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Thursday, September 06, 2007


I've been thinking about how hard it is to face certain aspects of aging. I don't have much trouble with most of them.

  • Wrinkles - I'm fortunate because I have good skin, and my wrinkling is minimal for my age. Sometimes I look in the mirror, and I'm surprised ... and perhaps a bit disappointed ... to see the lines that indicate the loss of resilience in my skin, a sure sign of age. But for the most part I don't think much about the wrinkles. I've never expected to eternally young, thanks to wonderful attitudes about that from my parents.
  • Loss of agility - I have some aches in my joints and bones. But I'm still reasonably able to do what I want. It is harder for me to get up off the floor now ... I can no longer just rise. Now I have to roll over onto my hands and knees and sometimes find something to hold as I get up. I don't have to "pull up," but I need some extra time and props. And if I stay on the floor too long, I could be in some real problems! I get so stiff that I can barely move for a few moments.
  • Eyesight - I actually see better in some ways, as is common for us oldies. My distance vision is better (I've always been severely myopic, legally blind without correction). In an emergency I could now drive without glasses for help. I wouldn't otherwise, but if I had to do so, I could. My close vision is generally OK. But ... my eyes don't adjust as they used to. I can't go quickly from "out there" to "up here." But I can see fine for all practical purposes.
  • General health - I can't complain. As the country western song says, "I ain't as good as I once was," but when I look at others, I realize just how fortunate I am. There are times when I shout "Fie!" about those parts of me that are not-as-good-as-they-once-were. However, I'll put up with the inconveniences because I realize that they are comparatively just nuisances.
Here is the thing ... Some friends at the reunion had far less resiliency in their skin than I do. Some of them walked with canes or limped with knees that are worn worse than mine. One old classmate has serious eyesight problems because of surgery which failed to correct his problems, and another's vision is so poor that he couldn't recognize us at all as he struggles with advanced MS. Several of the friends have significant health problems and/or their bodies have just quit fighting the good fight. All in all, I'm doing pretty durn good.

Most of all, I'm still here. I'm still laughing and having fun. I'm still writing terribly boring posts (just read that last one!!) or posts that make people laugh. I'm still able to work, not because I have to but because I enjoy it. I can still do almost anything I want to. I'm still here.

There was a memorial board for our friends who have passed on. Some left before they finished their teens, some just went in the last few weeks. There were those who fought cancer, those who died in automobile accidents, some with health complications. A couple were suicides. One in Viet Nam. I know there were some with drug or alcohol problems. Whatever, they are gone. As I looked at the board, I was thinking about my whiny problems, and I know I am fortunate in so many ways.

Here is the board. I blocked the surnames for privacy of families.

Thirty young faces forever locked in our memories. From a class of about 250, it is actually amazing that we haven't lost more than thirty as we are now forty-five years out of high school. But I'm reminded that I am still here, still relatively healthy and happy. And I'm thankful for what I have.

Have you considered recently what is good in your own life? If not, please do. Although you, my readers, are mostly much younger than I, realize that about half these people died younger than you. Sobering, isn't it? Be thankful for what you have. You can think about the good in your life or you can choose to look at the potholes in your road. But remember that you are still here. You have blessings in your life, probably far more than the things you whine about. Hug your family members tonight. And I send hugs to all of you.

Trust me, .....

Life is more beautiful than ever!!!


  1. Good post and a great reminder.

    Your post made me think of a line from Martina McBrides song "This Ones for the Girls":

    "Every laugh line on your face
    Made you who you are today"

    Isn't that true. Instead of calling the lines on our skin wrinkles we should start calling them laugh lines. :)

    Even though you did not talk about stretch marks, I recently read a post from Tammy Ethridges (wife of Melissa Ethridge) blog that said "each stretch mark on my body goes straight to my children's heart". I just love that.

  2. I'm sorry, I misquoted Tammy: She said, "each stretch mark is a road map to my children's heart". Even better!!!

  3. What a great post. Yes, it is very sobering to hear that some people do have their own struggles and "burdens" in life. It really does put things in perspective.

    Fortunately, I am growing old gracefully, just like my mom, my grandmother and my 103 year old great-grandmother :-). I can't tell you how many people ask me if I'm ever gonna color my hair. Or better yet, if I'm gonna cover my grey. First of all, why color my hair? The 2 colors I have are enough :-). Which leads me to the 2nd part...NO I'm not gonna cover my grey. I actually LOVE it! And speaking of which, I love yours too :-)

    I'll tell you what...ALL the time I've known you, I can honestly say, you haven't aged a bit...SMILE.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the great reminder of how wonderful it is to still be vertical rather than 6 feet under.

    There is much in my life to be truly grateful for; I am so glad that I was determined to hang in there through the bleak times so I could enjoy this golden dance now.

    Thanks for the hug, and I send you a hug back!

    Caroline's MG

  5. Caroline - That's funny, 'cause I usually do call them "laugh lines"! The stretch marks thing is very sweet, isn't it?

