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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pausing For Thoughtful Moments

It's fall. The bugs are gone. Well, almost. I've noticed in the past few days that when I leave the porch light on, I don't have to fight through a swarm of billions of bugs to get in the door. That's good. There are a few hangers-on, but I can live with it.

The air has certainly changed. It is cool and crisp, especially at night, but even the days have a different feel and smell to them. I like fall, probably best of the seasons. It is a gentling of the summer's force, and nature's way of easing us into the cold of winter. I hope this fall will be long enough to experience. So many seems to be just days between the torrid heat and the icebox chill. We'll see.

I'm seeing this as a time of change for me, too. The garage sale will help to mark it as a real event, the closing of one of my life's doors as I dispose of the many unnecessary belongings from a previous life. My step-son, Allan, noted to me that next week is the anniversary of my arrival. One year ago, I left KC and began to build a life here. We plan to mark it with a dinner out, and probably a glass of wine to toast new beginnings coming to maturity.

The seasonal change seems to fit well with my mood about moving on, too. It is gentle, ready to make the transition. I like winter. I know many others don't, but it is refreshing to me to have fresh white snow glistening under the bright Southwestern sun. So different from the bleak winters in the Midwest. I like wearing sweaters and warm lined boots, more or less symbols of protection to me, I think. I like the comfort of wrapping a soft throw around my legs while I watch TV or read and listen to music. Add some warm tea, hot chocolate and maybe some popcorn ... can you think of a more inviting scene?

And now ... sigh ... back to reality. I need to get moving and do the final touches for the yard sale. I'm already physically spent, worse by far than I was yesterday. I didn't sleep well last night with the aches, even after taking Tylenol. But it is nearly over. It has been six months coming, so three more days should be do-able!

I'm posting a second post immediately after this. It is something that I think is thought-provoking and has been rolling around in my head for a couple days.



  1. I am so ready for Fall and I want some sort of change in my life... I just feel restless and unsettled today. As if moving two times in the past 10 months hasn't been enough! Happy Anniversay Lynilu!

  2. Thank you, Miss Patti-Cakes! Remember that life is not stagnant, even though we feel that way sometimes. You life will shift ... and not with another move, I'm sure!! Hugs for your r & u.

  3. Lynilu -

    I love fall...especially the bugs going away :)

    Now I am lurking on YOUR site :)

    The Egel Nest

  4. We're all moved!!!! Yay. And there were no problems with my stuff or the pets. Sweet relief.

    I find it interesting that we both moved out of the neighborhood around the same time of the year. I forgot that you moved a year ago this time. Interesting isn't it?

    I thought of you (and missed you) as I was watching the movers take my stuff out of the house.

  5. Bradley - Well, since we have each commented on the other's blog, I guess we are officially not lurkers now, right? Whew! I was feeling rather sinister, lurking around like that! LOL!

    Caroline - Hurrah!!!!! Now you can relax a bit!

    I left last year on 9/30. So you left one year minus a day later. Yes, interesting, indeed! Watching the movers made it really final didn't it? I know it is hard in some ways, but this is a whole new world you've just stepped into, and I think it will be wonderful! :)

  6. Fall is definitely in the air here. The leaves are starting to change. It is good to be rid of things you no longer need. Have a great time with Allan celebrating your new beginnings. ;-)

  7. I can't believe it's been a year already since you moved. Seems like you were just blogging about it happening a couple of months ago.

    We're enjoying the start of our second fall in CT, still in awe of the changing leaves.

  8. Daisy - I'm actually high enough that there are fewer trees to "change." That's OK, I can take a short drive and enjoy that part of fall. We will have fun, thanks!

    Sassy - I know. Sometimes it feels as if I've been here forever, and others I feel like a real "newbie." Either way, I love it!

  9. Lynilu,
    An entire year... wow. Time has gone fast...
    I love fall and changing seasons... every time of the year has something beautiful about it.

  10. Annie - Time is so relative, isn't it? When one isn't paying attention, it can just evaporate, I think. And you're right about the seasons. Each has it's own charm and responsibility to our environment. I won't begrudge any of it's moment in the spotlight.


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