on Monday morning all will be forgiven and the feeders back in place !

    Hope that the yard sale goes splendidily !

    Now about tht rest you are going to need ? Hope you let yourself crash for the day (afterwards) and recuperate !

    Cyber hugs and smiles,
    Loving Annie

  2. Good luck with the sale - I hope you sell it all and end up with gobs of money! :)

    Sorry your hurting - that's no fun at all.

  3. Wow! How great is it going to be when it's all over? Then the achiness will be worth it.

    Good luck with everything!

  4. Annie - Yes, I've already planned to have "crash days" on Mon and Tue. I know I will be pooped!

    Casey - Thanks, I'm hoping for more money than I can reasonably spend in one day! HA! Like that is possible!!

    Jenster - Yes, it will feel sooo good to have it over. I hope enough sells that I don't feel I need to run it the second weekend. That would be so very cool!

  5. Glad you've made sure to have that time to relax - and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor !
    What wonderful feeling it will be to have ALL the material knick-knacks and physical bits and pieces of the past done with...
    You have a new home, a wonderful new life, new friends, and now, no ghosts at all present !

  6. GOOD LUCK and have fun with your yard sale!!!! Hope you get rid of everything.

  7. Annie - There are the keepers in our lives and those that we find we are done with, aren't there? Good to move on. Next week marks my 1 year anniversary of my arrival in NM. Good time to close the door.

    Daisy - I'll try to have fun. Truth be known, I deeply dislike having a yard/garage sale. Even though I'm done with things, I hate people pawing through them and looking down their noses. And I don't "bargain" well at all. But I'll get through!

  8. I HATE having a yardsale but I love going to a good one. Good luck! Rub some Ben Gay on those sore muscles!


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