    Dawn - Good for you! I agree completely about coloring hair. And thanks on that! My folks both took aging in stride, at least until we had to have complete care for Mom with the Alzheimer's. But grey hair is almost a mark of achievement in my family. LOL! I'm working on not aging too fast ... I wouldn't want you to not recognize me!! :)

  6. Caroline's MG - Isn't the dance truly golden when you let it be? I've said before that I don't regret my age. I do miss the physical stamina, etc., but I wouldn't trade the memories and the experience for anything.

  7. I still think of myself as young although I've got a coupl'a wrinkles and some (ok, more than some) gray hairs too. My 25th class reunion will be next summer and while I know most folks are still hanging round and kickin', we did lose two very early on. One to an auto accident and one to complications of diabetes. They were two beautiful young ladies and it is still shocking to me that they are gone.

  8. Traci - I think I've said before that I think of myself still being about 30. Then a look in the mirror makes me say, "Oops!" ;-)

    It is hard to imagine those people not being around, isn't it? Are you going to your reunion? They are great fun ... mostly!!

  9. Great post, Lynilu. And one that makes me examine my own attitudes. I sometimes get very angry at how I've physically aged in the last two years. I went from being 39 to 79 in a matter of months. Thankfully I'm working my way back down, but I wonder if I'll make it to my true age or if I'll stop before I get there.

    I am thankful for a great family, for my health (because I DON'T have cancer anymore), and more joy in my life than I can shake a stick at.

    And I look forward to the aging process - and am thankful I have that option.

    Thanks for making me thankful!!

  10. I am very thankful for everything I have. I finally have a man who truly appreciates me and everything I do. I am thankful my daughters seem to be coming around...especially Oldest Daughter. Youngest Daughter still has a way to go but hopefully one day will get her head on straight. I am thankful for my two beautiful grandchildren. And I am truly blessed with my wonderful friends (and blog buddies).

    Hugs to you too!!! :-)

  11. Jenster - And what a wonderful comment from you. I suppose you truly appreciate my words at a level that many others wouldn't. Sometimes I think we are given challenges in life to serve as wake-up calls. From my own perspective, I feel badly for people who are near my age and do nothing but complain. Yes, sometimes their lives essentially suck, but if they could only find that sweet thread that is hidden in the tangled masses of life and begin to allow it to weave into something good. A "patch" of woven good will cover a heap of woes.

    I don't mean to imply that my life or that of anyone else is without it's problems. I just want everyone to think about how their lives are woven with threads of gold in the pattern.

    With your attitude ... and I am inspired when I read your blog ... you'll live to be an old woman, still driving her kids nutz long past their plans for putting up with you! YAY!!

  12. Daisy - Isn't life delicious? I would bet that Youngest Daughter will come around. As a parent, I think the challenge is to let it be on *her* schedule. Through my life, I've had estrangements with all my kids (at different levels of intensity because some were small differences that blew over quickly). It is hard to get past life's challenges, but I know you've overcome the negatives in your past so that you can enjoy life's pleasures. Even if you *are* Disgruntled!! LOL! Yes, your life is full and blessed.

  13. That is a wonderful post and excellent reminder. I am always saying I am not going to turn into one of those complaing oldsters who can't get around etc. and whine just for attention (like my Mother unfortunately). I look forward to my old age and staying as active as I possibly can for as long as I can. You have a wonderful outlook and that reflects on your physical as well as mental health.

  14. Thank you for your very sweet words. I DO plan on driving my kids nuts. And my grandkids. And even a few great grandkids. :o)

  15. Patti - Thank you. Remember that it takes a lot of work to be un-grumpy! But, WOW, is it worth it! Staying active is a big key to it, as well, so keep movin'! No, not just the jaw, honey!! LOL!

    Jenster - You go, girl!!!

  16. What a wonderful post, and reminder. Just by virtue of still being here, on Earth, we're fortunate. I hope that I grow old gracefully, but I plan to just make the best of whatever is handed to me.

  17. Sassy - I think that is all we can do ... plan and do our best. Good for you. :)

  18. Ah Lynilu, thank you for these wise words! You are my role model for how I want to think and live as I age. And I hope I have your good skin, now that really is a blessing!

  19. Sandra - It's clean livin', honey! LOL!! But thanks! I just hope most of you can grow up as (reasonably) happy as I am. That would make life worthwhile. Really.

  20. This was such a beautiful post, Lyn. I've probably said this before, but I get feed updates to your blog via email, and I read them oftentimes between making dinner and calling it a night... when I don't always have a second to comment. Anyway, this one stayed with me and I needed to come over now that I've got the chance to tell you just how much I appreciate your perspective on life and the beautiful way in which you tell it.

  21. Catherine - Thank you. I appreciate your busy life and the fact that you have precious little time to even read these things, let alone comment! But I'm very glad you do. As far as my perspective ... without it, I wouldn't make it trough some days. I think so many people give up as they age, living on wishes to turn back the clock. It is futile and sad. I hope I will always appreciate my life for what it IS, not what it WAS. Thanks again, Catherine.


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