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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So Tired . . . . .

Today I:

  1. Almost finished my summer clothes/winter clothes switch out.
  2. Took the rest of the tools to the well house for winter storage (4 trips down and back up that hill!!)
  3. Put the storage totes from the deck in the basement (8 trips on this one).
  4. Hung the second porch swing.
  5. Put big, long screws in a support beam on the deck that was splitting.
  6. Reattached the flagpole holder to the deck with those big, long screws.
  7. Drained and rolled all the hoses and hung them in the well house.
  8. Put some boxes of things for next year's yard sale in the basement (just 2, but more will be coming!!)
  9. Ran to town and did a little bit of work at the gallery.
  10. Wrote an article for the newspaper.
  11. Wrote 2 ads for a magazine and an art collector's guide for the area for 2008.
  12. Burned 6 CDs for my trip.
I'm tired. But I'm so achy I can't sleep! What's a girl to do???

I think a couple Tylenol and a muscle relaxer is in order.

Talk to ya tomorrow!


  1. I'm ever-impressed by your productivity Lyn. I know on my days off I usually just veg and surf the net. Getting myself a meal is an achievement. When I am productive, I don't think I could match what you've done, and it's usually working for 6-10 hours on a uni project.

    I'm still around reading your feed even when I don't comment!

  2. Lynilu, what possessed you with that "burst" of energy?!? Wowee...I am impressed! No wonder you were achy & tired girlfriend!! I hope the tylenol helped with the aches...and you had some decent sleep.

    Pop over to Sage and Thyme when you have a moment..I've selected you for an can find it under the post "Courage - Pay It Forward".

  3. OH*WOW!! You're like the energizer bunny!!! Hope you woke up refreshed and not nearly so achey.

  4. I hope you were able to get some sleep last night.

  5. Whew that's some list! I hope the tylenol and muscle relaxer helped!

  6. Fatty - Would you fall over in a faint if I told you that most of that was in the afternoon? After 2:00! When I'm on a roll, I really do roll!! I'm glad you're still around. I know life is really different in university than it was before (do you call it "high school" like we do?). I check your blogs occasionally, but it is obvious that you are very busy!

    Sherry - I have no idea what comes over me on occasion, but if it didn't, I'd never get anything done! I'm fine today, and in fact, I've already started again today. I dropped the dogs at the groomer, got their food and meds for the trip and then spent the AM cleaning the truck. I'm going to pick them up in a few minutes, so I'll check your blog when I get back. Thanks!!

    Daisy - Nope, today is a good day, and I'm still going. I don't know where the energy comes from, but I'll take it when I can!!

    Caroline - I did! Within a few minutes of getting the meds down I was out and slept great. Woke about 6:30 and got going again! I wonder if I'll still be running tomorrow! LOL!

  7. What, no time to completely rewire the house, cook a 12-course meal and build a deck?

  8. Hi from Australia,

    Came her from Bradley's blog (Egel Nest). Yep, I had a tiring day too but I had a goal that could not be postponed - writing the last chapter of my novel.

    Hope you feel better today .....

    I do admire your energy.

  9. Well, Sandra, the wiring is fine, Not enough food for a 12 course meal, and the deck is already built. That is the ONLY reason!!

    David - Well, hello, and welcome! Your day's task should be much more exciting than mine! Wow, I wish I were writing the final chapter of a novel!! Awesome! And congratulations!

    I feel fine today, and infact, I did a bunch more. I have no sense!

  10. That list made me tired.

    The canyon was breathtaking.

    Still have limited connectivity with my internet.

  11. Pepper - The list made ME tired!! Good luck with the connectivity in this neck of the woods. When there is a lot of space between towns, it is more iffy, for sure. On a related note, I'm surely glad for Sirius satellite radio!!


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